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  1. elvenwhore

    It's time to spill your guts

    lol me too - picking alts was never, ever a strength of my modship. I could never pick them (unless they didn't change the IP address), and even in the times when someone outed themselves, I'd just be all like, "well, shit, I never knew that." Frigging hopeless with alts, I am edit: woohoo, double post!
  2. elvenwhore

    It's time to spill your guts

    I made it thought 2045 but, yeah, made it through Probably a good thing to pull the pin, save yourself from watching what they did to poor Togusa But yeah, classic and original all the way! We have the dvds and she loves the credits. The problem with her being into Big People stuff is that I have to censor and either be quick on the FF button, or know what's in each episode But a scene here and there, she's loving it so far. I like to ruin things
  3. elvenwhore

    What's on your mind?

    Awww, you two are so sweet
  4. elvenwhore

    It's time to spill your guts

    I can see how that is going to play out here and I think you're right, Fenn My daughter is 4.5 years old, so she has no interest in computers yet. But she's already a huge fan of Doctor Who, The Lord Of The Rings, and she likes dancing to anime theme songs. Just today she started showing interest in Ghost In The Shell. Definitely a little geek in training here
  5. elvenwhore

    Atomic Farewell Video Project

    Oh I do like my swears, yes Oh shit, won't be able to swear in the video, I'll have to be nice! Fffffffff...
  6. elvenwhore

    Come for a walk down memory lane...

    No need for blackmail, I'll out myself. I'm in one of those pictures wearing a blue tye-dyed shirt THAT I AM WEARING TODAY. FFS. I've gotta learn to let shit go!
  7. elvenwhore

    Just shy of a month ...

    MY OLD HOUSEMATE IS IN THAT LINK AND LIKE WTF HOW DID I FORGET THAT HAPPENED?? edit: right up until this minute, I would have sworn black and blue that my life was completely untouched by the Atomic Nekkid comps, completely untouched. But that is not so. Now the memories are coming back. Geeeeeeez. Right at the eleventh hour, thanks for that @Chaos.Lady
  8. elvenwhore

    It's time to spill your guts

    I never created an alt (that I remember), but elvenwhore is not my first account. I changed names a couple of years in, but said nothing because I didn't post enough for it to make a difference I came here with my two housemates at the time, two guys I'd also gone to high school with; segger and ColdBurn. Most of the BrisAtomicans know segger but ColdBurn didn't stay for long*. He's not a rules guy I was the one who wrote the review for The Witcher 2 in Atomic, it was credited to "EW" by David So many awesome Atomicans I wish I'd kept closer contact with, but let contact fade away because insecurity told me not to bother them and I listened to that edit: *he stayed long enough to participate in an Atomic Nekkid Comp and I'd completely forgotten that but Chaos posted about it and I saw the picture and now all the memories are coming back!
  9. elvenwhore

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Yeah, I should have put a 'sometimes' in there. Not everything I said was cringe-worthy. Fucking verbose, though, and I've never lost that. You should see a text message from me, bloody 'ell! I always had a lot of respect for you and your posts. As they say, embrace the person you used to be, because that's who got you to where you are now
  10. elvenwhore

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    So many beautiful, familiar names Warms the heart Atomic first came out when I was 20, I believe. But I know what you mean. Atomic has been with me through the most formative of my years; through sharehouses and housemates and shit IT jobs and through the big life things. The magazine was kindred spirits and the forums felt like home It really did make a huge difference in my life, the magazine and the forums and the community all. I was a really shy, timid computer nerd who had just moved to a city after having grown up in a small country town and I didn't really know anyone or have friends of my own. I didn't even really know myself. But through the magazine, the forums and the community, I was able to make connections, to make friends, to share laughs, and to not feel so out of place for having all my geeky and gaming interests. Atomic came into my life at a time when I was really going out on my own and finding my feet, my place in the world and my sense of identity. And it helped me in all those things. And, I daresay, I'm not the only one. And I'm glad to read I'm not the only one who thinks back on all my old posts and cringes
  11. elvenwhore

    Can't remember your login details?

    *waves* a-hoi hoi
  12. elvenwhore

    The Atomic shut down conspiracy thread

    It's them, I'm telling you! Driving up hit counts, views, pulling in more traffic to the site, we're all refreshing the thread and the forums more... I won't be asleep any longer!
  13. elvenwhore

    Atomic Farewell Video Project

    Yeah, write that down, else that's your 15 seconds used up in your username alone! Especially if you vocalise your elipsis...
  14. So we've heard the sad news. But Atomic means many things to many people, and all of us have memories of our time spent (and misspent, and ill spent!) over the years. There's been moments of pure gold, moments of heartbreak and heartache and heart warming, moments of hilarity. Things that only Atomicans can understand, things that only Atomicans will remember. Things that could only ever have happened here, with all you gloriously magnificent people Personally, to my dear BrisAtomicans (when you're not piking), I salute you all. This was my first Atomic meet, ever This was one of our many Zombie Walks featuring my favourite traffic controller encounter This was my most recent RL meet, Meet 17 - but we will all make it so that it was not the last!!! Atomic meets are one of the things I'll remember (and miss) the most. Fun fact about the first Atomic meet I ever went to - it was held in Captain Burke Park under the Story Bridge. In 2013, I ended up living just a couple of blocks away from this park, and I used to walk there most days when my daughter was a newborn, and took her there to play all the time. Small world The first time I got on a plane, I did so for an Atomic meet in Sydney. And, years later, Meet 17 was my first overnight away from my little girl So who's up for a walk down memory lane before we log off for the last time? What kind of gold can we dig up from the web archives or our hard drives?
  15. elvenwhore

    Just shy of a month ...

    Oh fuck! Oh my goodness, what a time that was. And yet again, another battle Ben fought for us