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  1. Zeddicus

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    Nice new look, I like it. Ahhh Atomic... brings back the memories... *snifflle*
  2. This is why they invented 'chargeback'.
  3. Zeddicus

    Any more thought on Digital Delivery?

    Printers take the content as digital files. The best way to do that is PDF's (you can specify bleeds etc), typically delivered on CD but maybe SFTP or similar these days. I wasn't that involved in the post-production stuff so I really only know what I picked up from Angela (Production Mgr) :)
  4. Zeddicus

    Any more thought on Digital Delivery?

    Last time I looked, PDF's were the final product shipped to the printer. Ha. Hahah. Ahahahhahaha. Depends entirely on the type of link. Ours costs $bignum per month. Not sure what Atomic uses these days but it's likely a hosted solution with Webcentral or similar. They're not cheap either. *edit* Yeah what Hawkeye said :)