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  1. njbignell

    Performance in a Blade\SAN\VMWare Environment

    That would be great! At the moment I'm really just trying to hash out a broad design and get some pricing so I can put together a summary and get initial approval then I'll most likely consult with someone on the exact components and modules I'll be needing.
  2. njbignell

    Performance in a Blade\SAN\VMWare Environment

    Have you got any suggestions? Our budget is around $100K for an entire consolidation platform including all the licensing and support
  3. njbignell

    Performance in a Blade\SAN\VMWare Environment

    Here it is... http://h20427.www2.hp.com/campaign/bizadva...?id=NASstorage2 Along with a HP C3000 Blade enclosure
  4. njbignell

    Performance in a Blade\SAN\VMWare Environment

    Is it more or less the same as gigabit. I can't seem to find too much info on it...
  5. njbignell

    Performance in a Blade\SAN\VMWare Environment

    Thanks for all the info, has anyone ever worked with 10Gbe and SANs?
  6. njbignell

    Performance in a Blade\SAN\VMWare Environment

    By DAS I mean internal SAS drives in each of the servers, maybe the wrong term? Last time I checked the max theoretical limit is 3Gbps for those. We're going with HP. The bundle we're looking at can be found in this PDF. It's the Enterprise Virtualization Infrastructure Bundle on the right.
  7. I'm about to implement a Blade system to consolidate the majority of our physical servers along with a SAN to overcome our current fragmented DAS based environment. Everything is looking great but the one thing I can't get my head around is how we are supposed to get decent speed out of an 10Gbe iSCSI SAN compared to DAS when the bandwidth is going to be shared between around 15 different servers. We will have a 2 node SQL cluster and an Exchange box with their data in the SAN (both physical) and the Blades will be pooled into an ESX cluster with around 15 guests and all datastores also in the SAN. Am I missing something or is 10Gbps plenty to handle the traffic from all these servers?
  8. Can't see any problems with the permissions on the roots of the folders. Maybe I'm looking in the wrong place...
  9. I'll have another look at the permissions tomorrow now that I've got a better idea of the symptoms, maybe I've missed something.
  10. I've done some more testing and managed to produce the following: A user from a remote office with a SAN in their site (SVR1) can access everything without any issues. They move to the main site and DFS correctly points then to the SAN (SVR2) the main site, but they cannot get write permissions on any of the shares. If I navigate to \\SVR1\Share I still have write permissions but if I navigate to \\SVR2\Share I don't have permissions. Could this be an issue with DFS not correctly replicating the ACLs? Also, when using the to tool on the effective permissions tab the user is shown as having full access at both ends. I've checked both NTFS and Share permissions and both appear to be fine. And no, we're using Office 2007 across the board.
  11. We've replicated some of our SAN folders to a secondary site using DFS. The replication is working great however we have one user who cannot open any files with write permissions, he simply clicks on an excel spreadsheet (for example) and it opens up in read-only mode without even prompting him. Has anyone got any thoughts on why this might be? It's got us all stumped and it's holding up our project of putting more servers in remote sites. Thanks in advance.
  12. njbignell

    Exchange 2007 Replication Options

    The problem we're trying to address is large (1GB+) mailboxes having to be copies down whenever a user opens their email in another site. The managers\board will often drive to another city for a meeting and log in on someone elses PC.
  13. We've started a review of our remote sites and have just set up SAN replication using DFS for any sites with more that a dozen or so users. Our next priority to set up and exchange server in our biggest remote site. I was just wondering what options are availible to speed up email access for remote users? We were thinking along the lines of replicating the entire exchange server so that any users can travel to a remote site and still get high speed access to the mail. At the moment we're looking at setting up a continuously replicated exchange cluster over the WAN link. Has anyone got any other ideas for ever done anything like this before?
  14. Just 2 quick questions... Has anyone got a batch or something I can copy that will copy the Home Phone field in AD to the Business Phone Field? Also, whats the best way to export data from AD to a CSV file? Love you long time...
  15. Does anyone know how to centrally manage RSS Feeds in Exchange 2007? What I'm after is some way of controlling users' RSS Feeds in Outlook so that I can push out updates for the various RSS feeds related to our company. Thanks in advance...