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  1. Master_Scythe

    cold boot issues

    My money is on PSU, because I've had similar issues. Here's my most frequent culprit nobody thinks off till last.... Do you have a CD\DVD drive? The amount of dead CD drives that have caused boot shinanigans, from 'no resposne other than fans' right through to 'hung at bios' all the way to 'PC freezes when opening My Computer'. They're nasty little buggers when they get on in years; Have one?? Try unplugging it. Power too.
  2. Master_Scythe

    ARJ archver - what's happened to it?

    As I said, feels like it was just 'finished'.
  3. Master_Scythe

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    I'm not religious, but my mates grandad was as high up in the baptist church as you could really go. And one conversation I'll always remember, between him, and his daughter (my friends mum). Paraphrasing as best I can remember. "Does it bother you we don't go to church?" "Not really honey, Church is a sense of community and togetherness. You have a family, and close friends. Some people need a church to be with others, and some don't." "What about worship?" "I find it funny that people forget that God is everywhere, say thank you at home, and enjoy your family." To which I interjected like the smart arse I am "I mean, for all we know, Gods sitting there annoyed that churches still exist now the telephone\internet exist. 'YOU CAN ALREADY CONTACT EACH OTHER, GO RIDE A JETSKI! THOSE THINGS WERE HARD TO INVENT!"
  4. Master_Scythe

    rude bastards. Must be a full moon.

    using statistics alone, there is. But no science backs it up..... That said, suggestion alone can cause correlation. I'm not going to pretend I remember the actual numbers, but I once read an article when I was looking into psychology; Basically the dude contacted an insurance agency who shared data that showed that significantly more claims happen during those nights. Ditto local hospitals, usually have at least 1 more staff on to deal with 'random things'. And I know that my mum can't sleep during a full moon. She doesn't even know half the time, I just get a "gee I had almost no sleep last night, was TERRIBLE!" Then I tell her it's a full moon, so it's not just mentally suggestive. Theres parts of teh brain we have no idea what they do yet, perhaps we used to be lunar beings.
  5. Master_Scythe

    Where does all the coolant go?

    If you've used multi walled rubber tubing (like fuel hose) then.....dunno.... If you have Silicone tubing, silicone is very porous, and it'll slowly seep through. Car radiators see the same thing when you 'upgrade' to silicone hoses.
  6. Master_Scythe

    ARJ archver - what's happened to it?

    I take it you've seen this: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/ARJ and this https://www.freshports.org/archivers/arj Also, it looks like development may have just stopped, because, he was finished. It looks like it's included in the base image of almost all Debian flavours.
  7. Master_Scythe

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    I mean, to offset it I'd even go so far as to make 9 hour days, working 9-6, then having 3 day weekends as standard. Works out to 3 less hours a week; boo hoo.
  8. Master_Scythe

    Anyone know much about power conditioners?

    Unless it's one of those darn new ones circa 2016 or so, bastards are quick!
  9. Master_Scythe

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    Well, why not take a 3 day weekend a month? Should leave you with a 'solid week' of leave left over for a family thing, or a friends thing, or an atomic meet.
  10. Master_Scythe

    Annual Leave. When and where.

    I saved them for 2 years, then took a year of 3 day weekends.
  11. Master_Scythe

    Wasting water with environmental flows

    Why the fuck do we have rice crops?! Considering our various good trade deals with Asia, you'd think we'd have that covered.....
  12. Master_Scythe

    Anyone seen Cybes lately ?

    He's a good dude. Met him when he's juuust got the chair, and it was a laugh riot (led by him). Brisbane is certainly a city of subtle hills.
  13. Master_Scythe

    2001 brown face

    I think it's one of those 'too high a risk' type activities is all. There have been examples where it's been fine. Like the AvenueQ broadway show, with 'Gary Coleman'; where instead of negative stereotypes, he was protrayed as the 'cool dude' who was simply 'down on his luck'; GOD they pushed some stereotypes there; but hey, Gary was shown and approved. I think it's like using the word Nigger. In a community you're known in, there's 0 effect. My friend group is almost sitcom level multiracial, and Chink\Nigger\Cracker\Muzzie, and all those 'lovely' words get thrown around like nothing; because we all know there is 0 hatred behind the speech; in fact, it's a level of comfort between us all that shows the exact opposite. Trust, and total comfort around our mixed race group. I guess the catch22 is that no body knows is "Mr X" who's wearing black face, is GENUINELY racist or not. There is also just plan old history where it was EXCLUSIVELY used to play up negative stereotypes. It's like German WW2 medals; not all of them are 'Nazi Memorabilia', but was it awarded for slaughtering Jews? Or was it awarded for protecting an innocent town from (their) invaders? It's just history. Just a little true side story here, I'm going to be vague on purpose: There is a rural town in QLD where there are signs saying that "No Aboriginals will be served" in the liquor store. A white-led 'anti discrimination' group contacted a mate who works for a rural support charity, and wanted to, for lack of a better term, 'Raise Hell' about this. He (my mate) knows this town, and it's people well. "Who asked you to do this?" he enquired. "Who should have to? It's obvious discrimination!" he argued. ~This is where it gets good. Turns out, the people who put the 'no blacks in the liquor store' rules in place, were the elders themselves, seeing that their people weren't being responsible with it. Mr-White-Knight was left speechless when the community 'leaders' DID respond.... asking for ways to better enforce it!!!!! Not all racism is negative, and even some that can APPEAR negative, exists for a reason! I just thought it was a fun story. I also really hate white-knight mentality.
  14. Master_Scythe

    2001 brown face

    Nope, I disagree completely. WHY should he have known better? If common society didn't consider it bad, why should he have been the one to do so? Was he specifically known as a person who should be better in touch (racially) than the common man? If so, maybe; otherwise? Disagree. Once again, I feel like there is a VERY real line between social norm (even if it is for the worst) and racism. It's a very strong belief of mine that racism is a very deliberate and chosen attitude\act. There can be ignorance in following a social norm, but I really wish it were separated from 'racism' even if the action itself is racist.
  15. Master_Scythe

    2001 brown face

    I've always felt the past should be embraced, learned from and not regretted. Well.... regretted..? maybe... but not attempted to be undone. And I always feel like the 'apologies' are bullshit too; because the truth was you DIDN'T feel bad, even if someone did. Apologies, to me, mean nothing if "the moment has passed". If it comes up, just say something like "I won't be doing that again! That would be poor form by today's standards!" Don't fucking backpedal. I mean, in all honesty, I learned most of my racism from anti racism propaganda. The amount of slang terms I can throw around because the media taught me, is hilarious. I actually remember as a little kid being shocked that I was being taught these things. So many people live in the 'now' and don't look at the long term psychology behind it (which is an area I have a particular interest in).