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  1. Yet you made comments here; Why are you investing effort into something you're unenthusiastic about? Over the course of multiple days; You couldn't get literally 5 minutes to walk in and tick some boxes? CLEARLY! Don't worry, your 1 vote is not powerful enough to affect a pay grade.
  2. Good call. I wouldn't go metal on your first ever exposed Die adventure.
  3. Anodized is fine. Raw, or simply polished, is not.
  4. Master_Scythe

    VPN - Is fingerprinting a concern?

    Thanks heaps man. It's not within a specific app I'm worried about, it was purely to make sure that being on 1 service doesn't link them all back. Using a secure browser, and an insecure gaming service doesn't compromise the browser (under any realistic, likely, circumstance); so with that I'm happy Turns out I did understand it (well enough); as per usual, I was just full of self doubt.
  5. Master_Scythe

    VPN - Is fingerprinting a concern?

    Sort of, but I'm also finding that the VPN is very good at routing inside itself; showing near no speed loss also. So if I set my 24\7 VPN to somewhere close and fast; but with better data retention policies (like, say, NZ); I find that using a software VPN tunnel on the PC in addition has less than a 5% hit on speed.
  6. Yep, don't forget my Carnage. Anodized alloy should technically be Gallium safe..... however turns out they Anodize BEFORE routing the heatpipe channels.... so.... exposed alloy in between there.... yeah....
  7. Master_Scythe

    VPN - Is fingerprinting a concern?

    The cost that I pay is already paid; and it's worth it because the VPN ensures I actually GAIN speed to most sites, not lose. It seems only the budget ones tank your speed; if you pick the country your data going to (like when my mate and I use e-amuse servers in japan) for your VPN, you normally see SIGNIFICANT improvements.
  8. There are easier compounds to work with than liquid metal, which still noticeably better than intels paste. Grizly Cryonaught jumps to mind. I'm well aware liquid metal is ANOTHER significant jump, but it's just a risk I'm not willing to take
  9. Master_Scythe

    VPN - Is fingerprinting a concern?

    Oh yes, and I'm the first to admit it; I've forgotten a lot of my Dipolma, from being stagnated. My original dream was to be a coder, or a much lower-level network engineer than I am, but when my ability to read lines of text without triple spacing and 16pt became a reality, emotions went shit, education slowed, and now I just have to struggle to catch back up now I'm older with more discipline! This bit I understood, I haven't forgotten THAT much This bit was what I wanted to be sure of. I was concerned that if ONE traceable service came from the VPN IP, then they can assume that all of them are from that user; or fingerprint the connections somehow. So if they see 'Hey MS logged into Atomic on IP xxxyyyxxxyyy(vpn), AND that same IP now just did naughty things' However, because there are SO MANY people using that same IP is it a matter of a needle hiding in a haystack? And since the VPN has no logs, no proof who's who? The reason I asked, was because I want to add my OpenVPN to my pfsense box and direct everything through it; but I was concerned that being connected 24/7 would compromise it's usefulness. I still remember the TCP\IP layers fairly well so yep, gotcha. So, if a user had a browser with cookies off; scripts off, and basically no (known) holes; having the VPN on 24/7 and using traceable services (I guess, by username alone, as the IP is still the VPN); that wouldn't compromise the privacy one received while in that 'other' browser? Same IP, but only the VPN provider could know they're the same originating source; which they don't record. Correct? No reason not to leave it on 24/7 at a router level?
  10. Master_Scythe

    W10 15 March update broke my mouse

    I'm going to assume you've tried the mouse in another PC? Or a Linux boot Environment? I know this isn't helpful to fixing the issue; and I want to know the genuine outcome as much as you do, but since things have improved so much in regards to games and software, the move to Linux (especially MINT) has never been easier.....
  11. I'm not going to go into it; my preferences are mine. The tldr of my feelings are that with Liberal holding hands with Palmer, and the horrible leadership spill after leadership spill. AND the religious ideals in one of the least religious countries. AAANNNNDDD the hating of people marrying whom they love.... I'm Genuinely surprised Liberal got back in. Not because of what they stand for as a party, but because of who represents them.
  12. Funny enough, this exact 'struggle' is why I advise people look into 1440p gaming over 4k. I have eye problems, so I'm hardly the authority on 'crispy gaming experiences', but even my mates with 20/20 vision say that unless you're going over 32", then 1440p is already pretty flawless. From what I can tell I agree. I can see 4K is NICER when you want to pause and look at the scenery, but the second you start actually moving and gaming, I find it hard to discern (and mates tell me, its nearly identical, wouldnt know unless you A to B'd it)
  13. Master_Scythe

    Smart light switch, need your advise

    There doesn't seem to be a lot of Australian approved options out there. I mean, really, so long as it genuinely reaches Aus standards, the only thing to try and demo would be the 'app' to see if it's any good. And perhaps if it can integrate with alexa\google\siri?
  14. Master_Scythe

    Drone Photography

    Can't help ya with that. But if you ever get into freestyle; let me know
  15. Just genuinely curious here. All my education and experience says that I'm barking up the wrong tree, but there are elements of the internet that I've fallen behind on (like webRTC, for example). Scenario: If you're using a VPN. Your DNS records go somewhere secure. Your real IP doesn't leak. Then you log into something, like your mail server, STEAM, Atomic; something that identifies you; can that fingerprint be used in any way to pinpoint the user? I'm fairly sure the answer is no.... but I'm just making sure I'm not overlooking something. For a long time I was thinking of a VPN like a private proxy: Me > Proxy > Site. Which means that you can just reverse those arrows, and you have a path backward (so, as long as there's no logs, it's private until you log into a trackable service, like mail) But in reality; unless there's a technology I'm missing; it's more like. Me+Person+Person+Person+Person+Person+Person+Person+Person+Person+Person > VPN > Site. So this would mean that trying to reverse the chain would mean that the link goes cold at step2, because without VPN logs, there's no tracing it further, yeah? The tldr; Due to having messed with caching proxys for SO many years at work, my brain was stuck in the idea that, if you connect to a VPN, for privacy, you'd need to be careful NOT to log into any 'named'\tracable services. Otherwise bam, they can link the chain and it's no longer private. But in reality, because the VPN is log-free; I can log into steam, log into email, log into..... anything, and they still can't trace it back. So I can have Steam logged in, and my Browsing is still 'private' right? I feel like a noob asking; because I already know the answer, but sometimes I just need reassurance... my Networking degree was a long time ago now, and my eyes limiting my reading has slowed my progress; and really hurt my confidence.