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  1. Cool, I was hoping not to have to interfere with the router setup... in case i brought it down or something lol. Currently the router shows as wifi... though cycles 'obtaining IP' indefinitely. Might have to bite the bullet and have a look at the settings. The wifi extender would be great though as the cabinet is downstairs. We have the switch wired to Ethernet ports on the wall upstairs. I could plug the wifi extender into one of the ports upstairs for better coverage?
  2. Fantastic, would I need to change any settings on the router? How would one set up the security key etc. with the device alone?
  3. Hey Guys, Bit green on this. Currently at work, our router doesn't have wifi function (probably does but don't want to mess with it). Is there a device I could purchase that I can plug into my workstation PC that will broadcast the ethernet connection feeding into that computer as a wifi access point (for mobiles, tablets etc.)? I generally shop at umart. Also, If this can't be done. Am I able to plug something directly into the switch which will do the same thing? Obviously would need to password protect the connection. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks bud, I will go with the one of these 7200'ers :D Cheers.
  5. Hello brethren, Need to purchase a 3TB hdd for my HTPC this weekend. Have been network sharing my movie/shows collection from my office PC to the lounge room and it's a pain the the arse. Would rather keep the files stored locally on the htpc as I very rarely watch anything on my main rig. Looking at Umart, I'm after one of the cheaper models and have little to no idea what the best choice would be re speed and reliability (would rather it not fail in a couple of years), I still have old 80gig IDE HDD's that tick along just fine. The choices = http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.p...9&sid=87769 (this one is on special) http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.p...&sid=101281 http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.p...4&sid=98805 (Enhances data storage reliability in video security systems = WTF?) http://umart.com.au/pro/products_listnew.p...4&sid=76408 (What the feck does green mean?) .... They're all the same aren't they? Really appreciate any guidance. Cheers.
  6. Nixxon


    Fuck me if I can figure out how to join a game.... all of the plots are taken. And there's no way to filter "show only games with spare cities" 30min clicking through them, the fuck>
  7. Nixxon

    Unlocking extra cores in 960T

    lol, just get a better cooler. lol Damn good results and damn good feelings to be had by you for sure. Just go and give it a little $30 love tap in the Hyper 212+ cooling direction and she will love it............. may even do your dishes... *Disclaimer - Do not put this in the sink expecting her to do dish's, you will get a wet PC, with wet dish's. lol, got the evo yesterday and another 120mm to bang on the other side. Hanging around 35 idle which is a little better lol. Damn right it doesn't do the dishes, like 2 days worth banked up :(
  8. Nixxon

    Unlocking extra cores in 960T

    Day 3... All stable, have been playing Crysis3 and a heap of photoshop stuff. I love a success story, gotta have a win sometimes :) Really appreciate all of the help. I've got the itch now, so I'll probably blow something up very shortly.
  9. Nixxon

    Unlocking extra cores in 960T

    Nice man! I was looking at that one on umart (just up the road from me) for $36. Nice n cheap. Was also looking at the Cooler master v6 cause I like the shinnies. Probably just grab that one if you think it's suitable though.
  10. Nixxon

    Unlocking extra cores in 960T

    ROFL... I don't even think it's that good. It's like a shitty TNT2 VGA cooler. Running 51 degrees idle... and it's not particularly hot in here (maybe 25 deg). Wouldn't mind giving water a go and pump this guy to 3.6.
  11. Nixxon

    Unlocking extra cores in 960T

    Thanks for that :D squeezed the nuts and gave it a go, seemed a little too easy. literally *unlock cpu = enable*. Boom! @ 6 cores, windows booted no trouble. Will run some benchies *fingers crosses* EDIT: ran prime95 for 2 minutes, no reported errors in that time however the CPU temp hit 72... so I manually stopped it. Farking stock cooler.
  12. I bought a second hand X4 960T CPU off trademart last year, Works well, haven't had any issues at all STOCK. I've read around that there's a somewhat good chance you can unlock the extra 2 cores as these are re-branded 6 core CPU's. Some locked and shipped due to stability issues and some simply re-branded to meet supply. I'd like to give it a shot! I've heard you have to have a MB capable of allowing you to play with the multipliers. I haven't had a play in the bios yet (I'm not entirely sure what I should be looking at). Not certain that my MOBO has that ability (Asus M4N68T-M-V2). I have played with voltages and multipliers some years ago (Core 2 duo era). Things change though. Also, if the cores happen to be unstable.. will prime pick it up? Am I able to shut them off again without damaging the CPU? If successful, will I notice much of an improvement in benchmarks & general use? Any tips are much appreciated.
  13. Nice thanks for the tips. The PSU was running an intel 775 system with a 5850 about 1.5 year ago, connectors should still be the same? I'll double check. Is the phenom noticeably better than the fx chip? Like, worth getting from two different stores? As i'll most likely be going with MSY now as hey have the better GPU. Cheers :D
  14. Fuck that's a great price for the 6870, might get that separately :) Swapped over the MB - Asus M5A97 970 AM3+ 4xDDR3 2*PCIE RAID GBL SATA3 USB3. Internet Price: $108 AMD FX-4100 4-Core 3.6GHz 12MB Socket AM3+ 95W Internet Price: $120.00 (go the phenom over this?) Strontium 4GB 1333MHZ DDR3 CL9 DIMM EVM Internet Price: $18.00 Powercolor 1GB 6870 PCI-E VGA Card Our Price: $169.00 TOTAL: $415 EDIT: PSU is an antec 430w truepower trio, prob not sufficient... i thought it was 750w for some reason. it's a good 4 years old. EDIT: Awesome, there's an MSY at slacks creek. Same distance as Umart for me.
  15. Hey Hey, Real quickie, Haven't been into specs for a while now - just wondering if the below build is ok for $330? Will be playing SC2 1920x1080 ultra (hopefully) and some BF3 on med-high settings, she'll be right? *I have a spare case/psu/HDD* Asus M5A78L-M LX AM3+760G+SB710 2 x DDR3 D-Sub PCI-Ex16 SATA2 RAID USB2.0 GLAN 8CHAudio mATX Internet Price: $58.00 AMD FX-4100 4-Core 3.6GHz 12MB Socket AM3+ 95W Internet Price: $120.00 Strontium 4GB 1333MHZ DDR3 CL9 DIMM EVM Internet Price: $18.00 Gigabyte HD6850 OC 1G GDDR5 PCIE HDMI DP Internet Price: $167.00 $363 EDIT: Swapped out CPU Cheers,