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  1. My brother first introduced me to the www when 9600 baud was the norm. Even the subsequent upgrade to 14.4 was amazing at that point, especially on my palm pilot. Loved those devices and i could graffiti faster than I could type. But yes, had good and bad connections since then, the worst being at my current location only 5 minutes out of the CBD. Previously had very dodgy adsl for many years, the old copper was so fragile it required frequent repair, but the whole area was recently upgraded to back to the node optic fibre, which is great. The odd thing about my place of residence is the 4g reception, or lack thereof. There is a complete 4g black spot a little down the road, and very weak reception where I live. Just as well I have excellent nbn.... now. We have recently bought a property in the country and 4g is spectacular there. Nbn (fixed wireless) however is woeful. But the node is being upgraded in December which will hopefully fix the issue. One can only hope, I suppose
  2. NightOwl

    Ladders. They hurt

    I rarely approach ladders, I suffer quite badly from vertigo. My specialty is metal star stakes, and have broken ribs twice after heaving them out of waterlogged soil, the wrong way. They have a nasty habit of giving way suddenly., and unexpectedly. But as I’ve learned, there is no easy way getting them out.
  3. NightOwl

    Then to now

    Have to say though, I did prefer the days when rope was reeled out on a good ol’ flame war. They were indeed the good times. Entertainment and challenge all in one !
  4. NightOwl

    Then to now

    I think a sense of community is something I look for more as I get older. I used to spend a lot of time on atomic, but now find I see atomic members more in real life than I do online, and even that’s not very often. Still love my tech, but it’s not a priority anymore. The question shouldn’t be whether or not you should leave altogether, but how much time you want to spend on the forums. Once you’ve been a part of atomic, I don’t think you ever completely leave. It would be a great pity if long term members disappeared forever, and I still mourn the disappearance of Virt. But I hope you have a fab adventure traveling Aus, sounds awesome Rather than leave, hop on occasionally and post updates. Pics or it didn’t happen !
  5. NightOwl

    Blade Runner 2049

    Ok Mac Dude, you're off the hook. This movie is fabulous !
  6. NightOwl

    Woo! Star trek Discovery! (spoilers, probably)

    Fredz, I should have known you'd hop onto atomic as well to post this ! Me, well even as a die hard, life long trek fan, and as mentioned earlier, I'm embarrassed to say I have seen Discovery as yet. Watched all other movies and series many times, and even have the entire Star Ships collection. Yes, I hang my head in shame. Have to say though, I'm not sure I like the visual change to the Klingons, I don't think they deserve to look so evil. Yeah, I never liked the Holodeck. You've already got a show set in a fantastical sci-fi universe with limitless possibilities - and to then have so many stories set in a magical Daydream Land safely on board the ship where nothing has any consequence. Mind-boggling. You don't like the Holodeck ? I do. Apart from the obvious simulated training possibilities, I don't think people will ever get tired of experiencing a bit of fantasy in their life, whatever the era and technology advancements. Today we have VR, tomorrow it's the Holodeck. VR is advancing in great leaps and bounds, and I've gotten wrapped up in its near reality a few times.... to the point of walking smack into a wall.... a real one. I've also near frozen in fright at being (apparently) suspended in deep space. Anyone who has not experienced a high quality VR environment, I recommend they do so at the first opportunity. Then come back and say you don't like the Holodeck ! I'm off again this weekend to get my fix .... new software .... the Enterprise bridge :)
  7. NightOwl

    Blade Runner 2049

    I'm always a bit wary of remakes, especially those of epic movies like Blade Runner. Was planning on waiting for the DVD, but I'm thinking this might be worthy of a cinema outing after all ! If it turns out to be a disappointing smear on a legendary piece of movie-dom, I'll just blame MacDude .... :)
  8. NightOwl

    Bloody banks!

    You don't do internet banking? I'm able to transfer money between several of my accounts.Astonishing, I know. But true. :) We do, my wife looks after it - gives her something to do as she puts it but it doesn't typically instantly appear on a debit card even if with the same bank. No, I had a word to the bank when I finally got through - they were having trouble with their PIN system. This particular bank has a somewhat odd way of doing things, any number group of cards gets assigned to a particular server, if after a few rejects it then tries on another. I don't think I'd design a system that way but banks can be rather weird, and antiquated :) Cheers Yep, we all know what an expert you are on Banks internal systems. But tell me ..... do you honestly think any corporate business can afford to replace enterprise systems every couple of years, without risking significant downtime and instabilities ? Do you have any idea what it takes in man hours and funds to build, test, and deploy new processes and new software on such a large scale ? Not to mention the migration of existing vital data tables containing billions of entries. You should know, since you're so familiar with it. For systems that process a few hundred billion in transactions via batch process in the space of a few hours each night, and for systems that are literally running 24/7 so you can withdraw cash and transfer funds at 3am anywhere in the world, the banks aren't doing too badly. Perhaps your account fees can be increased to cover it ? What ? You're not paying any fees ? Gee. And you're complaining about a random 1 hour downtime ? Wow .... Considering the volumes and loads, these system may be a little old and inflexible, but I assure you, they are rock solid stable, and probably more so than your personal PC. You should also note that the older systems run a hell of a lot faster than the new ones. The main limitation to modern processing is time, and we can't do anything about that, we have to live with the 24 hours we have. The number of exceptions that result from these processes is minuscule in comparison, and are mostly resolved next day, if the account holder hasn't done something completely stupid and indecipherable, which is the case more often than not. If you don't like your bank, change to another one. Most already have inter-organisational realtime processing, unless there's a funds availability or sanctions issue that needs a person to look at it. Chris, you really need to get a better grip on reality.
  9. NightOwl

    Bloody banks!

