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  1. oscarcharliezulu

    An important question for everyone

    Why not freshen it all up. Make some sections more hardcore, others more widespread appeal.
  2. oscarcharliezulu

    New Old Mac and the upgrade obsession

    I bought another copy of Win7 pro to install on the iMac via boot camp, but half way thru decided against it. Dual booting is just a pain in the arse. Just added VMware fusion and I get all my Window and osx apps on the desktop at the same time, and its pretty fast. I can run my windows PC using the iMac as a 27" monitor when I need it too. What is wrong with iMac's? :-P 32-bit EFI, so no windows.and we have to make a special ubuntu version just for efi macs Are you really head of testing for Xubuntu?
  3. oscarcharliezulu

    New Old Mac and the upgrade obsession

    Because I'm in love with all hardware. In our house, we've got 3 PC's, 3 laptops, 2 iMacs, 3 tablets and about 8, 8 and 16 bit home computers some about 30 years old I think. I almost got a solaris workstation and an old SGI Indigo, but for the life of me I didnt know what I would do with either one. Other than basically strip it out and put my next PC desktop in it. I'm also waiting for Haswell and ivy-bridge-e before I work out what cpu will replace my old C2Q, and am hoping the next iteration of GPU's will be out. That will be my VM server and also to basically play Star Citizen. And then I hope to be good for a bit. I thinker if your'e mainly a gamer then a mac is definitely NOT the way to go. Except for the high high end they are pissweak for gaming at best. If you are not a gamer, have a play with a 27" iMac at the apple store, at the very least it will give you a taste of a big, big screen.
  4. oscarcharliezulu

    New Old Mac and the upgrade obsession

    Just here cos i'm excited about my new (old) imac 27". After I got my girl a new 21" iMac, I got apple hardware envy. But the problem is the 27" is expensive if you kit it out with a decent hard drive. So i just bought myself a mid 2011 27" imac off ebay. Man its a beautiful piece of machinery with a glorious screen. Speed seems ok with a quad i5 2500s, even running VMware fusion with win7 (to run some work apps like project, Visio), its much quicker than my C2Q 9650 PC for common tasks, except for boot, etc as my PC has a 500gb Samsung SSD. Now I've upgraded the ram to 20GB, but the upgrade bug is too strong. Next step is to open it up and put in a SSD and a bigger HD to max it out. I have to say, I spent ages lusting over the new iMacs on the apple web site, but even a couple of years old machine is more than good enough. Mind I'm probably not going to run any games in it, although I have now seen external thunderbolt pci-e enclosures you can install a GPU in. You can actually even upgrade the GPU - there are a couple of sites that sell apple gpus as replacement parts so you can upgrade to whatever the fastest GPU the firmware supports. If youre out there thinking about an upgrade, all I can say is $1000 on eBay gets you an awesome imac 27". It's worth it just for the screen - my 24" 1900x1200 Samsung monitor now looks...small and the screen dull.
  5. oscarcharliezulu

    New to the fruit

    The apple web site has video's that take you thru thru the differences between windows and osx - I'm not to proud to say they actually helped me. They home in on the non obvious differences which is why they are useful.
  6. oscarcharliezulu

    First World Problem, laptop size

    I find that even the 13" air is actually fast enough for most anything, so the 13" pro will be great anyway, except for games. For me mobility is everything and the lighter the better, especially if you are taking it everywhere with you. The 15" is just a little too big, it's more a desktop replacement.
  7. oscarcharliezulu

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    /Disdain, disdain, disdain. :P Fell better now? And WTF is with crApple putting a sodding 5400RPM drive in their PCs? talk about mind blowingly brain dead. Do they want people to hate them? I thought the apple magic would mean the 5400 rpm would be fast enough... but nope not by a f$5king long way. As soon as the warranty is over, I'm going to pry it apart and mod it until it is a satanic version of itself. That or promptly sell it on ebay and go back to a regular pc. Maybe I'll mod it to offend other apple lovers.
  8. oscarcharliezulu

