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  1. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    They're across more than one town, they have extremely low population toward the tip of QLD. Only way in an out of town is chartered plane, or a once a month truck.
  2. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Nope, I don't work anywhere near the city. A lot of time is spent in the outer suburbs, otherwise I'm flown around the state to rural townships.
  3. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    No, the population of each town involved is sub 500. That's why I mentioned towns. I would call Brisbane a City; certainly not multiple towns. I dunno, I suppose death might fall into that category? To give you an idea of how big that very idea is; when I worked in the prison system (still doing I.T.), there were multiple, regular, indigenous offenders, who committed crimes purely because "All my mates are here, I didn't know how else to get in." One dude loved to tell the story of how he robbed a shop 3 times, surrendered each time, and they STILL paroled him; They didnt "let him into correction" until he burnt the place down, after robbing it. Even for any other race, I think you misjudge how much being an outcast affects people. I mean, hell, we had... what.... 3 months of 'restricted' contact, thanks to COVID, and we have a mental health crisis now?! That was only 3 months....
  4. Master_Scythe

    Community VP Saying Hi!

    I certainly know I won't be supporting their other publications, if that's the sort of lip service they pay on of their longest standing communities....
  5. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    I'll concede you might be correct there; And with that said, you're welcome to go and try enforce it; because the police respect the 'community law' and don't. No, I saw it, but ones morals are kinda irrelevant if you'd effectively be run out of town. As I said, laws only exist if someone enforces them. Otherwise they're just words.
  6. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    No, it certainly wouldn't but you can't deny it's the most fitting stereotype, for someone who hasn't lived it first hand. I've always thought of Elders as a combination of someone who you both Love the most, and respect the most. Like a role model, mixed with a kind and fair police officer. And yes, agreed. That was the laughing point from our Aboriginal liaison officer; she lives probably 25-50% of her life IN those communities; To have a "white rights group" try and remove "black law"? It's a sure fire way to start a race war (OK, that's a bit extreme, but severe tension at least). ^Thats exactly why her first question was which elders had started this movement; and turned out that someone had just been on holiday and wanted to 'fix the racism' without asking why it existed. Not all discrimination is evil; There's an aboriginal medical center near me I can't use, but I understand they have different needs and ailments. My best friend missed out on excursions in primary school, while the aboriginal kids went for free. There's even a "Womens Clinic" nearby where despite having very few patients, won't see me, as I have a penis. These are all things I could try and make a deal over, or I could apply some common sense, notice that people, races, genders, are different, and equality is never the right way to go. Only equity is.
  7. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    No, because it's got nothing to do with age, and everything to do with whether or not the person or people in question identify as aboriginal; or more importantly, part of the local mob. It's not miscreant behavior; it's a group of better educated (even if just though age, and observation) older generation realizing that as much as it sucks, whether it be DNA predisposition, sheer dumb luck, family genetics, difficulty to access education, a translation barrier between white teaching and black comprehension, or something we don't understand yet (or I missed); that the Aborigines in their mob don't handle alcohol; so just like LSD, Opium and Ice is illegal in the white community, someone with authority made a call, and you're expected to follow it. If you don't want to, as you pointed out, you're free to leave. They're not trying to break "Australian Law" as much as its incredibly white-washed, they're simply making sure theirs is also followed. The fact that you want to correct my use of 'law' to 'lore' suggests that you don't accept elders word within a community as being law. Sorry, but it is. At least so long as you want to live there. Just think of it as a much more enforced version of your own parents law. Can they send you to jail? No, besides, that's also a 'white punishment'. Can they ostracize you, leaving you without friends and family until you make right? Sure. Laws only exist so long as someone chooses to enforce them. A great example is how a few of those towns, despite having council\gov funded roads, and active police, don't enforce registration. The police still do the lip service, and remind you to "Go straight home, it's not registered", but when there's literally only 1 road, and 1 shop? Where else are you going....
