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  1. es02

    What was the first game you ever played?

    I believe it was a moon lander game on an Apple IIc
  2. es02

    [BNE] Delicious Walking Meet

    chalk me down as a maybe. I still need to derust my weapons from last weekends darkage meet before training on sunday.
  3. es02

    Are these tools OK ?

    Whats your preference for linishers?
  4. almond, honey and saffron rice pudding. Drizzle it with wiskello if you can get some. I can post the medieval recipe I use if you want.
  5. I assume you meant Valhalla. Asgard proper is for the Norse gods, Valhalla is for the dead. And a fine resting place it is. :) Valhalla is one of the halls within Asgard. Each one belonging to a different god/group of gods. Valhalla is only for warriors, there are other places you can end up :)
  6. Conroy doesnt know how to do anything other that trot out the same handful of tired lines.
  7. I'd head next door to Asgard.
  8. es02

    A special thanks

    Right... it was faith... that narrows it down
  9. es02

    A special thanks

    There migbht have been pics if I knew where the hell I was at the time... And if someone I'd just met wasn't shouting me shots. bastard: there were girls and there were poles, I dont recall a combination of the two ever occuring - this was fortitude valley after all.
  10. es02

    A special thanks

    To the ladies (who I know are at least vaguely atomican becayse they know kommando and spookywanluke) who helped make my bucks night special... Thankyou.
  11. es02

    [BNE] Brisbane gets maxximised

    Rocked up at 1, couldn't find anyone, son got bored so left. We'll have to catch up some other time.
  12. es02

    [BNE] Brisbane gets maxximised

    Looks like we'll be hitting up grand ventral tomorrow after my appointment at the RBH. I shall bring missus and bub.
  13. es02


    Medieval reenactment (7thC and late 14thC) Armour-smithing Games Workshop games (Fantasy, 40k, bloodbowl, etc) Video games when I have time Reading books. drawing
  14. es02

    [BNE] Brisbane gets maxximised

    Forgot, sorting suits for my wedding this thursday. shall have to pike.
  15. es02

    [BNE] Brisbane gets maxximised

    Can't do Friday due to a hospital appointment, *may* be able to manage tomorrow. We gots venue yet? :D