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  1. NightOwl


    Aha, was just wondering about that ! I was sure I was up to Guru at some point ... not that it really matters. Mystery solved ...
  2. NightOwl

    Atomic Origins

    Wow Frog, you have a great memory ... I can’t remember what I did yesterday. But I do recall discovering Atomic at the second issue, looked up the website and never looked back. I always found tech magazines too dry for my liking, or had too much emphasis on gaming ... and not even the sort of games I liked. But Atomic was both informative and entertaining. Other tech magazines always made new builds and upgrades appear simple .... Atomic revealed it was not always that easy, and even the experts had similar issues to what I was wrestling with. Other magazines did a few software run stats on performance of builds and components .... Atomic did a lot of ‘tooling around inside’, stripped it down to its underwear and thrashed the heck out of it...... enter extreme cooling. Even to this day, there’s no other publication like it. oh, can’t remember what box I had at the time. My first spark of computing interest started when I inherited 286 components and it basically got bigger than Ben Hur from there.... swap meets every weekend, etc. So yeah, too long ago
  3. NightOwl

    Neighbours huge tree

    I believe it depends on your munincipality. In my area, a property owner has every right to trim neighbour’s trees back to the fence line at any time, and debis disposal is the tree owner.’s responsibility. Obviously, it’s always best to consult the neighbour first ... I did this and he now obligingly trims them back for me every year. But if it’s a really large tree, I’d be more concerned about the roots .... edit; huh, just noticed the age of this thread .... oh well, good read so not wasted, lol ....
  4. That is so cool !! .... but I wouldn’t want it in my bathroom ! I admit working from home felt difficult at first, but 2 weeks past and it felt like normal, after which I realised there was nothing I needed to do for my job that couldn’t be done from home. Just needed to establish a different routine. I suppose I’m lucky that my employer has provided some brilliant remote working tools and services. I now absolutely love working from home and they will have a hard time dragging me back into the office after social distancing restrictions are relaxed. Work from home became painful only when schools started remote learning. These impromptu facilities obviously did not take bandwidth into consideration and are the main hog on internet services currently, especially out in the country where fixed wireless and 4G are the only options. Didn’t have an issue before home school started. I’ll be glad when children go back to school, but for reasons different to parents and teachers. The only thing I miss is our regular visits to the local pub .....
  5. NightOwl

    Well, well, fucking well.

    Oh good grief ... not you again !! ... lol. And yeah, never thought I’d say this, but agree 100 %. I really think this place started losing its appeal when everyone was forced into tame behaviour. Good to see you on the forums again Juggs, you have been a treasured sparring partner for many, even if they didn’t realise it at the time.
  6. Oh my goodness ..... where to start ! Firstly, relative to the original post, I don’t see why anyone should go to the effort of changing your opinion. Unless you’re in the position of having to make a choice on medical treatment to your own body, the decision is not yours and your opinion doesn’t matter. Period. Secondly, and in my personal opinion, the Bible seems to have factual basis, but has become victim to Chinese Whispers over the centuries .... either intentionally or accidentally. If the history was intentionally distorted, it certainly was done as a method of control, and done in the name of religion. Why else would ordinary events be magically transposed into miracles ? < no offense intended to religious persons, I do respect your personal beliefs>
  7. NightOwl

    Just shy of a month ...

    or until Morn leaves.... lol. But myeah..... I’m ok with change, I’ll simply hunt down a new happy place. It’s also fun to reminisce in a new environment amongst like minded people, and create new memories. Sometimes, a change is as good as a holiday
  8. NightOwl

    It's time to spill your guts

    I think I stayed under my rock for way too long .... I never had a single alt. Instead, I frequently tip-toed around under anonymous login.
  9. NightOwl

    Just shy of a month ...

    Don’t know what everyone else is doing, but I’m collecting captures of key memories .... then ...... I’ll trot over to discord, reddit and/or Facebook, and take up where we’ve left off. Haven’t decided which one I prefer as yet, but I’m leaning toward discord. Onward and upward.
  10. NightOwl

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    A big old house in the country. Yay ! City escape.
  11. NightOwl

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Absolutely loved the flame wars. But having spent many an enjoyable evening lurking, and tripping down the memory lane archives, I suppose I feel partly to blame for its demise. Will miss these forums, but Atomic will live on for me with the real life connections made over the years. Atomic will always be a paramount component of my old school geeky past. So long and thanks for all the fish .....
  12. My brother first introduced me to the www when 9600 baud was the norm. Even the subsequent upgrade to 14.4 was amazing at that point, especially on my palm pilot. Loved those devices and i could graffiti faster than I could type. But yes, had good and bad connections since then, the worst being at my current location only 5 minutes out of the CBD. Previously had very dodgy adsl for many years, the old copper was so fragile it required frequent repair, but the whole area was recently upgraded to back to the node optic fibre, which is great. The odd thing about my place of residence is the 4g reception, or lack thereof. There is a complete 4g black spot a little down the road, and very weak reception where I live. Just as well I have excellent nbn.... now. We have recently bought a property in the country and 4g is spectacular there. Nbn (fixed wireless) however is woeful. But the node is being upgraded in December which will hopefully fix the issue. One can only hope, I suppose
  13. NightOwl

    Ladders. They hurt

    I rarely approach ladders, I suffer quite badly from vertigo. My specialty is metal star stakes, and have broken ribs twice after heaving them out of waterlogged soil, the wrong way. They have a nasty habit of giving way suddenly., and unexpectedly. But as I’ve learned, there is no easy way getting them out.
  14. NightOwl

    Then to now

    Have to say though, I did prefer the days when rope was reeled out on a good ol’ flame war. They were indeed the good times. Entertainment and challenge all in one !
  15. NightOwl

    Then to now

    I think a sense of community is something I look for more as I get older. I used to spend a lot of time on atomic, but now find I see atomic members more in real life than I do online, and even that’s not very often. Still love my tech, but it’s not a priority anymore. The question shouldn’t be whether or not you should leave altogether, but how much time you want to spend on the forums. Once you’ve been a part of atomic, I don’t think you ever completely leave. It would be a great pity if long term members disappeared forever, and I still mourn the disappearance of Virt. But I hope you have a fab adventure traveling Aus, sounds awesome Rather than leave, hop on occasionally and post updates. Pics or it didn’t happen !