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  1. Tortured-X

    GPU artifacting?

    yeh, already tried underclocking and reinstalling windows to no avail. taken the card out of the machine and swapped in the PoS GT440 till payday (need to source another 6970 just incase i can RMA this thing) funny thing is not an hour after i took the card out i found a program that tests the gpu memory for errors so gonna test with that see what comes up
  2. Tortured-X

    GPU artifacting?

    yeh i used atiman, even found a post on the net suggesting booting into safe mode running driver sweeper, rebooting into safe mode and uninstalling the graphics card through device manager then reinstalling the drivers. even tried disabling TDR in windows 7 as apparently that can cause the error of "display drivers stopped responding" did a memtest for 6 hours yesterday, no issue, ran 3d mark 11 didn't realise that the basic version doesn't stress test >_< will try taking apart the card checking for damage and taking some photos, and reseating the heatsink. i forgot to mention apparently the original owned watercooled the card, so i'm thinking that he may have seated the heatsink wrong? hoping anyway, $250 is a hell of a lot to drop on a busted card when your budget per pay for pc gear is $250 :/
  3. Tortured-X

    I'm blind!

    bugger might have to just buy a cheap gpu to see if it's the card or motherboard
  4. Tortured-X

    Looking for a hentai porn game about disabled girls

    i made the mistake of playing this and choosing the route for the burnt girl 1st. it was so good i couldn't bring myself to play again and see the other routes >_<
  5. Tortured-X

    I'm blind!

    also i'm assuming you've tried the card in another system to be sure?
  6. Tortured-X

    GPU artifacting?

    ahaha i know right. WoW seems to be the biggest culprit for it :/
  7. Tortured-X

    I'm blind!

    just wondering but could it be the pcie bus?
  8. Tortured-X

    Cheap Replacement Card

    running around bumping old threads isnt realy the way to go about itif you have a problem with your pc you should make a post in b&t asking for help most people find nvida vs amd drivers are very similar as far as having problems goes and the only way gt440 would manage 60fps in bf3 mp is if your looking at the sky or running 800x600 not a thread bump, was already bumped, aside from that i did state on idle, like joining an empty server. in gameplay it doesn't fair too bad but on medium, at the very least the draw distance isn't turned all the bloody way down like FO:NV
  9. Tortured-X

    GPU artifacting?

    righto i'm back, was asleep sorry. did a memtest, ran it for 6 hours, no faults there. temps hit about 82c on full load last i checked about 40-55 idle antec HCG-900 = http://www.antec.com/product.php?id=705185&fid=5022035 pictures of the issue in other games/3d mark http://imageshack.us/f/341/3dmarktf.jpg/ http://s12.postimage.org/hmnkqy7h7/koar.jpg the KoAR game error kind of looks like the textures aren't loading to me more than artifacting i'm going to try buying some thermal paste tomorrow and reseating the HSF. also having doubts on whether the seller knew or not, as i don't know about you, but if i were to sell something dodgey i wouldn't give the buyer my home address. actually ont he nvidia side it's funny, i bought a GT440 to tide me over before i bought this card, and i can run that fine, really hoping it's not an issue with the card so much as drivers or other hardware :/ This is a simple suggestion but have you checked the temperatures of the graphics cards and made sure they're not clogged up with dust? no point in checking whether or not the temps are too high, if it's artifacting (which it looks like the start of) means the card is already damaged, maybe not alot but it's damaged. Do ATI/AMD still include the VPU recovery in their catalyst drivers??? lame i have no idea, this is my first build, as all other pcs were store bought i've never been game enough to do more than install apps/drivers yeh seems to happen with anything 11.10 or higher, but anything 11.9 or lower seems to run ok 11.9 does play up every now and then, like the KoAR picture, but around that time the core temps hit around 90c
  10. so bought a 6970 2nd hand from ocau after having issues and being told my 520 psu wasn't beefy enough, i upgraded to a HCG-900w now i'm having a particular problem, "display drivers have stopped responding and have recovered" this seems to happen with any amd drivers from above 11.9, as it stands 11.9 is the highest driver i can use. now for the artifacting.. playing certain games (witcher 2, KoAR, WoW) i get artifacting (i think) and like a pixel stretch that reminds me of someone grabbing a polygon in a 3d program and stretching it. screenshots of the issue: http://i.imgur.com/EdbvN.jpg Current setup is: AMD Phenom II x6 1055T (stock) Asus M4A89TD Pro/USB3 4GB Gskill RipjawsX (2x2gb) Sapphire 2gb HD6970 BF: BC2 Game Edition Antec HCG 900 watt OCZ Vertex II 60GB SSD WD Green Caviar 1TB spent all day trying to suss out the display error yesterday, found out it's usually an issue with windows and the Timeout Delay any help is much appreciated as i'm one more error from tossing this computer from a 40 storey building
  11. Tortured-X

    Cheap Replacement Card

    i'm currently having issues with my 6970 namely drivers. i went and bought a GT440 and suprisingly enough it runs most games fine (idle at about 60fps in bf3 on medium with aa off)
  12. Tortured-X

    Advice please

    if there latest drivers work ;/
  13. that's gotta suck. for some reason 12.3 causes my system to crash or get the message "display drivers crashed" whenever i boot up a game
  14. Tortured-X

    Cheat codes in games

    ihonestly love the carnage that cheats can provide, and yeh they're called cheats for a reason, one thing i don't have too much issue with using are guides and faqs. infact i use to love the UHS system, giving you one hint at a time was nice if you just needed a small hand
  15. Tortured-X

    FTP games are they really FTP?

    that reminds me of tf2 and their lock boxes. the issue i have with f2p games are the ones that lock all races or classes but 1 or 2 for those who don't pay