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  1. the_13th

    AMD Zen

    Discovered Hardware Unboxed recently when doing the research for my build, he's got some amazing content
  2. Thing I find interesting is that the 3 main online stores I keep an eye on (PC Case Gear, CentreCom & Scorptech) all have the same prices despite the fact theyre listed as on special on a couple of them. I havent been checking MSY but only because their pdf pricelists are a pain to read lol
  3. PC Case Gear have it in stock, Im genuinely tempted to pay the extra for the same reason 100% agree. Given the price difference between them
  4. Its worth noting that MSI also have the Mech OC but the XT hasnt hit retail in Australia yet (that Ive found) it doesnt have the same thermal pad issue. And sadly my budget won't stretch far enough to buy now, will have to wait till next fn (unless im naughty and do it on finance (dont need it that much)
  5. me can math good lol might be time to activate that free ebay plus trial
  6. Well things are going good, the replacement drive is going fine. But I'm tired of waiting for the downloads to finish through steam lol First world problems am I right?
  7. mind if u ask how you're getting this price? I can't seem to figure it out.
  8. So far all is running well, I haven't started playing with anything over lock wise yet though. I did accidentally slip a buy an extra 6TB bulk storage drive though (which was DOA and replaced this morning, it's currently looking very fancy in its unopened anti-state bag lol
  9. the_13th

    Corsair H115i installation issues

    Awesome so I can relax this is great news
  10. the_13th

    Corsair H115i installation issues

    For the short term I've thrown the stock on while I'm waiting to hear back from them, this way I can get it set up and running then clean and exchange it later
  11. the_13th

    Corsair H115i installation issues

    Yeah I watched that yesterday trying to get an idea of see if he said anything about the screws being tight but it doesnt really say anything, I cant even get the screws to turn once before it locks and I cant seem to get any further. Without force, which im reluctant to do given the warnings about over tightening without knowing its normal
  12. I'm having issues with the installation of this AIO and I can't figure out why, I don't think it should be hard it sounds simple enough but I can't seem to get the screws for mounting the fans into the radiator to screw in properly, or at all. When trying to put them in they continue to cross thread no matter how many times I go backwards to set them right. Edit: submitted a customer service query with Corsair
  13. The work finally begun before work this afternoon, this bit being home thing is really getting old but hey a start is a start right