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  1. elvenwhore

    what was the kids TV show with the salamanders?

    This thread is pure gold Although reading some of the descriptions, those of us who grew up in the 80's stand a good chance at being subtly warped for life, given some of the strange shit we watched as kids. I am ok with that.
  2. elvenwhore

    Terror attack in NZ

    I'm all for upping my daily quote of profanity by swapping swear words in for other words, and sexism or genderism aside, dicks can be useful and entertaining... so I guess you're right, have to go with something else. Terrorist doesn't sound quite strong enough for something like this, though. I mean, just fucking wtf
  3. elvenwhore

    Where is your god now

    I'm now sitting here with this weird mix in my head, of Trent Reznor screaming the chorus to Heresy in Chuck Shurley's face. I think God probably facepalmed himself stupid eons ago, watching us flail about like chronic idiots. Either that, or he's just got himself some popcorn and watching the inevitable so he can start again.
  4. elvenwhore

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    Nah, I'm far too lazy for that. Do what ye will It sounds interesting, although I'm not a fan of coffee so even when I did eat meat, it may have caused me to give it the sideways eye. My uncle was a butcher so even though I know nothing about the trade, I do commend your interesting approach, DEVERE!
  5. elvenwhore

    Happy Invasion Day

    January 1st is my birthday, it's already awesome If commemorating the date of Federation (which, to my mind, always made sense) is too busy because it's already my birthday (oh, and New Year's, whatevs), then the date that kick-started the process of Federation - October 24th - has always seemed like a valid alternative to me (the date that Sir Henry Parkes made his speech in Tenterfield calling for Federation). March 8 seems another intelligent alternative to me as well. I've never been particularly attached to the date of Jan 26th, my family just treated it as another public holiday much like the Queen's Birthday. We never do anything for ol' Queeny's birthday, it's just a day off. So I've never been particularly bothered by talk of moving Australia Day. Go ahead, I don't mind one way or another,; as Leonid said, plenty of other dates to choose from. Gotta get a public holiday out of it, though! That's the Australian way But I also agree that faffing about with symbolism without actually doing anything behind it isn't going to achieve a great deal for disadvantaged groups, either. I'd love everyone to come to the table to work on significant issues. I might be reaching for the sky a bit there, though.
  6. elvenwhore

    Did something just happen?

    I am interested in your service/subscription and wish to subscribe to your newsletter.
  7. elvenwhore

    Atomic Heroes and Superheroes v4

    2007?? Aw geez, and I just had a birthday, Nich..., you're really doubling down on the make-me-feel-old thing, aren't you!
  8. elvenwhore

    What a year!!

    This. So sorry to hear of your loss and your fucky year, Mr G. I hope 2019 is much kinder to you and yours.
  9. Ah, should have just waited for stadl to comment, he managed to cover everything using 80% less wordage than I did ? Gah, I object to the term, "smashed avocado", because it's overused and pretentious! I'll back any campaign to get rid of it based on the annoying factor of it alone ?
  10. Oooh, tough one. On the one hand, as @~thehung said, if a/the survivor had given tacit or otherwise endorsement, then they are obviously ok with it. On the other hand, though, other women and men in the same/similar boat might have a tough time driving down the street seeing that sign, so even though one survivor was ok with it, it might be doing a disservice to other survivors. In which case, I guess that's a bit of a sharp edge to it. Also, I kind of like TheManFromPOST's point about explaining business names, very good point. I read the article and the business owner makes some good points, but it takes way too long to make them. Which kicks back into TMFP's post. I grew up in a small country town, so I get that they can be very different, almost fishbowl-y kinds of echo chambers at times, where things like this just... kind of... happen. In my old town, I reckon half would just shrug, and the other half would think she was a dickhead for "going on and on" about it. The name might be "out of step" in some communities; the thing is, communities move at different rates. Cities have the reputation for moving quickly, and country towns are allegedly slower on the uptake. In some things, this is very true. In some areas, this means city mentalities steam-roll over the top of some things, and smaller communities are more reasonable. So the article headline may be right, the name might be "out of step" in some communities, and just not in others. I don't know who is right, really. I like to try and err on the side of, "survivor knows best" but I also recognise that "survivor knows themselves best" and some survivors might not be at the same good place that she is. Some survivors might find this empowering, and some might, at the very same time, find it scary and confronting and upsetting. Personally, I think it's very important to acknowledge that. Some people who are sensitive to it are not necessarily bad people, or shouldn't be thought of negatively; after all, that's not going to help them feel supported or safe enough to try and get help, is it? And those who do not feel sensitive about it are not necessarily bad people, either. Raising awareness is usually a good thing, though, so hopefully some avenues of discussion will come out of this. In the absence of emotional closure, I'm just going to go with TMFP's post and say it's probably not a great business name if you have to explain the damn thing ?
  11. elvenwhore

