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  1. redrob

    sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

    All good guys i changed to analog audio cable and works on all channels.Thanks again
  2. redrob

    sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

    Dasa any idea please
  3. redrob

    sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

    Cheers Nich ,yes mate for nearly $500 think it might be the best option . Rybags ill check that out ,It goes from the Tv through the surround sound system .but the digital display cable is plugged into the surround system .Oh and now i find it does have a blu ray system as well.Its all new to me i just moved back home haaaaaaaaaaaaa The only information button there is is on the austar remote.should i look in settings. Found settings for the Blu ray ,and the surround ,but no infomation on the frequency of the movie
  4. redrob

    sennheiser 175 wireless headphones

    Rybags Gday mate thanks its the paid movie channels on austar ,a pain in the arse all the others work fine.Any Darwin geeks on here haaaaaa
  5. Gday ok so i have a problem dad bought a set of these for Home theater we have a Sony Bravia TV My problem is i get sound on all the Austar channels and local free to air T.V. but when we go on to the movie channels ,there's no Audio we contacted Jb hi fi but there as much help as tits on a bull .Oh we dont have a tech .I have followed the manual ive tried using the normal analog audio out cable as well as the digital audio cable .I have switched the digital input to PCM still nothing .
  6. OK so i ended up with this beast of a card man this thing is large im glad i have a big case ,so I've got everything in just waiting on the AMD bracket for my H100i cooler to arrive then ill be good to fit the heat-sink and power this baby up.B But i have one question theirs a power socket for 8 pin plugs or for 6 pin theirs no problem with the cables i just can not find any info on what power socket to use i have 2 6 plus 2 . Cheers Rob
  7. redrob

    Corsair Hydro H100i AMD bracket

    Hi mate that's awesome ,im after the whole assembly think there's a back plate ,and the the pegs for the top of the board then the bracket that goes around the square part of the pump ,Thanks heaps for your help
  8. redrob

    Darwin Pc Build Techs

    gday mate thats right so you are long time no here how have you been ,its ok mate ill nut it out ive done 3 in the past lol
  9. Corsair Hydro H100i Ok Iam hoping that one of my atomican friends might happen to have a bracket to suit AMD as i had intel cpu i had no use for the amd so i have put it in a safe place ,lost it .I know i can buy a new one from corsair but to avoid ridiculous shipping fees im hoping someone on here might have the bits i need
  10. Anyone in Darwin that can build my new Rig pm me thanks Rob
  11. redrob

    Pc build south Aus

    Thanks Dasa yep thats everything ,cheers for you input guys
  12. redrob

    Pc build south Aus

    yerrrrrrr nah not a mate a rip off ,but ill find another one ,how much is a fair price ,,what about my psu please
  13. redrob

    Pc build south Aus

    Yes but i have another ssd 250 gig this is just a topup ,hmmmm i cant get them to build it my case is in Darwin ,Oh and the psu is ok .I find another tech to do it im sure im not the only Darwin gamer on atomic Ill probably get whitcher 3 i think i have a few other games on steam ,so that would be fine i hope ?
  14. redrob

    Pc build south Aus

    Gigabyte AB350-GAMING 3 AMD4 B350 4xDDR4/3x PCI-Ex16/M.2/USB3.1 Type-A (Gen 2)/ATX Motherboard Ryzen 1600x GSKILL FLARE XF4 2400C 15D 16 GFX 8X2 GIGABYTE AORUS N1070 AORUS 8 GB WD 250 G M2 SSD oK so here is my new rig guys thanks for your tips and recomendatios,my folks picked it up this morning ,i have a mate in Darwin i will get to build for $170 as i need a magnifine glass to read evrything on the mobo .im hoping my corsaire 650 psu will be enough ,or else ill need to update that to . Thats great info about the free sync so on my monitor 144hz what do i set it to or would i just plug in hdmi and leave it as . Cheers Rob