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  1. bbrannan

    Slim 240mm Rad required

    I'll see how well everything mounts up with the 230mm fan. If it looks workable I'll give it a try ans see what temps I get. If it doesn't work I'll just swap in the typhoons as suggested. thanks for the input p0is0n and Dasa.
  2. bbrannan

    Slim 240mm Rad required

    Thanks for the reply. I have also ordered a 230mm bitfenix spectre pro which is supposed to be high pressure low noise. Hopefully it will work with the koolance.
  3. I have ordered a Bitfenix Ghost to house my existing rig. At the moment I am using a XSPC rx240 kit. The Ghost has a radiator cut out in the top but only accomodates a 30mm thick rad. Would a Koolance HX-CU720V be OK as a replacement? Will it perform as well as thicker rad? Only cooling the CPU, I7 2600K. Thanks in advance.
  4. bbrannan

    Galaxy s2 microphone troubles

    Thaks for the replies, I've already tried all the suggestions that you made with no luck. So I RMA'd it today. Looks like it was German stock according to the CSC code, but from what I can gather this shouldn't cause any problems. Fingers crossed they can fix it, if not I'll go back to a HTC.
  5. Hey Atomicans, has anyone else with an s2 been having troubles with the microphone during a call? Last week my phones microphone started to play up with 2 out 3 attempted calls failing. I can hear the other person fine but they can't hear a thing. Seems like a common problem but there doesn't seem to be a working solution available. I have reset it to factory settings but the problem comes back after a few calls. Updated firmware with the same result. The other thing is that it works OK using the bluetooth in the car. I used the voice recorder to test the mcrophone and that works OK. Is there anything else I can try that will help dtermine if its a hardware or software problem? Or should I just send it back on warranty? Any advice welome.
  6. bbrannan

    Zalman or Antec

    For the price I can get a TX750 but my nephew bought one and it died in less than a week. They replaced it OK but I was after modular anyway. I already have a HX620 in one of the house computers now and it's been great and I think it's a rebadged seasonic?
  7. I'm looking for a psu for a new build. I checked the recommended PSU thread against what's available locally and found the Antec TP-750 Blue and the Zalman ZM750-HP. The linked reviews put them about equal and they are both the same price. I was leaning towards the Antec because it's a rebadged seasonic but I am not familiar with Zalman PSU's so I would like opinions on which is better. Thanks.
  8. bbrannan

    Recommendations for quite fans.

    G'day SledgY Those fans are quieter than the Antec Tri Cools of the same size ( I replaced the Antec stock fans in my old case ). They aren't as quiet as Noctua but at 1/3 the price they're pretty good. I found good deals on them through PC Case Gear if you buy multi packs.
  9. bbrannan

    Can't get display output.

    Thanks bowiee, tried that already, no luck. Tried the diehard bios switching to back up, no success there either. Guess it's time to buy a new mobo. Thanks for the input.
  10. bbrannan

    Can't get display output.

    Thanks for the suggestions jdog, I checked the monitor and cable and everything runs fine. The case doesn't have a speaker so there's no beep codes,trying to find one now in the spares bin. Will hook it up and see what happens. Cheers. Hooked speaker up but there's no beeping at all.
  11. I'm trying to build a pc for a relative from parts I've upgraded over the last year. The build at the moment, Asus P5Q Deluxe Q6600 GO 4G Team Dark LG dvd r/wr HX620 psu Antec P160 case HD4850 All parts were working fine when retired. Now I cant get any display output at all. So far I've tried Reseating everything Different PSU Different Video card Different Ram Disconnecting drives All appears to be starting - HDD spinning up ,Status LEDs working but I can't get a display. Monitor and cables tested OK on another PC. Is there anything else I can try or is likely the mobo is dead? Any help appreciated.
  12. Wondering if anyone uses their 3G modem? Trying to find out how good their coverage is in regional areas.
  13. Hi Greaver, I just got the white one a couple of weeks ago. Happy with it so far. I replaced a DF85 with it just to cut back on the noise. Easy to build with, plenty of space in it. The fan controller works great plus all leds fans are behind mesh so not too "loud". On lowest fan settings the thig is very quiet and only a couple of degrees warmer than the antec. Build quality is very good apart from the tool less 5.25 retaining mechanism. It works OK but isn't a patch on say the silverstone effort. The one other problem I had was that I had to remove a HDD rack because it was too close to my modular psu and the cables had to bend too sharply for my liking. Still more than enough bays for me though. Cheers, Bill.
  14. bbrannan

    Video shuts down

    Thanks for the help guys, looks like the HDD was the problem. Threw in another drive that was only used as storage and everything loaded and ran sweet. Just have to run some tests on the old one and try to identify the exact problem.
  15. bbrannan

    Video shuts down

    Thanks for the replies. The drivers are ATI's own drivers. As to being overkill the card is just leftover from a previous build so I thought I would use it instead of adding to the spare parts shelf. It's no longer dual boot. I deleted the partition then remade it and formatted as part of the install, what else should I do to clear it?