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  1. Midnighter

    The story behind your Avatar?

    I had to check what I was using, been that long. Pretty obvious tho. I like Green Lantern, was the first interesting super hero/sci fi as a kid. And my av usually changes depending on what i like at the time.
  2. Midnighter

    Thunderbird and Email Messages

    I just backup the Thunderbird profile every few weeks and save to my NAS. Saves all my mail, and settings.
  3. Midnighter

    Email Client

    Been using THunderbird for ages fine, with no troubles that i've noticed. Been trying Kmail recently as well, and seems nice, handles my Gmail accounts and calendars fine. Thunderbird is still preferred tho, being cross-platform, but basically it and Kmail are all i'm really using of late.
  4. Midnighter

    Login issues on behalf of another

    Yeah, he still can't get in, and has asked for a password reset. Also, not sure if the email addy on his account is still current. If someone wants me to PM them his current one, let me know.
  5. Midnighter

    Login issues on behalf of another

    THis seems to be the mostly likely place to post this. Posting on behalf of ChrisG. Seems he can't login, refuses to accept his login, and even after he created another account to try and post about it, he can't login to it either. Peculiar. Who do we see/talk to regarding this? Can a Mod or someone assist him? Odd issue, and not sure what else to add. Seems weird that it suddenly won't let him in.
  6. Midnighter

    What's your media server

    Was an old Acer box with a 3.06Ghz cpu, 2GIG of RAM, running Linux Mint 13 MATE. Mostly set up to share the 4 drives used for storage, Torrenting with Transmission torrent client, and Transmission-Remote-GUI on the other desktops to offload torrents to it, PLEX Media Server to catalog and grab all info for the various DVD rips, albums, tv shows, etc. Set-up so could SSH into it, or remote in graphically with VNC. All my CDs and DVDs are all ripped and stored on it also, so no real need to dig any media out most of the time. Recently upgraded to Mint 17 MATE (based on new Ubuntu LTS), and took the opportunity to swap out the board and CPU with a 2.5 Ghz Celeron sitting around, and better connectivity on the board. Most of the same setup all round, general access to household, Samba for file-sharing, and PLEX makes it simpler to browse the media collection and have all the info at hand, since the names aren't always obvious. Use Filebot to rename shows grabbed online, as they're often named weirdly, and everything is simple to manage. I have a lot of old stuff lying around, and hate seeing it go to waste. Plus, file-serving is hardly an intensive task.
  7. Midnighter

    Gay Marriage.

    I call bullshit. WHat example are you trying to use here? $20 says it's the USSR. :) B.I.N.G.O
  8. Midnighter

    Edward Snowden

  9. Nutty 911 physics REALLY Nutty 911 physics Debunking http://www.debunking911.com/index.html Answering the questions of Architects & Engineers for 9/11 Truth
  10. Midnighter

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Payday 2.
  11. Midnighter

    What's on your mind?

    FUck me drunk, I'd forgotten what a pain it was packing to move again. *sigh*
  12. Midnighter

    Why is no discussion on Muslim / Islam allowed ?

    You do realise that Islam is not a race, but a religion, right?
  13. Midnighter

    Home Intruders

    Why risk yourself over stuff? Only time to risk yourself is to protect people.