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  1. Anyone still playing old school DOOM looking forward to some new levels by John Romero himself? Looks like he's been busy with a megawad set after the fourth episode of the first DOOM, to be released sometime in February 2019 and it's free! They had a pre-order promotion of a couple of big box sets with some extra goodies though unfortunately that has ended. More info: https://www.romerogames.ie/sigil/
  2. DF MB2

    So - who's around these days?

    Have I come back at a bad time? The forums were a bit different last time I regularly visited ?
  3. Hi Atomicans, I'm back! Long story short: I (re-)signed up to the forums in 2008 after a break (I originally signed up around 2002) as "DF MB2". Left the forums while I pursued a career in moving pictures. Wanted to reconnect with the forums after coming back into tech and finding out the PC & Tech Authority, PCPP and Atomic MPC websites disappeared. Had tried to change password but realised that the email the account is registered to is an old unused address that I have also forgotten the password. If there's a way I can continue to use that old account (e.g. staff contact)... then great! It seems that the forums look a bit different the last time I lurked through and I remember posting more than 3 times (how many iterations of the forums have there been?) Thanks a bunch!
  4. DF MB2

    Mac Repair

    Hammer time anyone? ... C'mon, someone had to throw it in some time!
  5. DF MB2

    Rare PS1 Games?

    Oh Ug, don't remind me! I bought a PAL copy of Suikoden 2 from an EB and lost it it's case!!! I also got a copy of the original Suikoden but I lost the disc. So, I have Suikoden's cover with a Suikoden 2 disc in it. ... I have Tobal No. 1 PAL. Probably not rare, but surviving first run. I also have JoJo's Bizarre Adventure in NTSC-J and PAL. Out of all the Square-EA (1998-2000) titles mentioned I have a decent copy of Parasite Eve 2.
  6. DF MB2

    X360 exclusives...

    It's not a RPG or a FPS but as an exclusive how about the arcade air fighting game Ace Combat 6? - The DF MB2.