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  1. Hopefully neither, if he values his data he wont use raid, as I like to say "So much raid so little recoverable data when it all goes wrong". Office works prices are about the same as yours, so I would say where ever you got those prices from they are good, and better than MSY or Umart. Yep OW. I am getting it as a backup drive... just had a bit of a freakout when i thought one of my HDDs was breaking...
  2. The cheapest 4tb I can find is $299 Cheapest 3tb is 199 Cheapest 2tb is 115 I've decided that I have had enough hdd failures to have a backup for all my data... Which is about 5tb but these things obviously increase over time... Any advice is appreciated, seriously...
  3. General Morpheus

    Cheapest american bookseller

    Hey guys, I'm going to america in mid april and i want to buy some business academic books cus they're so expensive here in Aus! Do you guys know the cheapest place to get them (all i know is Amazon.com) or if any big sales might be coming up? Thanks heaps!