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  1. Master_Scythe

    Dear Tech Support

    Im sure many would agree if they were also allowed to run Girlfriend 5.0 and Wife 1.0 simultaneously.
  2. Master_Scythe

    Win10 Forced Updates are back.....

    Can't disable what i've already said i've disabled.
  3. Master_Scythe

    New forum issues/features here

    WHARS ME AVATAR?! Thats OK, I have another one I use everywhere else... maybe I should update.... But then my avatar isn't on my poster making up the huge atomic logo... hmm... BTW, if anyone has a spare of those posters, I'd love a 2nd
  4. Master_Scythe

    Use for an old Z3 Compact.

    That won't fix an unresponsive screen. I like to use old phones as IP cameras, emailing me if people move around my property. I also like to use them as mini servers. https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.icecoldapps.serversultimatepro&hl=en_US
  5. Master_Scythe

    Win10 Forced Updates are back.....

    So anyone seen the bullshit that is Windows 10 this month? I recently switched to Linux Mint at home, and thank christ. Microsoft is getting dodgy, taking away all users options entirely. Basically, they moved the Update Assistant from a program to a service, so anyone who was blocking the EXE was no longer blocking the exe..... Dirty, Dirty, Dirty. But it gets worse! At work, due to needing an "Older PC" and a "Newer PC" as we run a lot of remote communities, I have my PC's updates disabled. My PC is meant to be the insecure 'Out of date' PC, as I do everything in a Mint VM anyway. Every privacy setting one by one disabled manually. Windows update disabled. Upgrade Assistant Deleted, and replaced with junk files that no user has write permissions to. HOSTS file has been modified to block all Microsoft IP ranges, with exceptions only for OFFICE365 Auth. O&O Shutup10 has been run. DestroyWindows10Spying has been run - https://github.com/Nummer/Destroy-Windows-10-Spying Spybot Anti-Becon has been run. My connection is forced to be 'Metered' in windows. Suddenly? This new service exists, and I get a popup informing me I have 25 minutes before a forced reboot to the latest version. WITH NO CANCEL BUTTON... STILL! (didn't they get sued for this?) Seriously, the FUCK?!~ We can't defer patches, because our company bought the PROFESSIONAL version. You know? The one for PROFESSIONALS! That comes with Candy Crush and Minecraft? Oh, a charity organization is meant to purchase ENTERPRISE? ah, no. Fuck that. Normally I'm fairly laid back about this; Windows will do, what Windows will do. I get it. But they've literally taken the ability to stop it away. I had used every conceivable (legitimate) option, paired with every 3rd part hack tool I could find to disable this, and fucking what?! Nope. No option anymore. I wondered what was eating away at my theoretical metered connection. Frustrating....
  6. Master_Scythe

    Dropping out

    +1 Ask for a new modem. Don't mention the cause, mention the symptoms. "Commonly, the lights on the modem all go out, including the POWER light, I've tried a different powerpoint and it still happens" They'll send you a new one.
  7. Master_Scythe

    Please i need help

    I believe you are a spammer. if not, I can give you a PC with better specs than that for free.
  8. Master_Scythe

    don't want to make you paranoid, but...

    Film in general is pretty awesome. Kodachrome-64 colour slide film is estimated to yield something like 50MP of resolution, and archival microfilm goes well beyond that. I'd believe that. We had A4 paper blown up to what must be bilboard size by default (accidentally), and it was clear as anything! Just, my god! Yeah, it was amazingly cool to see such fast data transfer on such archaic hardware. I'd never have expected it.
  9. Master_Scythe

    don't want to make you paranoid, but...

    Yeah but if you've worked government, you'd know security is not the best. 2nd story time, and I swear 100% true. I was helping someone in the Treasury, lets call her 'Anne'. Anne was in her 70's, and about 10 years ago she ticked "Save My Password" in the custom Treasury software. She had denied all PC updates, as she only used ONE application, and this one "had all her passwords on it". As Windows XP moved away for windows 7 (non-optional) she had to change PC's. I found her in tears, because she was unable to work; she didn't know any of her logons. (FUCK! This is going to be a drama.) So I call the Treasury Support line (we were simply contracted to help). "Hi, My name is MS, I'm here with Anne, and she's forgotten all her passwords. What do you need to reset those? Supervisor request? Photo ID? She's upset and I want to get this sorted for her" "Hi MS, just hold on for one minute." ....one minute passes... "Ok, Her passwords are cat, dog, mouse" (not literally, but they were basic non-secure words). "Neat, thank you, and she'll have to change those?" "No, those are what they were" ........Oh..... So now we know 3 things. 1. They just gave someones high level access passwords to someone on the phone, who has not proven their identity. 2. They do NOT require any sort of password length or complexity. 3. The passwords are stored in plain text because he was able to read them back to me!!!! Good god.
  10. Master_Scythe

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    While I'm sure he'd love it, I'm not sure the general public would take well to gluing photoshops to his grave, or holding a LAN party in a graveyard.
  11. Master_Scythe

    BASTARD CHILD Member Since 10 Sep 2008

    Hard to think all these names i literally grew up with are slowly passing. I was one of those nerdy no friends type people, and this community was, and is, home. RIP buddy, I can't say I knew him personally more than anyone else on here, but I'll be damned if it's not sad to see any atomican fall. We're literally a dying breed. Stupid caner. RIP.
  12. Master_Scythe

    Life gallops on

    i remember ya. welcome back
  13. Master_Scythe

    So, life has happened.

    Wow, congrats! Sincerely!
  14. Master_Scythe

    don't want to make you paranoid, but...

    Documents like this already are. I'm not one for those 'when I was working here' type stories, but I actually have one :) When I was working for a government agency, one area I had to help out was Adoption Services. Without bothering to go into detail on the odd security that was; "blur the screen please" *turns dial* when looking at scans, "This security guard will escort you" when walking through the building... etc (Treasury, and Dept Child Safety was less secure!) What I was there for, was to try and fix (and i did! :D) a Microfilm scanner. This thing was neat, it had it's own SCSI card, and dumped massive (99% quality) JPEG's, at the rate of literally hundreds per second. You'd load up the microfilm. You'd select the Baud Rate that the SCSI and Scanner could both manage. You'd look up the human, and get a reference number. You'd load up that roll of film, and turn the dial for "start" and "end" frame, of the film. And you'd click 'scan'. Before I knew how to limit it, I'd scanned a roll in like 35 seconds flat. We're talking GB's of data, countless images, all in near full quality JPEG (as full quality as JPEG gets, you CAN select bitmap, but it was unneeded) These scans were all the signed documents from dropping off\picking up people in the adoption service. All hand written, all in various states of neat vintage paper rot, but all more than readable at what I could only describe as "Fuck off, that's a lot!" DPI, at 99% quality. I was amazed by how cool microfilm was! Also, tldr; Yes, they'll number you and scan all your doctor scribble. Gotta remember; 'Stored Digitally' does not inherently, mean 'Searchable'.