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  1. Master_Scythe

    Problems with the 737MAX ?

    I can see the church sermon now....
  2. Master_Scythe

    The most special people

    And me! I really enjoyed my visit.
  3. Master_Scythe

    Chinese market phones.. are these a bargain?

    Not if you want battery life. Most tests fare it well in standby and talk; but screen on and radios traditionally melt the capacity quickly. I'm sure they've improved since last generation; but any brand is unlikely (and reviews confirm) to jump from 'worst flagship battery life' to 'best' in 1 gen. As for radiation; our phones are already only tested at X cm away from head, or on handsfree. More radiation in the phone itself isn't my concern at all. Wont hurt me on bluetooth, and wont hurt me with my headphones in. Any call more than 1 minute gets headphones; as should everyone if they're RF concerned.
  4. Master_Scythe

    The most special people

    Sad we dont get to hear Also hi!
  5. Master_Scythe

    The most special people

    If I could just know exactly who Virt was, I'd be happy. Was he an Alt? Was he known to anyone? I don't want that mystery to die unsolved. Also, there are 3 names that spring to my mind as missing; Superfireydave, Goth, and Zebra. Those 3 are people I learned a lot from; I mean superfireydave was actually responsible for finding my surgeon and letting me (somewhat) see again; so there really is some life changing stuff in this forum
  6. Master_Scythe

    Chinese market phones.. are these a bargain?

    Funny enough, China phones (if you get B28) almost always do better reception than Australian or US models, due to their blatant disregard for radiation laws. If I needed a phone to survive anything I'd still be looking at Nokia; at last check, they STILL go through the nokia stress test (drop, sand, humidity, etc).
  7. Master_Scythe

    Chinese market phones.. are these a bargain?

    This is quite important. Also, your personal needs might be different. I for one, love battery life, and am a fan of the ASUS phones for that reason; and will be looking into the new Energizer phones soon. Local stock, NOKIA are your go to for vanilla android, good features and an amazing outright price (the 8.1 is amazing for the price). That said, the note 7 pro is almost half the price and leaves it for dead. I've personally moved away from Xiaomi because the custom android started to bother me; Oppo or Huawei are my go-tos for china phonese these days. I'm going to look into one myself; see what people have managed to do ROM wise.... If I can get vanilla on there, I might be keen.
  8. Master_Scythe

    Youtube disables COMMENTS on any video with kids in it

    I actually thought the tried and tested 'skin tone filter' (which I know is unreliable for people of extreme skin tones; from albino to black) would have been something to apply. eg. This search term shows majority skin tone, and majority kids, flag it for review\filtering\block. As I said, youtube isn't the police; the police are the police and need to hunt the ring of criminals asap to protect the kids. Youtube's responsibility imo, was to stop the 'collections' from showing up and feeding these people. IMO all this has done is cripple the platform; there's hundreds of text mediums sickos could chat on, and youtube can still be the final destination. This is why I don't criticize their want to do something, more power to them; but I DO call it the most lazy possible outcome.
  9. Master_Scythe

    Youtube disables COMMENTS on any video with kids in it

    No argument, however it's much LESS blunt, and false positives are preferable to zero chance. Think of it like a virus scanner; Would you prefer zero files, because we just disabled your ability to download altogether? Or would you prefer 75% of your files, because we tried to filter and sure, got some wrong. I don't know about you, but 75% of my files (or in this case, comments) sounds a lot nicer than 0%. It's not the blunt strike that bothers me, its the size of the instrument. You don't need to blow up a planet to kill an ant; or even an ants nest. You don't need it, if it's in a public space. I'm a little involved with the legals of that topic with my workplace. the tldr of it all, is that if you could reasonably be expected that you MIGHT be caught on camera, then you legally can be. At least in most countries.
  10. Master_Scythe

