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  1. Sale was awful in SA.... nothing cheaper than JB HI FI normal (or Game or EB) However you can be lucky... I think they stuff up sometimes I got Aerosmith guitar Hero with guitar for $33 (and then traded the game on Batman) Basically got an extra guitar for $9
  2. Temps were fine... green lights ere on.... used driver seeper/safe mode... Did get it working once but it locked windows up soon after There's a 4890 in that slot now and it's very happy
  3. yeah to all of those.... used driver sweeper...safe mode etc.... it's still not happy
  4. that's the point.... same thing happens installing all drivers back to 174
  5. I've found other posters on different forums with a similar problems but no solution.... a lot of Dual GPU card owners seemed to have a problem in oct/Novafter upgradingto the latest drivers... (I hadn't bothered until recently...) Following a crash I got an error 43 on both GPUs and nvidia control panel was absent (the old one and /or the new on from desktop of windows cp) Cleaning out the drivers etc met with limited success... managed to reinstall a few times but firing up a 3d game crashed the computer to BSOD deleting the Nvia entries in reg edit worked as far as getting CP back but everything crashed again My card actually appears to be functioning... green lights...and I've had it woking for short periods after many reboots.. It has been suggested that nvidia drivers have FUBARed the cards .. people reinstalling windows have continued to have the same error... I can't see how that could happen though Any help or suggestions hugely appreciated
  6. Cayra

    where can i order demon souls cheapest

    Awesome game.. well worth the price...
  7. Cayra

    where can i order demon souls cheapest

    It cost me $80 on ebay arrived Friday What a truly awesome game.... and it's not easy I seemed to have most success with a priest but maybe it was that extra healing spell or two Just made it to the first real boss (not the tutorial one)
  8. Thanks Guys... yes I'd tried that lots of ways but the router and the D Link still wouldn't be mates I've read a few people have had probs with that modem So I bought and all in one and it's working soooo much better
  9. have a fairly craptacular D link 320g provided by my ISP and a N1 Belkin wireless router... I know neither of these are great choices. As the modem also serves as a router (god why!!!) forwarding ports has become almost impossible as the router and the wannabe router conflict... my external IP is not the same as the one the router seems to think it is . Using PPPoe doesn't seem to work so or static address so i seem stucjk with Dynamic connection This PC is in the DMZ on the router as vista firewall seems happy anyway ... Nat on the dlink doesn't seem to do anything using rules and prevents the connection working (or the router can't find it) same with bridge mode This of course slows lots of things down... any suggestions? I'm sick of having to reset the router once I turn it into an access point and that doesn't seem to work... I'm thinking maybe of just getting a basic functional broadband modem (that doesn't want to be a router) any recommendations? wwe don't have adsl 2 yet here but we may do... very broke at the mo any cheap solutions would be great I'm thinking it's the modem... connecting directly to it produces the same symptoms D Link 302 g (not sure about firmware) N1 Belkin wireless (current firmware) Vista 64 (home premium) Chariot ISP Thanks for reading all of this
  10. Cayra

    The Atomic Spore Thread

    I have a full copy of the game (Big W $79) I cannot play online.... the key I have is not valid... many other games seem to have the same issue I have enough trouble playing offline as I have a 9800gx2 and have to disable one gpu This is really not good enough I don't think using a different key will help (swapping the game) Has anyone on this forum had the same problem?