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  1. shirl

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    Another 1 of the originals has past away hope he is overclocking with my mate OBA..peace brothers till i see ya all again..
  2. shirl

    Doctor Who

    40+ years of watching Dr Who this will be a testing time for me with the next Dr,how will she stack up against all my past Dr's?will she be worthy to be added to my dvd collection,of every episode on dvd?mmmm only time will tell.. So is this the last regeneration if in keeping with the movie from 1996??which states there will be 13 Dr,s..in theory we have had more tht 13 Dr,s to date,so i wonder.
  3. shirl

    Doctor Who

    ive been a Dr who fan since i 1st saw it when i was 7-8yo,mmm that was 42-43 years ago i have ever dvd you can purchase,this season im sort yes and no,cant wait to see the cyber men a throw back to the 2nd Dr,this is one show from my childhood its a show i love,as i already mentioned yes and no,but im loving seeing more of Missy...
  4. shirl

    OBA "osama bin athlon"

    my name is Thomas most ppl here knew me as shirl,its funny i was sitting in front of my pc and i thought about a old mate "OBA",Douglas,i met this bloke by chance in 1999 i bought some parts off him,we started talking about pc,s i was a newbie had no idea what i was doing,he took me under his wing and taught me the fundamentals of building pc.My passion for pc,s and overclocking from that meeting has never dwindled Doug took me under his wings and taught me how to over clock change timings and destroy a few parts along the way ,lol, Just wanted to say i miss him heaps our drinking session,his fav coopers green,and our chats about pc,s his family he loved his girls heaps and his grand kid..i totally loved his music collection some classic music. Mate where ever you are take care miss ya heaps mate.. Thomas aka "shirl" yeah i forgot the A in the title..
  5. shirl

    Skylake reviews

    ok,its been a long time since ive posted in these forums,im back lol im thinking of upgrading what ive been seeing these chips run quite warm when overclocked im still a overclocker just dont bench no more but i have been thinking about it latley just thinking i have a corsair 110 aio sitting here you think it would keep it cool enough for some heavy bench work/overclocking?
  6. shirl

    The night my father died.

    30 compresses 2 breaths 30 compresses 2 breaths..thats what we are taught
  7. shirl

    Roll Call!

    ive been here since the 1st day Atomicmpc went online didnt post much much but i see i was up there in the early days in the benchmark section 8-)
  8. shirl

    Final Cheers To OBA

    RIP Douglas,will miss our drinking sessions wheni used to come overto central,glebe,balmain,this gentalman taught me how to build OC computers. Hadnt seen him for a couple of years due to family and work,i remember he told me of his illness,i feel your sorrow OBA_spawn as i lost my dad last year I will do my best to make it next Friday. Thomas aka "shirl"
  9. shirl

    How to spot a Troll

    how to spot a troll??play wow 8-p and see trolls all day every day.
  10. shirl

    Guild Wars 2

    i love this game made me dump wow after 6 years and yes its free to play i purchased digital copy as well,im enjoying it,lost some sleep which is unusual for me,hasnt happened to me since the the "the revenant"..
  11. shirl

    WoW MOP 5.04 Update

    after 6 years of wow this has made me dump it i wont be going back to wow,the new talents etc im just over it..
  12. shirl

    I just scored a virgin 2600K

    yeah OBA ive been a bit slack as to overclocks,my 2500k will boot into windows at 4.5g on stock volts but i havnt tinkered yet will give it a bit of a whack over the week end will see if it can do 5g+ willout killing the cpu 8-p
  13. shirl

    I just scored a virgin 2600K

    i see you got the 2600k now crank it up mate and see what it will do.
  14. yeah i had a problem with my 6970 as Dasa has stated about mounting i pulled it apart the thermal paste was like totally dried out so i cleaned it and replaced it with Artic silver 5 temps dropped by 10 degrees gaming which was quite nice the noise you heard could have been the wires that go into the pcb of the vid card which are located next to the fan..
  15. might have to bring my 6970 over for a crossfire bench mark session yeah i know i,ll bring the beers too lol