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    The most frustrating moments in a console game

    Ninja Gaiden. Both 1 and 2. Especially the first boss in NG1 - that was the 'if you can't beat this guy, you don't want to play this game' guy. Oh, and Einhander on the PSOne. Took me about three hours to get past the first level.
  2. Tergor

    World Tour has arrived

    I just got my yellow cymbal back in the mail today. Looks like a completely new cymbal - there's no wear on it at all. I'll give it a workout tonight and edit this post.
  3. Tergor

    World Tour has arrived

    I bought last Wednesday, played the drums for around an hour, and the yellow cymbal carked it completely. not even inconsistent response, just nothing. Tried it on the orange side, same thing. RMA'ed and sent on Thursday, no news yet. Dodgied it up last night playing with the orange cymbal on the yellow side and no orange cymbal, was still pretty fun. I think I'll try the tuning thing once I get the yellow cymbal back. I'll update on the status of my RMA as stuff happens.
  4. Firewall box runs Gentoo - built off the 2007.1 CD, I think. It's just a no-X server install though, so I can't say anything about X support...
  5. Powertel/AAPT are okay, but only okay. Their services are good once they're installed, but like any other ISP, installation can be a baffling kafkaesque journey into madness. At my work we resell Powertel/AAPT connections, so I've done some pretty full-on rollouts using them. That said, we also resell pacnet and a few others. With Powertel, you can sometimes get a VULL as well, which saves on phone bills. I've worked with a couple of clients with iiNet's business-grade ADSL, and that seems pretty good, especially when you enable Annex M. iiNet also has a few nifty features like automated changing of reverse DNS records for the IP address that are handy for business connections. I've heard good things about Internode's business offerings as well.
  6. Tergor

    Xbox 360 Live Gamer Id Database V3 Edition

  7. Tergor

    The Explain Your Avatar Thread

    Mine's a japanese chick hitting herself on the head with a saucepan, just 'cos it's the most random image I've ever seen.
  8. Tergor

    How Paranoid are you?

    I'm certainly not that paranoid for the home network... I've just got WPA2-PSK for the wifi, and port knocking on the gentoo firewall. I do have a W2k8 server though, so maybe I'll set up EAP later. It has to pass the SO-approval test though. :)
  9. Tick, I totally agree about the profiles app. One of the things that does make it tricky to manage the battery life on the iPhone is the difficulty of enabling or disabling battery-chewing features like bluetooth or wifi when they're not required.