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  1. elvenwhore

    how crap is this government ?

    Oh dear, there'll be a lot of sad 4BC/Ray Hadley listeners today, that Dutton didn't get in.
  2. elvenwhore

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Well well well, now this is very glowy
  3. elvenwhore

    Anyone watch Supernatural? (spoilers)

    That's about the going rate at Supanova for some of the celebs :-) Not my cup of tea, but each to their own. As to Gabriel. Well, He's just super awesome! I read a comment off reddit that basically said, yeah Lucifer and Michael are way more powerful but Gabriel is way smarter, which I tend to agree with :-) That said, he did have burned angel wings in Hammer Of The Gods too, when Lucifer "killed" him, so I guess there's still hope! :-) I would absolutely love it if Gabriel pulled off another shenanigan. I know it might seem like too many times but he's lived in that trickster mindset for so long that it would be second nature to him. So I'm hoping against hope that he'll be back again :-) Although I'm still hoping the real Death will come back - the new one works ok but oh my fucking Chuck, Julian Richings was the most inspired casting EVER. You can't beat that shit! So I'm mildly delusional sometimes when it comes to Supernatural :-) Sam and Dean, though, they were passing the idiot ball back and forth this episode. Actually, they all were with regards to Jack (it should have been easy to out-manipulate Jack and beat Lucifer at his own game at the same time but oh no, Team FreeWill were too busy yelling and being unreasonable and making themselves look like the bad guys). BUT as to the rift problem. They should have ensured Gabriel got back through the rift because they need Archangel grace to power up another portal and Gabe is waaay more trustworthy than Lucifer! They promised the AU humans they'd help them regroup and return. So ensuring at least one of the Archangels was through the rift so they can open it again should have been Priority #1.5. Not "let him stay behind and fight to buy time against a far more powerful angel and probably die." That was dumb. Leaving Lucifer behind could have been an ok move if there wasn't a worse angel left behind for him to team up with. I can only assume Sam thought Michael would kill Lucifer, thereby solving their own problem for them. Yeah, because things work out that easily in the Supernatural universe. I guess it's kind of refreshing to see characters do stupid things and make decisions in the heat of the moment that turn out to be dumb instead of working out well? They kinda had a plan, then when it started to fray, it's like they just lost their shit and started improvising everywhere. Sam and Dean basically ruin everything they touch, anyway; they are really not nice guys :-D They're not even really The good guys. At this point, the Son of freaking Lucifer is a nicer guy than they are. They used to be all about the saving people, hunting things, now they're just hunt that shit down and if we happen to save someone in the process, great, but if not, they shouldn't have gotten in our way. So after all that, I guess that's a yes, I'm still watching :-D
  4. I still click on the thread.
  5. elvenwhore

