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  1. My friend has a Hurion DWH69 the pen sat in the draw for a while then he went to charg the pen it charged ok the tablet is charging also .The problem is the pen is not connecting to the tablet ,hes updated the drivers ,still no joy .
  2. Thanks everyone ,well seems they have bought a new second hand laptop for now as when i get back from the Philippines with my bride we will travel round oz for a year or so .So mums happy to wait for an upgrade once we get settled around Gladstone QLD .Huggeee cheers again to all my Atomican friends for all your professional help .One question i have my rig is coming with us its wrapped in bubble wrap and will travel in the car,ive been advised to make sure the ram well mobo is laying flat and not upside down .Any other advice will be awesome .Oh and what is a 4g/3g data & voice prepaid sim card.seems we need one for our sphere caravan router .
  3. Cheers Gamble sounds like the go ssd ,Thanks for you info .Yes mate just browsing i should have stated its not dead ,shes just got use to it being slow.
  4. Mums pc needs an upgrade what is the cheapest and practical pc build my friends can come up with .she has a case and dvd drive,no need for gpu.
  5. OK I'm over this windows defender.Just letting you know Ive downloaded Panda .Thanks again problem solved.
  6. Gday Nich your still kicking good to see lol .Sorry OK i went to the log in page ,i cant type password so i clicked .reset password and bugger me i can type on that page .
  7. First i couldn't find group policy,so i downloaded it and waited for the command to finish successfully.Then ran gpedit.msc and windows defender is not in the list .Google only tells you how to turn windows defender on and off.I thought it was there and running in the background.I had Avast but I'm getting pissed at the constant up date to premium.
  8. OK so i have been in Philippines for 3 months and while i was away my parents started to pack our furniture and now i get back i cant find my Poseidon keyboard,so i go buy a cheap Logitech one from woollies,Insert the batteries then as there is no on off switches ,insert the dongle in to USB 2 .boot up my beast and get to login page ,go to type my password and nothing ,the mouse moves fine ,OK so first thing i tried was to use the old USB wired lenevo combo ,no joy,i tried mums Logitech no joy .I cant even get to safe boot coz the whole f xxxxxxx keyboard is not responding
  9. redrob

    sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

    All good guys i changed to analog audio cable and works on all channels.Thanks again
  10. redrob

    sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

    Dasa any idea please
  11. redrob

    sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

    Cheers Nich ,yes mate for nearly $500 think it might be the best option . Rybags ill check that out ,It goes from the Tv through the surround sound system .but the digital display cable is plugged into the surround system .Oh and now i find it does have a blu ray system as well.Its all new to me i just moved back home haaaaaaaaaaaaa The only information button there is is on the austar remote.should i look in settings. Found settings for the Blu ray ,and the surround ,but no infomation on the frequency of the movie
  12. redrob

    sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

    Rybags Gday mate thanks its the paid movie channels on austar ,a pain in the arse all the others work fine.Any Darwin geeks on here haaaaaa
  13. Gday ok so i have a problem dad bought a set of these for Home theater we have a Sony Bravia TV My problem is i get sound on all the Austar channels and local free to air T.V. but when we go on to the movie channels ,there's no Audio we contacted Jb hi fi but there as much help as tits on a bull .Oh we dont have a tech .I have followed the manual ive tried using the normal analog audio out cable as well as the digital audio cable .I have switched the digital input to PCM still nothing .