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  1. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/47618/xfx-radeon-rx-5700-xt-raw-ii-oc-8gb XFX have their offering announced. Nicely priced but I'm yet to see any reviews. And no one seems to know what the size of the card is yet (it's not listed on their official site either) but I suspect it will be within size to fit Options are good
  2. oh I'll share for sure. Some of the bling might be fine in stages but we'll see I hadn't even thought of that actually
  3. So I would like to start by thanking everyone who offered advice. Purchase has been made pretty much at the point it stood last including the advice on RAM. I paid the $10 for the bios flash (worth it) And found a better price on the H115i which was $10 cheaper. Now the waiting I hate the waiting lol
  4. Yeah another reason why I'm holding off but the graphics card won't match perfectly anyway, if I'm lucky something complimentary will come out but I suspect I'll just hand to be happy with what I get. Fingers crossed. The main theme is white black and green but this is still all in the air but I am leaning to the 450m right now. It's saving me money and without sacrificing performance greatly in any way. I might go as far as some cable sleeves maybe we'll see what happens. If I go the other way then it's likely just wanting to look nice lol
  5. Good news AIO wise, the H115i is compatible just means i need to adjust my theme a little (or buy a sleeving kit)
  6. https://www.pccasegear.com/products/47160/adata-xpg-spectrix-d41-rgb-3600mhz-16gb-2x8gb-ddr4-grey is this it and they're just not using the product code, I can't seem to find it.
  7. That was a concern with the smaller case size as it restricts me to the smaller AIOs. I'll double check compatibility options That's a good idea, I'm not doing a lot of video stuff but I've started playing a little it's not a huge priority but for the difference I agree is worth it. is it wrong that I feel dirty for wanting rbg lol I've changed.. Im disappointed Seriously though I'll try and find that Adata line during my next break
  8. Updated Listing The idea for the B450 would involve the following (and save me a bit of money) CPU: Ryzen 3600 (no change) MB: MSI B450M Mortar Titanium (the white version) RAM: still working that out.. (Currently pencilled in is Corsair Vengeance LPX CMK16GX4M2B3200C16W, I would like RGB but its not a must) M.2: Crucial P1 NVMe 1TB (no change) P/S: Seasonic Focus Gold 650W Case: Corsair Crystal Series 280X (white not RBG version) CPU Cooling: Corsair Hydro H100i RGB Platinum SE 240mm (again the white version and this is why I skipped on the RBG version of the case) These parts are coming to around 1369 on pc case gear and the theme should be pretty obvious. As opposed to like 1580 or so previously, means im losing WiFi but I can fix that afterwards if I need to. Graphics wise the reason Im leaving this is because I like what Im seeing from the 5700XT but would rather have one that has a cooler that actually, you know.. cools...lol Hence why Im waiting for the customs to hit, I've only seen 3 so far and none of them are even in Australia yet. That case is one I've been watching for a while, honestly I wish the 240x was still around but I missed the boat on that one. (I liked the fact you could rotate it. But if I go that way it will limit the graphics card that I can choose, its listed to take up to a 300mm card but that would depend on where you put the AIO Rad, so it already eliminates one of the 3 we've seen as the Powercolor RX 5700 XT Red Devil is listed at 300mm which is way too close for my liking. I dont like what Im seeing from the MSI Evoke but their Mech OS looks promising So this is why Ill be using my RX570 for the SHORT TERM, it will be short term though. Question: Is 650W going to be enough for what Im planning?
  9. Actually I've never overclocked memory honestly but I do know its the thing with Ryzen, going to have to learn by the time it gets here :P When your saying timing wont be as tight? I mean I understand I buy 3000 and overclock it to get the performance of for example 3600 or something. But I'm not entirely over on the rest of the memory overclock stuff for obvious reasons. Oh so I could just buy a 3600 stick without it bottle necking in the old board?
  10. If I choose to flip back to the B450 it's going to be for 2 reasons. 1.) Cost 2.) Aesthetics (there's a cool looking matx case I love) Means I drop to 3200 RAM which is still fine I'd have to buy a wifi card. and I lose the flexibility of a larger motherboard (but there are external capture cards) But it I can answer that question
  11. I suspect that the custom 5700xt will be as high as I can go price wise.
  12. Yeah futureproofing is definitely on my mind, I'm likely gong to get an AIO for the CPU cooling too which I didn't note. But that will depend on my case
  13. the_13th

    AMD Zen

    Has there been any definitive reason for X570 over B450 at this point performance wise? or is it still too early to tell?
  14. So as a I said this is my first full upgrade in a long time as I kept putting it off for that next thing but with the old one dying (I can't be bothered figuring it out when I want to upgrade anyway but my guess is the power supply) I'm definitely going Ryzen I just see no reason not to in the market right now and I'm putting off my graphics card for now my current one is just an RX 570 but it will do until the rest of the rx5700xts come out in Australia and means I can budget better. Here's what I intend for my initial purchase CPU: Ryzen 5 3600 MB: Asus TUF Gaming X570 with WiFi RAM: 16GB (2X8) Adata Spectrix D41 3600 M.2: Crucial P1 NVMe 1TB P/S: Seasonic Focus Gold 650W Main Hard Drives can carry over for now but I will need to replace them soon (I don't want to risk their age) I'll likely carry over my 240gb SSD (because why not) I keep backflipping back and forth from 570 vs B450 I mean the 570 is certainly easier as I have no flashing to work about and so some extend future proofs me. Case I can decide on my own but it's likely going to be the fractal define r6. I had thought about a smaller MATX build but I'd like the option of adding capture later down the road. Any thoughts? Motherboard is the big question here (maybe the RAM too) I is like WIFI as my one is old and much slower but I could always add this later I guess. Is 650 going to be sufficient for my intended gxf?
  15. the_13th

    and as Game of Thrones ends...

    Ahh, it was totally reminding me of Jericho. I miss Jericho, that was a great show