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  1. the_13th

    and as Game of Thrones ends...

    Ahh, it was totally reminding me of Jericho. I miss Jericho, that was a great show
  2. the_13th

    Getting Tax done

    I doubt I'll be getting much back this year but I wont have a bill either so thats the main thing ;)
  3. It's annoying, but if this gets you "fuming", I'd hate to be around when something serious happened. Restarting Steam can help, also, if you're using Steamwatch or Freys filter, you might be restricting yourself to servers that are overloaded or don't have the content. Even though the "Play" button is activated, there may still be an errata patch that needs installing or something. Take a chill pill. Ill be the first to admit its a stupid thing for a 28 year old man to get annoyed over... But I did...lol:P It started working for me after1am just as I was going to bed *sigh* Finally about to fire it up for the first time... :)
  4. the_13th

    Xboxarians, Lend me your comments

    Personally I always prefered Saints Row 2 over GTA 4, I know just as many people that would sya the opposite but personally I think SR2 is more fun & its a better game, I've only played the 360 version of both and that was the impression I was left with. Dead Rising 1 is worth the pick up, bargain bin game these days, DONT BUY IT NEW! But its a must I think.
  5. Well apparently people have been playing it wince 10pm... I have it preloaded and Steam says I can play it... Until I click the button and get the following error I am literally FUMING. Makes me wonder why I bother trying to support PC gaming at all. Apart from the specials which will often hold value... I hate steam with unbridled fury
  6. Okay I have the PC version, also got it thanks to the street date broken... I can't install because Steam wont allow me "because its not released" Anyone else had the issue or know how to fix? :'(
  7. the_13th

    A Man Is a Rape-Supporter If….

    So Im a rape supporter? What would she like me to do? Clearly I must now go and kill myself, it must be done for the safety all all people.. right? Look Im sorry this lady needs help, MOST guys are completely 150% against rape! Its a disgusting and unforgivable crime, and no punishment is ever going to harsh enough for them. Just because I have a penis that doesnt mean I feel a need to rape woman or put them down in anyway
  8. the_13th

    The Macho Man goes down for the count

    Yeah sad to hear that this morning, kind of hoping the news was fake but sadly not...
  9. the_13th

    And another decent TV show bites the dust.

    Yeah I heard the news broken a few months back, its devastating, they were all good shows but Universe has been cancelled more or less before it started and while it was popular... AGAIN! Sigh, Syfy need to change their name, they're nothing to do with Sci Fi anymore, mroe or less
  10. the_13th

    So, in retrospect, Krudd or Shrillard?

    I said Rudd the moment she took over and I still say it today. I was never a fan of Gillard and she's done nothing to win me over either. I don't meant to be so negative I'm sure she's got some great qualities but I just cant stand her especially as PM She took office in the worst way possible which doesnt help my opinion either
  11. the_13th

    Mobile Phone Sat Nav Software....

    I think its pretty much HTC Desire HD vs. The Nokia N8 now then.. (and yes the Galaxy S is a great option too) I've heard phenominal things about Ovi Maps, maybe I just believe what I read too much but I do like what I've heard of Android as opposed to Symbian which (despite OviMaps) seems to struggle to compare on most other things. Thanks for the tips guys
  12. the_13th

    Mobile Phone Sat Nav Software....

    I just meant that I didnt want to spent $1000 or more. The HTC Desire HD is around $500 or so which is what I WAS going to buy just before Christmas (before everything else got in the way...lol) The iPhone sells for a little bit more but still within the budget. The Nokia N8 sells for around $450 or so. I was looking at some of the newer HTC's even the S.E. Xperia Arc but not really sure its worth the extra. Question on Google Maps, does it give the voice turn by turn instructions? I didnt think it did...?
  13. Okay so I know this question is a little weird at first glance but just stay with me for a minute. The last expense I intend to make before my international trip is a new phone. I consider this a BIG investment because its something I will want to keep for atleast 1-2 years hopefully longer. I will be buying my phone outright and Im yet to decide a budget but my preference is going to be cheaper than higher. Okay, first things first... Definately want a smart phone, they all do web browsing now, and text etc obvious but the thing I havent looked in to is the GPS software and its an important part for me. After my Canadian trip it will be time to invest in a far or bike and Im still relatively new to Melbourne (little over 12 months) so I will need it to get around... Also while in Canada it will be handy for the road trip through Ontatio & Quebec So the ultimate question... Andriod vs IOS... GPS options, do either of them have any significantly better options or are they more or less balanced? At this stage I'm leaning towards the HTC Desire HD, especially considering I can pick one up for just under $500 (imported). I have also considered the iPhone 4 but Im not sure its worth the extra money... Hence why Im asking about something so specific.
  14. the_13th

    Microsoft buys Skype

    I do kind of feel sad over this but Im not entirely sure why. Maybe because its Microsoft and we've all be brain washed in to thinking they ruin everything, or maybe because all the evidence up till now suggests that they ruin a lot of things... Idunno, I'm not entirely anti-microsoft so Ill see what happens. I am a Skype user but we'll see what happens to whether that continues to happen or not
  15. Wrong forum, my appologies