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  1. Master_Scythe

    Media players

    Kodi on my Raspberry Pi does the trick, even 4k works as an input (outputting at 1080p though) depending on the bitrate. I was especially surprised to find out the rPi does HDMI command pass through, I was NOT expecting my TV remote to natively be able to control my OS menus.
  2. I have a shitty eye condition that means that those lights IRL would be nothing but blurs and hatred to me. However, thanks to cameras I can still appreciate the still photos, and that's GLORIOUS. Are those Xigmatek fans on the wall? I've been quite impressed with those in the past.
  3. Master_Scythe

    App 'Designer'?

    Hey all, Curious, is there an easy to use drag and drop style (sorta like Delphi used to be) app designer out there? I have 2 killer apps in mind, and I wanted to get a prototype app working, without the server side, before I go looking for an actual app developer\host. In fact.... does anyone have any advice on this? Companies to trust. What sort of documentation I should have before telling anyone my ideas (so they're not stolen). What sort of costs I'd be expecting for something where people can buy something, and have the previous owner get alerted? Clearly I need to speak to someone, I really fell behind in the 'app world'. But to whom? I'm not beyond learning a little coding to build my own UI if there is a WYSIWYG designer. But I certainly need back end help.
  4. Master_Scythe

    So - who's around these days?

    I'm certainly somewhere.
  5. Master_Scythe

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    Wayyyyyyy too big. I'd love to use a higher frequency, but the availability and legality of these little transmitter\recievers is hard.
  6. Master_Scythe

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    Only if it's repeated. I don't think it reoccurred. It sounds more like a fight; a on sided fight possibly, but a fight none the less.
  7. Master_Scythe

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    It's not my desire. It's the desire of all the authorities I can google up, locally and in the western world. I just agree with these authorities, as they're trained to mentor on it, and it's management. I'm just disagreeing with a Dictionary. I'm afraid you're just a troll here and are welcome to leave. When presented with resounding evidence that it's probably correct to use it the way I suggest, you instead say its meaningless. off ya trot.
  8. Master_Scythe

    damn, it's been a while...

    I feel like I should remember you...... It's on the tip of my brain.... but besides a familiar name, actual interaction with ya escapes me... Either way, welcome!
  9. Master_Scythe

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    Very true, however this is why I'm trying to ask yourself and Neville to adopt a more industry appropriate use of the word 'bullying', and not use the dictionary for this one . Worldwide Examples: https://amaze.org/video/what-is-bullying/ https://au.reachout.com/everyday-issues/bullying https://www.stopbullying.gov/what-is-bullying/index.html And last but not least; Local Example The national definition of bullying for Australian schools https://bullyingnoway.gov.au/WhatIsBullying/DefinitionOfBullying Was what ChrisG did possibly inappropriate? It's possible, maybe even probable in peoples minds. Was one 'Kick up the ass' bullying? No; it was a fight.
  10. Master_Scythe

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    I've only ever been in a single fight. Only one. It was caused by being bullied, and being in a situation where I finally had the upper hand. This bullying went on for 3 years prior, with a therapist (for the bully), school suspensions, parent interaction, and a police call. After spending some time away from school recovering, this bully no longer bothered with me. IMO it's because he realized his prey is actually a lot bigger than him, and after 3 years finally learned that. I'm sorry, but in instances like that, to be called a 'bully' because I was finally able to put an end to 3 years of genuine emotional hell, I find rather offensive. My reaction was a Defense, after 3 years of exhausting the other options. Does it fit the Dictionary definition as you are using as gospel? Sure. Do I feel at all like a bully for just once standing up for myself? Fuck no, and I won't cop that. I also have a very high level of respect for the KidsHelpline, and have done a LOT of work in youth development. I respect their definition over a Dictionary. In the real world? Sure By Dictionary definition? Nope. They both define as 'Threat'
  11. Master_Scythe