  8. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Sort of; In a literal sense, yes; they're free to leave town. I'd wager that a great deal of them would like to have access to alcohol. However, your next example keeps people in line: As you're aware, there's much more to it than that isn't there! The fact that you'd be unwelcome at meals is a huge issue in a small community. A good example, I spent a few nights in Doomadgee recently (pop. 1200 or so?); because I was an outsider, I found I couldn't really buy food, or even get my room key. I popped by the police station, who gave me an interview, sold me some chocolate, then phoned someone, vouched for me as a 'good guy', so I'd be invited to someones house for meals while I'm there. Being an outcast in a traditional community really poses challenges. I'm not saying you can't do it, it's just hard. Places like Normanton are certainly easier; they have shops, and phone reception, but it's still nice to have people, say, move off the road for you, and wave hi; rather than stand their ground blocking the road and make life inconvenient... Heh, I think you'd be hard pressed to find many families who live that way. Most 'parents' (or elders) have some expectations of their 'kids' (or, family). There is so so SO much that is legal that many teachers\parents\elders\carers wouldn't be OK with; The younger Gen Y and Z likes to think like that, and then wonders why they get kicked out; but as you say, thats OK, the roof they live under is Australia; hope they enjoy the stars and the rain. Right, and that towns law doesn't. Or are you saying that elders laws need to be written into some sort of book to be respected? VERY much so. As Ironic as it is, it's almost stereotype mobster level; "You went against the family...."
  9. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    No argument there. Everything you said is true; what does colour matter; drunks are drunks and hard workers are hard workers. Though, you didn't originally raise that, you raised 'rights' as an issue. It's pretty accepted that if you want to live with 'your people' then you abide by the rules of 'your people'. 18+ for Alcohol? Hell, with new scientific evidence about brain development, I say the USA has it right for once, and it should be 21. What you originally highlighted was the fact that you're "Allowed" to buy alcohol because the white man says so. When in those regions, your own communities 'law' say you can't. It's a prime example of "fighting for rights" that 'they' don't want (in those towns\groups). White man says its OK to poison yourself at 18, however your own rule makers say it's not. Nobody asked for someone to disrespect the elders decision, but people want to, because they don't 'get it' and they think our rules, rights, norms, should be spread to all. With towns being in the hundreds, as opposed to thousands of population, I'm sure if you wanted to denounce your heritage and outcast yourself, you'd be "welcome" to do so, news\names would spread quickly, and then but all the alcohol you want. But getting a free feed at Aunty's whenever you want, visiting the old traditional sites, participating in corroboree? Bugger off. It's no different to living in any social group. While you "Live under this roof" you'll "abide by our rules". Move out, and do as you wish, or stay family and respect your teachers.
  10. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Which comic is that? It's always well written, but it has no watermark!
  11. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    Genuine question; Have you spent much time among aboriginal community? Especially those in towns with less than 1000 pop? Because the whole drinking age thing would also fall under 'white law'; no Aboriginal was questioned when making that rule. Also, It's one of those things where it's just accepted, that if you're living on their land ('under their roof' if you will), then you live under their rules. And the elders make the rules. If you wanna leave that mobs land (ergo, rules); the weekly bus is thattaway. Some things don't need to be law, to just be known to be right. I'll always remember my mate, who's a lawyer walking out of work, and the first thing he says to me is: Bestiality? Illegal. Necrophilia? Illegal. Turns out there's a legal loophole if you put them together..... Sometimes you really should just follow the social norm, even if the laws on you side... Could also just mean that people were too scared, or too unsure to go and get treated for the more common types. We hardly have restrictions, and I'm having a hell of a time getting my breathing difficulties looked at. Have to get a fucking COVID test before I see each new doctor..... despite the fact I've been isolating for 5 months now.
  12. Master_Scythe