    Youtube disables COMMENTS on any video with kids in it

    Lets see; taking into account what we know of googles AI filtering (so knowing how lax we can be with our definitions), I'd start with: Block all direct URL's Block known workarounds (at) (dot) (htt//) etc. Block hate speech. Block swear words. Block repeat identical comments. Block 'sexual' terms. Block phrases that result in "flesh tone" being the primary result - (Chat Roulette does this to stop 'shock dick pics' streamers) The point here is that google isn't the police. As a company the need to be seen doing something to help fight against the sickos. And that ^ would be something. Blanket Banning, retroactively, pre-existing, non-sexual content, seems to be to just be the most lazy approach they could have ever taken! I mean hell, "Smart Search" while not perfect already knows how to filter images, text AND video outcomes; they'd already have one HELL of a mature algorithm to build from. Don't get me wrong please, I'm glad to see they did something. I just really hate seeing 'praise' or even acceptance when a company that mines so much data, has so much power, wealth, and influence can 'get away' with doing literally the bare minimum; almost less than The answer to a broken something, isn't to throw away the something. That's disposal, not 'fixing'. They make millions off of their content creators videos, last thing they need is to start blanket silencing what could be required 'pinned' comments for Sponsors, 'How-To', or Educational videos, just because the "algorithm" happened to notice a kid walk past in the background. It's lazy! I'd hate to have a popular video 'locked down' because some parent walks behind me for 2 seconds while vlogging; it's ludicrous; at least... IMO. I mean you could spend hours masking your video to hide pedestrians, then all you need is Andy Milonakis to walk past, and your video is flagged anyway!
  11. I would. There's also been some chatter among users of EoP, that a powerboard with EMF filtering on the pass-through power-point helps. So if you have any areas that need new powerboards; a $19 PlugBOSS from Bunnings (filtering and 700 joule protection), might be worth a trial.
  12. Master_Scythe

    Youtube disables COMMENTS on any video with kids in it

    Thing is though, I think you and I could come up with a good solution in a month or so. We're talking over 62 thousand staff at their disposal. I just thought, especially for content creators with sponsors and such, that it was very broad. Linus (LTT) having his kid help build a PC that was sponsored by INTEL, is at a very low risk of those predators (I'd hope).
  13. For those who missed the story; https://arstechnica.com/gadgets/2019/02/youtube-will-fight-predatory-behavior-by-disabling-comments-on-videos-of-minors/ Basically, specific search terms would lead to nasty videos, and bad people. Welcome to the horrible side of the internet. Now, while I applaud their 'fast action' on this matter.... this is GOOGLE we're talking about here. Mr A.I, the big data mining giant of the west. Surely, there is some child safe, weapon safe, link blocking, spam banning algorithm they could have used instead? OK, there is literally no reason that grandmas video of her kids should be 'published' and not a private link, but literally millions of videos have been 'silenced'. In the Tech World, we have Linus Tech Tips, who has his kids in TONS of videos helping out. Now silenced from comments. Really, it's not a big blow to the online world, forums, discord, facebook and the like still work, and A+ for stopping the bad people in the short term; But I'm really surprised this broad of a brush stroke was required. You'd think that someone with their power could do something other than just "Shut it (comments) down!" No?
  14. Master_Scythe

    Chrome OS

    If google was clever and provided a very, VERY easy (say, bios option?) to ROOT the device\OS, it'd be amazing. I remember back to the days of SymbianOS. With FExplorer, you could slim the OS modify boot files, overclock using config files, you name it! With Android, it's really hard to do anything system related unless you have a fully fledged PC to help you, or "There's an app for that!" Open up the unix under-layer, and I'll buy nothing but chromebooks.
  15. Master_Scythe

    Chinese market phones.. are these a bargain?

    Thing is Nich..., There hasn't really been any proof given to 'the people' that it even IS happening. The claims that its POSSIBLE is a risk with literally ANY closed source code. The only accusation has come from the USA, and while there have admittedly been a few 'odd' data things happening, there hasn't been any true red flags that I've heard, nor proof I've seen (link, if so?).