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  1. Charcoal

    Connecting a XBox 360 Controller To A Windows PC

    Can plus one this. Or just pick up a 2nd gen Xbox One controller, 100% plug and play with Windows 10 and basically every game I've thrown at it.
  2. Charcoal

    Steam Sale Shenanigans

    I grabbed Ziggurat, it was on my wish list and only a few dollars, might get around to playing it :P I did grab Valkyria Chronicles last month for $6.79USD and haven't played it yet. Could have saved $1.80 USD if I waited for the sale! Might Grab Transistor for the girlfriend, she loved Bastion. Apart from those, nothing else is really grabbing me. Civ:BE is still way too much (fuck you 2k).
  3. Charcoal

    HLSL Pixel Shaders

    I know this is a bit of a stretch, but I'm looking for some help with HLSL shaders. I've got a game that was built in XNA 3.0. At one point I ported it up to XNA 4.0, which broke the shaders I had in there, it wasn't too much of a problem so I ignored them. Now I'm working on the game again with MonoGame and really want ot have some shaders in here. Unfortunately it requires pixel shaders compiled to PS4 or PS5, and all I can find is information on PS2. If someone could help or point me in the right direction of a good tutorial, or possibly even examples, that would be amazing!
  4. Charcoal

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Decided to try and finish off the first season in NBA2k15 MyCareer mode. Unfortunately it seems I have to play all the games in the play-offs -_-
  5. Charcoal


    I read that, just before I posted the above. Blindly, I just purchased it without any research beyond making sure it needed just 5V. When it arrived, plugged it in, wrote some code (against a MS supplied library that abstracts talking to NeoPixels) and it just worked. I would say that your hypothesis of the Netduino 2 plus, is correct.
  6. Charcoal


    Thanks to a Microsoft AU promotion around introducing programmers to IoT platforms, I have a Netduino 2 Plus. I also have a nice new desk with a frosted glass top. I've purchased a 1M strip that contain 30 NeoPixel lights that are similar to the ones smadge1 posted above, but run off 5V. Here's a comparable product from AdaFruit, but I brought mine off AliExpress for around 1/3 the price. Didin't take much to get working; here's a test: The idea is to use that one for notifications (Email, FB, Twitter, whatever else I think of) at the front of my desk and then buy some more for ambient light over the rest of my desk.
  7. Currently on Exetel, been with them for just over a month. Customer service is good and prices are the best. Nothing to complain about, but it has only been a month or so.
  8. Charcoal

    What TV series are you watching?

    I've just been watching a bunch of Shark Tank on youtube.
  9. Charcoal

    What's on your mind?

    Hey cool! Interesting that the keys aren't placed in a uniform random manner, instead their are "fixed" positions that the key can be spawned into. I am surprised that decision was made, because it seems like it would take more time. Or maybe it wouldn't, because without the "fixed" key positions then you might have to search the map for acceptable key positions first. Rob. We used the Ogmo Editor to make the level. Along with being able to make the map in a visual way, we can also place things in the map; the player start being one. For the keys we placed 23 possibly positions for the keys to spawn, put them in an array when the level was loaded and then randomly picked 3 to spawn the keys in. It would have been better to make an algorithm to place the keys so each player had an approximate equal distance to cover. But that would have taken me a few hours to make, let alone getting the student to code and understand it. Actually after typing all that out, I've remembered some helpers that are in the tilemap class that would have helped make the algorithm. But that still would have decreased the ratio of work between us. As it stands, he did ~85% of the code and ~95% of the assets.
  10. Charcoal

    What's on your mind?

    I spent the weekend at a tech event mentoring high school kids. One of the students I had is in year 7 and he made a game over two days. With the help of some iOS devs we put it on his phone and we also uploaded it to Kongregate (play it here). It's blowing my mind how easy it is now for kids to pick up this stuff. And thanks to the internet, how accessible that information is; let alone the fact that the game he made is now playable all over the world. When I was his age (20 years ago >_<), I made some text adventures. I had to learn this by piecing together enough BASIC commands from TRS-80, C=64 and MS-BASIC manuals.
  11. Charcoal

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Mainly just sneaking in some Captain Forever Remix when I can.
  12. Charcoal

    What's on your mind?

    God damn PeopleSoft! I need to add a new page to a component. So I add the page to the component, but it doesn't show up. There's code that turns them on and off, I fiddle with that, but nothing works. :'( Edit: Figured it out. Had to dig through a bunch of security config shit to tick a chekbox. I guess this is why they pay me the big acceptable barely adequate bucks!
  13. Charcoal

    And What Are You Listening To?

    I drove interstate over Easter, totalling at least 16 hours in the car. During that time I finished off this book: Divine Misfortune And listened to all of this book: Console Wars