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Oh that is true, I momentarily forgot my roots! ?
  12. elvenwhore

    Where does everybody live these days?

    Whatcha studying, K? And who are the traitorous Brisbanites who voted but didn't post?? Oh yeah, I'm still in Brisbane. Still. That doesn't help a Sydney-sider, though, sorry ?
  13. elvenwhore

    how crap is this government ?

    Oh dear, there'll be a lot of sad 4BC/Ray Hadley listeners today, that Dutton didn't get in.
  14. elvenwhore

    Forum downtime / new feature testing

    Well well well, now this is very glowy ?
  15. elvenwhore

    Anyone watch Supernatural? (spoilers)

    That's about the going rate at Supanova for some of the celebs :-) Not my cup of tea, but each to their own. As to Gabriel. Well, He's just super awesome! I read a comment off reddit that basically said, yeah Lucifer and Michael are way more powerful but Gabriel is way smarter, which I tend to agree with :-) That said, he did have burned angel wings in Hammer Of The Gods too, when Lucifer "killed" him, so I guess there's still hope! :-) I would absolutely love it if Gabriel pulled off another shenanigan. I know it might seem like too many times but he's lived in that trickster mindset for so long that it would be second nature to him. So I'm hoping against hope that he'll be back again :-) Although I'm still hoping the real Death will come back - the new one works ok but oh my fucking Chuck, Julian Richings was the most inspired casting EVER. You can't beat that shit! So I'm mildly delusional sometimes when it comes to Supernatural :-) Sam and Dean, though, they were passing the idiot ball back and forth this episode. Actually, they all were with regards to Jack (it should have been easy to out-manipulate Jack and beat Lucifer at his own game at the same time but oh no, Team FreeWill were too busy yelling and being unreasonable and making themselves look like the bad guys). BUT as to the rift problem. They should have ensured Gabriel got back through the rift because they need Archangel grace to power up another portal and Gabe is waaay more trustworthy than Lucifer! They promised the AU humans they'd help them regroup and return. So ensuring at least one of the Archangels was through the rift so they can open it again should have been Priority #1.5. Not "let him stay behind and fight to buy time against a far more powerful angel and probably die." That was dumb. Leaving Lucifer behind could have been an ok move if there wasn't a worse angel left behind for him to team up with. I can only assume Sam thought Michael would kill Lucifer, thereby solving their own problem for them. Yeah, because things work out that easily in the Supernatural universe. I guess it's kind of refreshing to see characters do stupid things and make decisions in the heat of the moment that turn out to be dumb instead of working out well? They kinda had a plan, then when it started to fray, it's like they just lost their shit and started improvising everywhere. Sam and Dean basically ruin everything they touch, anyway; they are really not nice guys :-D They're not even really The good guys. At this point, the Son of freaking Lucifer is a nicer guy than they are. They used to be all about the saving people, hunting things, now they're just hunt that shit down and if we happen to save someone in the process, great, but if not, they shouldn't have gotten in our way. So after all that, I guess that's a yes, I'm still watching :-D