    The coronavirus conspiracy

    It's an interesting, and valid point. In saying that, I don't usually have discussions like this with strangers. History shows that it's the outspoken bigots who appear to be speaking the most (psuedo) rationally. I feel like a hate fueled rallying speech would be very easy to pickup from a stranger. The frustrated "Fuck X minority!" yell you hear, as they walk in from the streets, is usually just that; frustration. Not necessarily, because 2 points stand true: 1. We're not in unknown company. 2. 'Taking Offence' is also personal; it's not expected for anyone to be offended for someone else. In my example, I'd be embarrassed as heck if you 'defended whites' just because I was the 'white guy' at the 'black bar'. Yep, literally the worst. Things you can't change about yourself, you accept. Mistakes you make, haunt you for life. Something you actually did harbors so much more regret than something you can't change. The way that leads to a question, rather than an assumption. If the Bully wants to bully the gays; well that's a whole other topic. But if he just said "You gay or something?"; the equivalent to "Just because he's black?"; then you have a chance to clarify. Yes, it's a closed ended question, with an intention to trap the 'victim' but it's still a question, rather than an all out attack. Sort of; I'm saying that unless you know you're around someone who's disabled, or hard of learning (or truly racist; I know 1 person who is), it's safe to expect a group of functional adults to understand what you meant. If someone didn't think someones message was clear, they're free to ask. Key word there is ask, not attack. "Whatcha mean 'Blacks?" - "Oh, those 5 drunk dickheads out the front" - "Ah, them... yeah"; is just so much less pretentious and inflammatory than any form of broad 'racial defense'. It's damn uncommon to not know to whom, or even what, the speaker is referring when generalizing. I think personally, I tend to hold speech as a whole to roughly the same standard, regardless of topic. "Everyone on the road was X", "All the food was Y", "All the <race> was Z"; has never triggered my mental image to 'zoom out' and think "OK, so you mean all Africans, Maori, Aborigine, etc... please continue" or "OK I'm picturing every driver worldwide..." Maybe I'm the unique one here (wouldn't be the first time); I've just never been in a scenario where the target wasn't easily defined, regardless of chosen words. Which is a perfectly valid way to think; and you can genuinely feel good about that. No sarcasm, you're doing good. Only think to keep in mind, is that most of the world is not up to that standard. Also, most of the world is not truly racist. All I suggest is you try not to assume the bad in people, and just clearly ask, if it really bothers you. It leaves you less jaded with the world. Also, Don't fight for someone, unless they've asked for backup; it leads to unnecessary inflammation. Someone with a true indifference about a thing, might leave genuinely wishing it\they'd piss off, after that thing (which wasn't even present!) caused their relaxed night to get 'political'. Just for some lighthearted lols; there's 3 examples I know of where too much "white-knighting" had bad outcomes: - Protesters over the "Nigger Brown" football stand in Toowoomba; where the wife had to come and point out her husband chose and adored his nickname, chose to introduce himself as that (including to whites!); how dare they dishonor his memory. - The whole 'Coon Cheese' argument, where people who had dug in too deep, kept arguing, after the 'locals' were OK, learning it was a genuine surname and nothing more. - (this one never made the news; it was through my work) When an 'equal rights' group was trying to raise hell against a series of bottle shops who had signs up saying "Won't sell to Indigenous". They contacted us for funding. They got shut down in about 10 minutes flat, when our aboriginal liaison asked which indigenous group they were helping. Couldn't name a single Elder in any of the towns! Not one! The tldr of that, is the elders had set that restriction and the 'whites' were just being respectful of their law. They decided alcohol was no good for their mob, so no more. Yet a bunch of uni graduates wanted to ignore black law to impose white law. It's a perfect example where it's 100% 'racist' but also 100% respectful.
  13. Master_Scythe

    Well, well, fucking well.

    Nah, discord is more like an oldschool chatroom or multimedia IRC.
  14. Master_Scythe

    For our fallen brethren

    Even I'm not that committed, though the anxiety of this place closing is very real. I know it's hardly the time for joking; but that mental image of "No atomic? I'm out!" makes me giggle. Hopefully Twinnie would have approved of a laugh in the shit times; heh.
  15. Master_Scythe

    Well, well, fucking well.

    Yeah; I would like to be part of the MSN style chat system though.