    As a non social media user - Mansplaining

    Men can explain things to women just fine. I think, originally, the idea of 'mansplaining' was supposed to be linked with being patronised by having someone similarly qualified, or even less so, assuming they were more qualified to explain something simply because they were a man. Happened to me all the time when working in IT. A problem I've seen is that, sometimes, people forget or don't quite understand how to apply a label (or stereotype, or generalisation). So things get misrepresented. I think that's where we might be now. It may have been useful, but now it's been overused. Now it just angers people, and that's useless. I think anyone is capable of being an arrogant, ignorant, patronising arsehole when talking about an issue they feel more qualified in than their audience. There did used to be the idea that, in certain areas, women couldn't know as much as a man, or that women learned differently to a man so they had to be taught differently. People learn differently from one another, and it's not always gender based. Of course, in response to these things, the stereotype of men not knowing certain issues has cropped up in the last century, and I also have the same response to that idea as well: certain traits are not gender based. Take the example of men not knowing anything about emotions. For centuries, men had to operate without feeling sentiment or emotion in a lot of areas. Emotions were seen as feminine, and therefor weak (fuck youuuuuuu for thinking that!), so men were taught, right up to my generation, not to express feelings properly or in a healthy manner. Which gave credence to the idea that women were "experts" in this field, and men "useless". Clearly this is absolute idiocy. In my lifetime I've observed a lot of humour revolving around this (movies, sitcoms, tv ads, etc), and to that I say, fuck off. Men weren't encouraged to feel, and they absolutely should be. You cannot force (roughly) 50% of the human race to reject something that validates their experience as a human on this earth, and call it healthy or progressive. See how that sentence applies to both genders, though? To me, it's a no brainer. Unforunately, we've become divided along gender lines and I think that's a natural progression from where we've come from. Women have had a tough run for centuries - men have had their own pressures to face, as well, so in acknowledging how far we've come with women's rights in no way paints a rosy, easy picture for men. I think we forget to do that sometimes. However, as things normalise and the pendulum swings and swings again, trying to achieve the middle ground, we've gone this way and that, this way and that, swinging with it. That's ok, that's normal, I'm pretty sure that's physics :-) What we need to make sure we don't do is keep fostering anger and hatred for the so-called "other side". Men are not the enemy. Women are not the enemy. We all have shifting roles and lines to deal with right now, and it may take another 100 years to settle down. I think a lot of gender politics are stupid - that's a byproduct of growing up doing a lot of "boy" hobbies, working in a traditional "male" career and continuing to have a lot of "male" traits like the one you mentioned about researching things. A lot of gender stereotyping can go to hell as far as I'm concerned - it's never applied to me throughout my entire life and experience has shown me that a lot applies to both males and females equally and not exclusively, so fuck it :-) Therefore, I don't think any or either gender should be copping anything unfairly or unduly, and it grieves me to see whenever it happens. Regardless of whether it's male or female. All that said though, and this is a joke which probably won't be funny because I'm not John Safran, but I always have a little mental chuckle at points like this. I absolutely agree that there are areas that men are feeling targeted in, and that's unfair, and yes some of these things have been going on for, say, 50-100 years worth of human and social evolution. That's a long time, and it's too long. But how long do you think women have "copped it" for? :-D :-p You may be confusing gender stereotyping and politics with a different issue. Women are more likely to be adversely and severely affected by eating disorders, and you never know who is afflicted just by being in the same room with them. A lot of the time, women are feeling social pressure to be skinny and thin and waif-like, so giving them shit about being fat may be more of an issue. Men, by contrast, who suffer from eating disorders too, feel a lot of social pressures not to be thin (ergo, a fat joke isn't as likely to be as much of an issue) but to be muscle-bound. Example: calling men feminine, or girly ("you throw like a girl! Don't be such a pussy!") is, or used to be, a far greater social insult than calling him fat, yes/no? Hence, the different social conditioning. I personally don't see it as women being more or too or overly sensitive, or political correctness gone mad, or "nobody" being able to say "anything" anymore - but being about different issues affecting different people, differently. Therefore, you may respond differently. You're acting a bit like that picture with the people staring over the fence - you want to give all people the same height box, regardless of their height, to help them see over the fence. For a fairer, or more equanimous outcome, different height people need different height boxes. Some people really hate this idea. Some people really love it. Really simple solution to 'mansplaining' so far as I can see: don't treat anyone, male or female, with contempt when you explain things to them, and don't assume you know more simply because you're male or female. You'd think that'd be simple enough :-)
  6. elvenwhore

    Don't say 'crap'.

