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  1. mykl_c

    New forum issues/features here (Atomic πi)

    It's SOOO PRETTY!!
  2. mykl_c

    Poverty PC 'upgrade'

    Great! Thanks everyone. Just found a pair of Kingston kvr1333d3n9/4g that I swapped out of someone's machine, so they'll be going in shortly! Is there any real difference between an ASUS Phoenix 1050 Ti and an Inno3D card? Yes, I'm looking at PCCaseGear, I've had good experience with them over the last decade or so for other people's PCs, and the current components in my box. Boot drive is a Seagate Barracuda, ST2000DM001, still reasonable for a physical drive but I guess a bottleneck for long-load time games. With the savings above, I could drop in a lovely Samsung 850 EVO 1TB, particularly if I can get it for less than $390! Yes, I'd love to get the Pro version, but $$$$. I just built a Sabre laptop with the Samsung 512GB 960 Pro NVMe and 1TB 850 Pro SSD. Wonderful stuff, but I could not keep them :(
  3. mykl_c

    Poverty PC 'upgrade'

    Thanks Rybags. My thinking re: RAM is the age of the system, and the difficulty finding NOS DDR3-1333 (667 MHz). I thought simpler/safer to just replace it. The eBay CPU was used but owner had box and original, unused cooler. Did the Buy/Sell page disappear? [edit] aha! there's trademart!
  4. mykl_c

    revisiting peltiers

    I don't think peltiers have anywhere near the efficiency needed in current systems. iirc, they produce about 3x the amount of heat they remove (could be way off).
  5. mykl_c

    Woo! Star trek Discovery! (spoilers, probably)

    Wow! That was a hell of a ride. I'm just talking about reading this thread, the series was simply excellent. The Klingons - iirc, there is a plague that requires genetic tinkering and massively reduces the population before the Original Series. So changes.
  6. My well designed but aging system is reducing my ability to play newer game titles. It's based on an MSI B85-G43 (MS-7816) mobo (LGA1150).There is no way I can approach anything like a current build, so I'm thinking of the following replacements. Am I missing a trick anywhere? Please remember funds are VERY limited. CURRENT IMAGINED G Skill Value F3-10666CL9-8GBNT 8GB (2x4GB) DDR3 Corsair Vengeance CMZ16GX3M2A1600C9 16GB (2x8GB) DDR3 - $199Gigabyte Radeon HD 7770 1GB Inno3D GeForce GTX 1060 X2 6GB - $459Intel Core i5-4430, 3200 MHz Can't find current suppliers for LGA 1150 Socket CPU, eBay is about $250 for Intel Core i7-4970K - ~$250
  7. Thanks for all the replies! Drive imaged and restored onto sexy Samsung, no issues. HDD replaced with sexy Samsung SSD. Client happy as, so am I. SUffering hardware envy, as usual. @Roscosity - Client is an author/editor, thus the large screen requirement. Connects to a lovely 27" Acer IPS pivotting monitor in the office but spends a lot of time travelling. Thanks for the offer of assistance!
  8. Alright youngun's, gather round. In the before times, Atomicans came from all kinds of different places in their lives and interests, gathered around the Atomic flame. Magic happened. That magic still binds some of us together even now in the OMGISTHATTHETIME!? Sometimes we would have a gathering, to share space and brews in the reelworld. Some folks would come from faraway, others from downthestreet. Some would arrive the day before, to share special time with special friends. Others would arise early on THE DAY and meet in smaller mobs to do geek in their own peciliar ways. Most would just hope there would be somewhere to sit when they got to the watering hole we'd fooled into giving us access for the night. Why don't we see if we can bring back something of that spirit, and that magic?
  9. Brainstrust, I'm upgrading the M2 and HDD in a new Sbare 17-k for a friend and need some advice on cloning the M2 drive. It's the boot drive and has the recovery partition etc. I have no way of connecting both M2 drives simultaneously. Is/are there any reliable tools for imaging drives, preferably free? I think I'm going to need to create an image, swap in the new unit and restore the image from an alternative boot source. Vaguely recall doing this with linux tool cds, but it has been a long time and I guess the install will be from a linux USB? Help me, atomic-wan!
  10. mykl_c

    Confessional seal of silence.

    Working in the Children's Ministry with my church, I'm a mandatory reporter, it's part of our duty of care. We're all required to have our Working with Children numbers on record. We don't practice secret confession, if someone tells us they've committed a serious crime we report it. God forgives, the state punishes. The seal of confession crap is reasonably recent RC procedure which needs a fairly simple change - if you confess to an actionable offence, there is no seal.
  11. mykl_c

    Atomic Games Workshop Crew

    Hector - your painting and basing talent shames me, as does my small hill of unpainted and unbuilt models. The battle above looks great, but what was the play like? Did the Orks win?? were the evil Tau driven from the board in shame? How did your ex-smurfs turn out after their long-delayed cleansing????
  12. mykl_c

    What do you use to hold a rug in place?

    Robzy - Here you go: http://www.alopeciaworld.com/forum/topics/adhesives
  13. mykl_c

    How's Your Health?

    Wow. Good to see so many positive (lower than actual age) results. As for the vagueness of the questions, according to the research they are as precise as they need to be for this exercise. I hope nobody ever gets a 100%!
  14. mykl_c

    How's Your Health?

    My Lancet news sub just lead me to the UK Longevity Explorer. For those of you interested in the research, here's the Lancet article: http://www.thelancet.com/journals/lancet/article/PIIS0140-6736%2815%2960175-1/fulltext For those who just want to jump straight in, be aware that it's intended for 40-70 year-olds. Results may vary. http://www.ubble.co.uk/risk-calculator/disclaimer.php I'm 52 (how that happened is beyond me!) and my result was "your risk of dying in the next five years is equivalent to the average risk for men aged 58 in the UK." Which they state as being 4.2%. I'll take those odds!
  15. mykl_c

    Citizenship consultation now on.

    I've heard discussion of them doing this to those who have the 'potential' to have dual citizenship. If a native born Aussie has, through his parents, the capacity to hold citizenship elsewhere, then they'll be vulnerable to this idiocy. Yet they keep saying the the ALP is playing politics with 'security'. ARGH!