    Correct, and it's still mostly a batch process. The only existing realtime clearing steam for interbank exchange is Swift high value. This will change very soon though. Ask Dr Google about NPP, or New Payments Platform. You should start seeing noise on the subject in the second half of the year.
  10. NightOwl

    Attacks in Paris

    :) Yes we would, they just would not be tithed :) Cheers The solution is that simple. Enacting it is not.
  11. NightOwl

    Attacks in Paris

    Wasn't me was it? ;p I've made exactly that statement to others before. :) Um no, it has acquired some currency but I first heard it from a devotee of DAAS from whence I think she heard it :) Cheers I don't believe anyone has the right to argue religion at all. Everyone should feel free to believe in whatever they please without someone else insisting they are wrong. Whoever said in a previous post that religion is a personal thing and should be kept to one's self (or one's own congregation), is absolutely correct. But these conflicts are not about religion at all, it's all about control and power, which is why they will never win. People will fight for their freedom. I don't actually dislike religion. I find the history and traditions of all religions fascinating and I'm happy to chat for hours on the subject. But I'll be more inclined to listen to your views if coerced with a nice glass of wine :) A big stick will get you absolutely nowhere. I don't know what the solution is to terrorist acts in the name of religion, but I do believe that religious leaders are not doing enough to adapt religious teachings to a modern day, multicultural way of life.
  12. NightOwl

    No kids please.

    Absolutely agree. We as children were taken along to restaurants, but we were also threatened with being left with a babysitter for the rest of our natural lives if we dared put as much as an eyeball out of place. We kids also knew that these threats were never idle ones. That all changed when my sister came along ... Born with ADHD, after which we didn't go anywhere that didn't involve a wide open field. I do blame the parents for badly behaved kids.
  13. NightOwl

    No kids please.

    I wish there was child free dining in melbourne. I'd be there every second day. So many times I've turn around and left a cafe on seeing it was overrun with kids with more food on their person and floor than in their mouths, not to mention parents trying to force huge prams into spaces they clearly don't fit ... complete with screaming contents, disrupting everyone in their wake. One woman even changed a disgusting nappy in full view in the dining area. Fed up. There are a tonne of child friendly places. Where are the adult friendly locations ?
  14. NightOwl

    What's on your mind?

    Yep, really.What I see is yet another issue blown completely out of proportion by the politically correct, the media and alot of righteous attention seekers. As far as I'm concerned, all footballers belong in a zoo. I'll use the great ape reference on any adult male I know reasonably well. It doesn't necessarily refer to clumsiness or any lack of intelligence. It's a term of endearment and was last used on someone taking up too much room on the couch. I've got no time for preciousness, sorry. I really don't think anyone cares what race Goodes is. i get what youre saying. you just want to be able to call a spade a spade. What ? That all men are apes ? Yes, absolutely. Don't try to make something a spade when it's only a plain old shovel.
  15. NightOwl

    What's on your mind?

    Just to butt in: Only time I've ever used "ape" to refer to a human was in reference to Starship Troopers ("Come on you apes! Wanna live forever?") Fair enough, that might be clumsy/muscular, since the line reffered to jarheads, but it could also be taken as literally apes - since they were fighting 'bugs'. The latter is the explanation I favoured at the time. The use of apes fits with the muscular characteristic and is done in an endearing way as I suggested.. The use of ape when used to insult indigenous people is often because of the colour of their skin. But the term APE also refers to someone on the field that charges and knocks players over for no reason and then says "Sorry". Bit like an elephant in a glass house term. That fits with the 'clumsy' definition. I haven't heard of an elephant in a glashouse but I assume it equates to the 'bull in a china shop'. Either way, those uses are based on a person's action at the time. Goodes didn't do anything clumsy when the West Coast supporter told him to go back to the zoo or when Eddie said he should be in Planet of the Apes or when the girl called him an ape. What I do see is a lot of excuses. Yep, really. What I see is yet another issue blown completely out of proportion by the politically correct, the media and alot of righteous attention seekers. As far as I'm concerned, all footballers belong in a zoo. I'll use the great ape reference on any adult male I know reasonably well. It doesn't necessarily refer to clumsiness or any lack of intelligence. It's a term of endearment and was last used on someone taking up too much room on the couch. I've got no time for preciousness, sorry. I really don't think anyone cares what race Goodes is.