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Latest iMac 21.5" base model for my daughter - 21.5" screen, i5 2.7Ghz, 1TB disk, 8GB ram 640GT. Beautiful screen, keyboard, mouse. Graphics performance good enough. But oh the 1TB 5400 TB drive. I thought OSX would be faster. Compared to my old C2Q 9650 with a 500GB Samsung SSD (or the velicoraptor) the iMac glacially slow. I knew it would be slower, but geesh. As in craptacular. The Fusion drive was too much cash. Oh Well. I am ready to bear the full brunt of your collective disdain. I deserve it.
  9. oscarcharliezulu

    Non-Atomican Atomican

    - I hate Angry Birds - but not so much for the game (which is pointless but inoffensive), but for the touchscreen control methodology especially on a 'phone. The firing area does not give sufficient draw or angular resolution for accurate shots. IMO, of course.- "Forum-Speak"...Well, honestly, doesn't bother me. Mostly it's either not important or can be checked against Urban Dictionary. - Same here. But game 'benchmarks' do at least have better 'real world' application for most people. - I don't game online either. After a couple of extended efforts, I've come to the conclusion that the world is filled with fuckheads, and I don't need that kind of shit when I'm trying to relax. - Can't say I buy old machines of any stripe. Got enough trouble with buildup of my old ones without buying more. - I rarely get any replies either, but more now than before. In my second year here, I considered changing my handle to ThreadEnder. ;P Frankly, man, that would apply to just about all of those of us left. You need to be a bit of an oddball to hang around what most of the old guard consider a 'dying forum'. Thread-ender is perfect. If its a dying forum then my timing is perfect. One of my problems is I read threads and respond but the threads are really really old, so no one even sees them. I think we have to be greedy and start our own. So how old is too old for an old rig? My sister-in-law is still rocking my old celeron 1GHZ with 512MB ram to run MYOB and email for her business. About 200GB of IDE hard drives, has been running... for a very very long time, still good and has no reason to upgrade.
  10. oscarcharliezulu

    Non-Atomican Atomican

    Oh man, it's been a while since I saw dhrystones and whetstones being measured. IMO a 4000T if you can find one. And then get a 600 and do a briefcase mod, just because you can. I am thinking of a dual system in a single case mod, so you sort of flick a switch and I go from PC to Amiga. I was going to do it with my mac mini but it was just easier to go hackintosh on a multi-boot, and it runs lots faster than the mini even on older hardware.
  11. oscarcharliezulu

    Non-Atomican Atomican

    Nope. Although maybe it seems self indulgent, which now makes me feel silly. Actually if I think about it what I want to know is if anyone else read Atomic and the web site and sometimes even posted in the forums, but only did so because the whole thing is incredibly interesting even though you dont do or share any of the activities like gaming, going to the events, leet-speak and so on. You make a good point tho. There are many people here that have never been to any of the events, several that don't play games at all... sadly this is decribing me more and more. And i don't think I've seen leet speak for about 7 years now. I think leet speak has been replaced by txt, twitter speak. LOL.
  12. oscarcharliezulu

    Community announcement: A call to all lurkers

    OK, I actually log in now and type some shit in and read lots of interesting stuff, like the post about Utopia which also mentions Real people, and now i have two new good shows to watch which is excellent.
  13. oscarcharliezulu

    Truck nabbed by aliens?

    Thats what 'they' want you to think, that it was all a hoax.
  14. oscarcharliezulu

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    Fondest memory? The edition of Atomic with the naked girl and the backlash against it. Great article. I also thought Hollingworth's article about homophobia in gaming very brave. Actually my fondest memory was getting Atomic in the post every month, like a mini Chrissie present every month.
  15. oscarcharliezulu

    Non-Atomican Atomican

    This is understand. I think its like, you can read architectural digest, but otherwise not give a shit about architecture, and still live in a house, but not want to necessarily change it.