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  1. funky_monkey

    a strange combo

    you make it sound like a bad thing
  2. funky_monkey

    a strange combo

    or manhood.. that would help :D Then again though lets turn the tables... you play WOT with a " fuck it im boss" attitude you can listen to whatever you want.. because... you destroy the enemy regardless.. <3
  3. funky_monkey

    [PC] League of Legends

    I still play this heaps. One of my biggest issues is I moved the Aus servers and now my friends list consists of 1 random and my wife haha. I need to build it back up. I tried to play dota2, but I just found that everything was a good 1/2 second delay - and thats the gameplay not my ping. LoL just feels a lot nicer.. and it is always about the feels right? I should have noted... funkyfunkfunk is the name. Add me for a game whenever
  4. funky_monkey

    "Game of Thrones" HBO adaptation

    Yep - foxtel had it on 2 hours after the US. watched it at 4:30 this arvo. Was welcomed on my TV screen :D
  5. funky_monkey

    The Atomic Wedding of the Decade [telegram wall]

    atomic wedding of the decade was last year when I married Juggs sister last august.... .. ohh kind of awkward now. how about I just talk to you on Saturday lol
  6. I'm on Naked ADSL2+ but when I was living close to the In-laws with my wife when when we were inbetween houses when we moved that way - I couldn't stand they were paying 150 a month for ADSL with a 10GB cap. So I spoke to a contact (telstra IP WAN team) who put me in touch with someone else. nek minnit bill dropped and speed increased. I found that calling Telstra it did nothing. I had to use my own contacts through work to gain the service I wanted. (to be fair all internet was through bigpond) I am now on telstra mobile however and love it. the service is great and love the customer service. not once have I had issues with my mobile. strange how things work
  7. funky_monkey

    Rock. Hard.

    Yeah Bro, both of us are going to come. going to be freaking insane. I would pay the money to walk in see tallica then walk out. This lineup will make it hard to choose what im seeing. so many good acts. Yeah I assumed if he comes it will be with Josh.
  8. funky_monkey

    Rock. Hard.

    ERHMEGERD SERNDWERVE Lineup is amazing. Sydney hear I kerm!
  9. funky_monkey

    [PC] Atomic World of Tanks Thread

    So.. I haven't played this game for close to a year I think? (might no be that long) so I installed tonight because why not.. and it's scheduled downtime :( haha
  10. funky_monkey

    over fb

    To me, facebook is a tool. How I use it is up to me. The horror stories you hear? That is all due to the people they have added as "friends". That is just as stupid as saying "Never owned a car, heard all the stories about people not indicating and getting into accidents".. again, a tool, which if used correctly can be used well. If you don't think it has any positive uses, you obviously don't know how to use the tool correctly, or have no need for said tool..
  11. funky_monkey

    [PC] League of Legends

    hmmm.. I am quite pissed off tonight. I have had a day of bad players (sportsmanship) and quitters. This has really angered me today. just then, We had an inhib down, and they haddn't even taken our base tower.. guy starts a surrender. I ask wtf? why? we are winning.. he ignores.. anyway this went on for another 2 times until 3 of them all at once left before calling me a fag. I was in their base trying to finish the game.. but had to B to defend.. basically they had 5V2 and rushed us... GG.. I reported them.. as much as I hate reporting people. Just REAAAALY annoys me as I had that game almost done.. but because they couldn't see it, it was time to bail. That, and I am sick of people not understanding that ok, a few towers doesn't mean game over. im only lvl 20.. but am constantly playing with my mates at lvl 30.. While I may not go as well at that lvl, least I know each game is good, won't have quitters (most of the time) and understand gaming edequite (sp? lol ) just annoys me that I have lost about 4 games today, due to the above behaviour which if not there, could have seen a different outcome. enough venting.. time to get another game up :)
  12. funky_monkey

    [PC] League of Legends

    I have been playing this for a while now. add me as im always on. The names "funkyfunkfunk" I am currently lvl 20 and spend most of my time ripping it up with Fiora lol!! As of yesterday this "little annoying game" has now become my wifes addiction. she is hooked so i'm helping her play and what not. give me a yell if you want to play. always ready to game
  13. funky_monkey

    WOWP Who has alpha?

    Sorry if this has been posted already. Do any of the WOT crew have WOWP? I stopped on Tanks quite a while ago, which is rather sad, but wondered if you guys got Alpha keys. I am hoping I do. My mate has received one and is busy playing it non stop. If you are playing it.. what are your thoughts?
  14. funky_monkey

    Parenting win

    Reddit gets a lot of reposts. atomic would know ;) where's Robzy?
  15. funky_monkey

    Dear Girvo

    why is this stuck in my head? :S