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  1. pablo

    Farcry 3?

    I have really started to get into this game, things never really seem to go as planned. For example: was working through the Pirates cove mission and I had worked my way round to the southern side of the bay. I spent the better part of 5 mins throwing rocks to lure a guard out of one of the towers where I had great plans to sneak up on and conduct a silent kill. The guard had just wandered close to a couple of crates near the tower and I had snuck up to the point that I was being prompted on screen to make the kill when out of nowhere the guard screamed and dropped to the ground..... While I took a moment to assess WTF happened, this big bloody purple and red snake came barrelling out of the long grass at me, suffice to say gave me a good chuckle after the fact.
  2. pablo

    PSA: Galaxy S3's $549 @ Kogan

    Mine was delivered this morning, I ordered it last Tue. So a week is pretty average by the looks. Mine had to be sent to rural Qld so that may have added a day or so. Funny enough though, also ordered a honeycomb case which was sent separately via Aus Epost and arrived at the same time. Kogan do send you a tracking link for DHL which works well.
  3. pablo

    Asus Transformer

    Just an update for anyone interested, just purchased the Infinity from JB Hi Fi. Catalog special at $876. Unboxing now, shiny;-)
  4. Oh all right, I'll crawl out of my dark, dank cave to log in and say hi. Hi. Still around keeping an eye on things. Just nothing much to say these days, really should motivate myself to contribute more and will attempt to. 'til then will continue to float around in the shadows:-)
  5. pablo

    Optus 3G

    Gday mate, Having the same issue with my galaxy s and my optus 3g modem. Been happening since about june. Phone indicates that it has good service for 3g and you can see it indicating that it is transmitting but nothing ever seems to be received. If the phone switches to HSDPA or even GSM then everything works..... My modem appears to have the same problems as the phone. Mate at work has a Galaxy s as well on optus and has the same problems. We were both thinking that it was the brand of phone but the modem was a factor we couldn't work out. If it is doing the same on the Iphone then I too wonder what is going on with optus. BTW I am located in SE QLD, not sure whether locality might be an issue? Pablo
  6. pablo

    Galaxy S Froyo has been released..

    Done and dusted. Just took an extremely long time for Kies to pick up that it needed to update before downloading Froyo. Be prepared for a wait. But in the end update was done pretty painlessly. My galaxy seems to be working fine, just the application screens have been re-arranged into alphabetical order, but if that is the only issue then I am happy. Pablo
  7. pablo

    Galaxy S Froyo has been released..

    No joy as at 1300hrs. Either I am not using Kies right or optus just don't know what they are doing..... I am guessing the later. I will try again at random intervals later today. Let me know if anyone else has any success. thanks Pablo
  8. pablo

    Galaxy S Froyo has been released..

    This just in on the optus twitter site. Have to change to my laptop to use Kies but I am going to give it a go. Will let you all know if it works. Pablo @HaiYena Hi Hai we have released the 2.2 update for Samsung Galaxy today, you can go ahead with using it now. Cheers - Meg about 2 hours ago via web in reply to HaiYena
  9. pablo

    Galaxy S Froyo has been released..

    Thanks for the update Chancellor, much appreciated. Guess I will just have to wait until later in the year for an update, not that I really need it as the Galaxy is a great piece of kit anyway.
  10. pablo

    Galaxy S Froyo has been released..

    Mate, what did you do to update?? Kies tells me that the firmware version is current and the phone says it is on 2.1 update 1. Not exactly sure what I am doing wrong to update. Am running the latest version of Kies too. TIA Pablo
  11. pablo

    Diablo II and Expansion

    Ishta, I have had no worries running it on win7 64 ultimate but only after installing the full LoD expansion and then patching it to Ver 1.11 (or above) AND then running it as administrator in compatibility mode XP service pack 2. Give that a try and see how you go. Hope it helps. Pablo
  12. pablo

    Regulars that post

    Don't stress too much mate. There are some of us that have been around for quite a while but mainly lurk. I only post when I am in the right mood, need an assist in the tech sections or am really interested in the thread. Like Cyber says, post as much or as little as you want to. But don't forget the FAQ's...;-)
  13. pablo

    Possible Virt sighting!

    Athiril, Cybes, thanks guys, appreciate the support. May have to let this one go through to the keeper though. Now I wonder where Dark Soul went.../wanders off looking pensive
  14. pablo

    Windows 7 Ultimate RC and issues with AVG

    Thanks for the feedback everyone, much appreciated. OBA, I am installing off the latest PC Authority disk. AVG is just too much to DL over a prepaid wireless connection ( and even then the signal drops out regularly, joys of being rural). Judging by your experiences there must be something wrong in my 7 install.... perhaps... May try to install an earlier version over the next few days and see how that goes, but I want to get a decent restore point set up just incase. Will let you know how it goes. Apologies for bumping this very old thread but as stated in other posts, I have been away for a bit. Just for some closure, rectified the issue with the next update from AVG. I am now running version 9 with no probs, so far. Could not for the life of me figure out why that particular version was not playing nice with 7. OBA, check your PM's, lateness apology there. Sorry mate.
  15. pablo

    Possible Virt sighting!

    I beginning to think that Virt has been gone too long, people are starting to forget...... Side effect of too many probes, maybe???