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    I disagree. As I said, I acknowledge it's dictionary definition (as i see that it's copypasta), but I strongly disagree. For example, a Teacher telling their student not to make spitballs, otherwise they'll phone their parents\give them detention, 100% fits that definition. However I wouldn't say the Teacher is bullying the Student. Or if a thief was on a train,and threatened you. I wouldn't go to the cops and say "I was Bullied on the train!". Even in school between students, if you get in a punch-up, you're sent away for fighting, not for bullying. Here is one such authority on the issue. https://kidshelpline.com.au/teens/issues/bullying If you disagree, please submit it in writing to the kids helpline, so i know you're committed to your opinion, and CC me.
  12. Master_Scythe

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    Mainly due to simplicity and size. How small and simple could I manage a Yagi build? You seem to know what you're on about
  13. Master_Scythe

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    Once again, life experience giving us a perception filter I'd say. I gave humanity a chance once, and found a majority of knuckleheads to a minority of scholars. I'm not mentally capable anymore to continue to hold adults to a standard they seem literally incapable of reaching. I never instigate, however always expect the fists, and am pleasantly surprised when I instead get the discussion. As for that hypothetical, A little different though, yeah? That example is 2 people who hopefully have similar 'weapons' at their disposal (adult, educated, physically able, etc). There's a chivalry in the strong defending the weak. And before that's countered with a 'picking on someone smaller than you' cliche; A side of the fence is often the ONLY factor in someones opinion of if you're attacking or defending. Once again, my life lessons have taught me 2 things. The guilt goes to the one who started it. The pride goes to the one who finishes it. HOW it finishes, is usually decided by whomever started it, and you need to be ready for anything.
  14. Master_Scythe

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    And there's the difference. Some parents are OK with others stopping their kids from doing wrong, and some are not. It's about control, and who's going to have it. That'll be based on each of our own personal life lessons growing up. From my life experience growing up, I'd be explaining that if you start a fight (< important point here), you need to be sure that it's a fight you want to be in. Older brothers, fathers, cousins, friends, all exist, and WILL backup the people they care about. The fact that the person starting it might have been verbal only is irrelevant to me. Usually the wordsmiths are the ones to fight with words, and they do so because it's their greatest weapon. If I start a fight with my greatest weapon (these days, I'm the wordsmith IRL), I fully expect to be retaliated with their greatest weapon (and it's up to me, if I risk that being fists). Once again, in context; Year 8, I was so greatly verbally bullied by a group of 5, that the school was powerless to do anything. I was made to watch while they methodically broke everything I owned. I actually was found in tears in a ball in the corner and wouldn't move. I had begged for mercy from them, and that OBVIOUSLY failed. In panic I had lashed out, and well, 1v5 resulted in another failure. From being there, IRL, my father showing up and reminding them (verbally), that I have a family, so choose; Fuck off, or fists up, was the ONLY way I was going to feel safe again. Even with 20\20 hindsight, IMO, that was the only way that was going to be diffused. We were teens, 'parents asking their kids to stop' would have resulted in a resounding "fuck you" (no I can't be sure, but yes I can be confident... I spent many years in school with these 'people' after that).
  15. Master_Scythe

    Bullying: The risk with 'accepting differences'.

    Hoo Boy, is it EVER! Once again, I'm sure this will differ in something like a $20k private school, but in EVERY school I worked in over 5 years, the usual response you can expect from a parent is one form or another of "Don't tell me how to raise my kid", or "You're the school, handle it" I shared a single plywood wall with the Principals Office. Catch 22? The schools have had almost all power to 'handle it' stripped. They can't even deny 'computer time' or keep them in at lunch anymore; both no longer allowed. Even if the parent was receptive, you then also have the catch of whether or not a teen is "at that age" to respect their OWN parent. We're never going to agree if you think something someone would call "a kick up the ass" is "Bullying into submission". I've had my share of adults 'throwing my arm away' and telling me to get lost. Or even a literal soft kick in the bottom. I was misbehaving, they were in power, I would be naive to have expected otherwise, IMO. And no, power does not equal right, but by 'misbehaving' I gave them right to discipline. I was a teen, I was indeed old enough to know better, and i wasn't applying it.