    Oh yes, I think a card is in order! :-D hahahaha ohhhh geeeeeez I remember this kind of politicking from my days working in the law firms. Although I disagree with Rybags that it's strictly political correctness - in certain environments, like the ones I worked in, it was strictly political :-) The general rule of thumb I worked under was to maintain my level (and always try to keep my level very, very strictly professional). Even if the other person was using more casual vocabulary, I didn't match it because I don't know where their boundaries are. If they joked, I joked. If they laughed, I laughed. If they swore, I didn't, but I would make another joke to show that I was capable of keeping it casual and lighthearted :-) I had to use an extra layer of professionalism that you probably don't encounter, though, because I am a female and I was working in exclusively male teams. In order to make absolutely sure there was no mistakes, misinterpretations or allegations from people outside my team, I operated under a very strict personal code of conduct that included stupid shit I never should have had to consider, like avoiding standing near teammates, not using casual greetings like mate and avoiding talking about social situations. Annoying, but I was working for lawyers at the time. They were extremely political, backstabby, prone to gossip, happy to sack people on a whim and they absolutely hated IT because of slack performance in the years leading up to my arrival. I had to make sure I gave them absolutely no excuses. I got good at the game, though :-) And from all that, I'd say I agree, don't say 'crap' in an office or professional environment, it's just too casual. If you're playing the game :-) Sounds like you got out of this one just fine, though. And I'm with you, I'm a "come talk to me first" kind of person but that's definitely not how the office environments I worked in operated. I can understand why people feel the need to involve managers and the like (avoiding bullying and harassment, not isolating or targeting people, keeping people in the loop, etc etc etc) but for seemingly trivial things like this, it seems unnecessary. Especially when it seemed sorted out at the time. On a good day, I am fully capable of sounding like Negan having a bad day, so all these silly little rules and protocols are just... where's that card?? :-D :-)
  7. elvenwhore

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    lol yep that photo's been ransomed now. The downside of no longer knowing the photographers :-/ Oh well. It's a digital world now! So begins the lengthy process of getting the rest before they disappear too.
  8. elvenwhore

    After 17 years, it's time to look back...

    Kommando literally stopping traffic at a Brisbane Zombie Walk still makes me laugh. All the Sydney meets, the Atomic Live events, they're all classic memories. And, of course, the "good old days" on the forums when most people I knew in real life were also Atomicans :-) edit: here's some of my old Atomic albums... Atomic BrisMeet3 Atomic BrisMeet05 Atomic Live Forum 08 BrisAtomic Zombie Walk 2011 Faldo, Sexbot and Voney in Brisbane edit: we'll try this...
  9. Oh, and thanks to Jedi_Vader20 who signed my book twice!! :-p edit: oh and I really appreciate the effort Virul put in to match his drinks to his shirt all night :-)
  10. That has to have been one of the most epic, fun, hug-filled whirlwind of a 24 hours I've had in... You guys are awesome! :-) So, so good to see so many of you together again. To those I got the chance to talk to - thank you! I had an amazing night. To those I missed or barely caught up with, that's definitely my loss and I'm sorry to have not spent more time with all you glorious, glowing examples of Atomic goodness :-) And thanks to all who made my +1, pocket, feel at home :-D A magazine reader since the beginning, and an adopted BrisAtomican, he's never gotten around to signing up to the forums. Thanks for making us both feel welcome :-) Chaos_Lady and SacrificalNewt - congratulations and THANKS for everything you did to put on such a fantastic evening. And now for some pictures :-) Pretty much all these were taken by pocket, so I'm not stealing credit. Souls, blood, yes; credit, no. Love ya, Atomic!
  11. elvenwhore

    Guess who's back, back again

    Thanks very much, now I have that song stuck in my head! And, heeeeeey! :-)
  12. Yeah, we thought ouch too. Was even tempted not to book any accom at all and just do that back-to-the-airport, up-all-night thing. Then we remembered we're not 22 anymore, so no :-D We're AirBnB'ing some random's spare bedroom for a few hours, just a couple of blocks away from the venue. We just need somewhere to sleep for a few hours and store our stuff :-D And oh yeah, we're fully installed, completely confirmed, all that jazz. All up, I think we'll be in Sydney for barely 24 hours. My fastest trip anywhere :-)
  13. Just looking at flights now. Should have everything booked, paid for and organised by the end of today. We're 99% installed... barring bad luck, I. Am. In :-) edit: sorry for missing the chatter, I haven't had much Internet access to speak of for about a month :-/
  14. elvenwhore

    Well hello PCPP peeps

    Blood? Hey! That's my schtick! Well. Fine. You have it, then. Hello PCPPers, willkommen and welcome! :-)
  15. elvenwhore

    My leg and the last 2 months

    One needs all the swears to cover off how scary that all sounds!! Glad you're on the mend but geeeeez man. Take care of yourself!