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  1. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Guy I work with, his father is a doctor in china, so I get a little bit of an inside scoop; nothing major to report, as we expected the numbers were a bit skewed by the government; but not much, and in both areas (infections AND deaths), so the percentages are still roughly accurate. However, I was reading an article that explained that the mortality rate was probably heavily skewed by chinas 'default treatment' of symptoms. Very interesting. Apparently, due to over-filling of hospitals, doctors can't visit individuals often enough, so people were given oxygen too soon. I'm no doctor, but apparently there is a correlation between too much oxygen, and the body not noticing pneumonia is 'getting worse'? No idea how it works; but people who spend short stints in 'oxygen bars' often find it hard to leave, after as short as half an hour in there; so it sounds plausible (and it was apparently a doc. writing the article) However, the more interesting, was that apparently the 'go to' for ANY sort of fever, is a moderate dose of cortico steroids. This will CERTAINLY lower the fever, however HEAVILY suppresses the immune system. Basically, the LAST thing you want to do, while it's trying to learn something it's never seen before. Now the world knows (including china) and the outlook is even better than before. Something I thought was VERY cool though; China uses WeChat almost exclusively for sales; They've implemented a 'health band' where you have to promise you're healthy, and in addition, scan your personal ID code in order to shop anywhere. So in the event someone lies, or gets sick later, contact tracing is SUPER accurate. I thought that was neat!
  2. If you have a way, I'll eat those too!
  3. Master_Scythe

    Oversampling compressed music

    Europop The song is 'too much of heaven', there is a very high pitch whine the whole track, in the frequency of those 'teen alarms'.
  4. Master_Scythe

    cold boot issues

    My money is on PSU, because I've had similar issues. Here's my most frequent culprit nobody thinks off till last.... Do you have a CD\DVD drive? The amount of dead CD drives that have caused boot shinanigans, from 'no resposne other than fans' right through to 'hung at bios' all the way to 'PC freezes when opening My Computer'. They're nasty little buggers when they get on in years; Have one?? Try unplugging it. Power too.
  5. Master_Scythe

    ARJ archver - what's happened to it?

    As I said, feels like it was just 'finished'.
  6. Master_Scythe

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    I'm not religious, but my mates grandad was as high up in the baptist church as you could really go. And one conversation I'll always remember, between him, and his daughter (my friends mum). Paraphrasing as best I can remember. "Does it bother you we don't go to church?" "Not really honey, Church is a sense of community and togetherness. You have a family, and close friends. Some people need a church to be with others, and some don't." "What about worship?" "I find it funny that people forget that God is everywhere, say thank you at home, and enjoy your family." To which I interjected like the smart arse I am "I mean, for all we know, Gods sitting there annoyed that churches still exist now the telephone\internet exist. 'YOU CAN ALREADY CONTACT EACH OTHER, GO RIDE A JETSKI! THOSE THINGS WERE HARD TO INVENT!"
  7. Master_Scythe

    rude bastards. Must be a full moon.

    using statistics alone, there is. But no science backs it up..... That said, suggestion alone can cause correlation. I'm not going to pretend I remember the actual numbers, but I once read an article when I was looking into psychology; Basically the dude contacted an insurance agency who shared data that showed that significantly more claims happen during those nights. Ditto local hospitals, usually have at least 1 more staff on to deal with 'random things'. And I know that my mum can't sleep during a full moon. She doesn't even know half the time, I just get a "gee I had almost no sleep last night, was TERRIBLE!" Then I tell her it's a full moon, so it's not just mentally suggestive. Theres parts of teh brain we have no idea what they do yet, perhaps we used to be lunar beings.
  8. Master_Scythe

    Where does all the coolant go?

    If you've used multi walled rubber tubing (like fuel hose) then.....dunno.... If you have Silicone tubing, silicone is very porous, and it'll slowly seep through. Car radiators see the same thing when you 'upgrade' to silicone hoses.
  9. Master_Scythe

    ARJ archver - what's happened to it?

    I take it you've seen this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARJ and this https://www.freshports.org/archivers/arj Also, it looks like development may have just stopped, because, he was finished. It looks like it's included in the base image of almost all Debian flavours.
  10. Master_Scythe

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    I mean, to offset it I'd even go so far as to make 9 hour days, working 9-6, then having 3 day weekends as standard. Works out to 3 less hours a week; boo hoo.
  11. Master_Scythe

    Anyone know much about power conditioners?

    Unless it's one of those darn new ones circa 2016 or so, bastards are quick!
  12. Master_Scythe

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    Well, why not take a 3 day weekend a month? Should leave you with a 'solid week' of leave left over for a family thing, or a friends thing, or an atomic meet.
  13. Master_Scythe

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    I saved them for 2 years, then took a year of 3 day weekends.
  14. Master_Scythe

    Wasting water with environmental flows

    Why the fuck do we have rice crops?! Considering our various good trade deals with Asia, you'd think we'd have that covered.....
  15. Master_Scythe

    Anyone seen Cybes lately ?

    He's a good dude. Met him when he's juuust got the chair, and it was a laugh riot (led by him). Brisbane is certainly a city of subtle hills.