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  1. Master_Scythe

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    I've spent about 3 hours on google.....
  2. Master_Scythe

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    I did consider this, but you lose 3db for circular polarised vs linear polarised. And also, because due to the coil spacing on a low mhz, it ends up being bloody long.
  3. Master_Scythe

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    In Order; Yes, but I've made this a little easier. I'm now going to use 433mhz (as found in car key fobs), so the antenna will be MUCH smaller. Metalworking skills are great. The antenna won't be fixed, so outdoor use, but no need for element exposure. It'll be handheld, I want to use it for short range locating. I want the user to be able to use it at 300m and get a 'general direction' but as they get closer, need to be more and more accurate. Yeah, to be fair I'm going to be better off 'blocking' the signal to gain directional reception. Gain is nice, but 'accuracy' is better. What I'm essentially trying to build is the same technology as an animal tracker, but smaller, and only designed to operate over 300~500m, rather than kilometers. It's REALLY hard to research this, because people talk about 'ideal antennas' in every situation, and I don't have ANY antenna theory background (outside of matching half wave dipoles to frequencies and impedance). Really, I'm looking for the most pocket-able antenna (say... below 20cm...ish length?) with the most gain possible, and the most narrow beam width, and I'll attain that however I need to. It doesn't need to be correct it just needs to work. If the chinese sweat shop can make a coin-sized FM radio work, I can make this work.... Im going to look into how small i can make a Parabolic dish\Grid antenna.... I bet it's too big.... So far, my closest bet seems to be a Horizontal Dipole, that has been bent, and then encased in a VERY narrow opening reflector. https://www.qsl.net/kk4obi/Center-fed L-dipoles Vertical.html I'm only trying to receive a 'buzz' from a transmitter, the signal doesn't need to be clean. Perhaps a 90 degree bent, center fed dipole is my answer? Apparently if I go narrower than 90 degree wierd things happen... but I'm yet to figure out what that is EDIT: I see what they mean by 'below 45* the tips become part of the dipole" OK, so a 90 degree dipole might have to do, and might be the best I can achieve.... the quest continues. I wonder how I'm best to shield the dipole to make sure only a 'beam' gets into the receiver antenna...
  4. Master_Scythe

    Smallest, most direction antenna

    So I'm gonna nerd out here for a second, with literally 0 knowledge on this topic. I don't want to reveal exactly what I need this for, as it's a bit of a business idea. What I'm trying to figure out, is what sort of antenna I can build for an FM signal (80mhz~108mhz) for maximum range\gain, and minimum spread. I need this device to be compact (which I know will be hard with such a low frequency), so while I know 1/4 length antennas are good, can I continue to divide? 1/8th antenna? By accurate, I'm talking something like a 10 degree beam. Considering how accurate I'd like, and how the beam should cone-shape bigger, the further I am away (yes?) even a tighter beam would probably be fine. Does anyone have some reading or quick advice for me? Directional small high gain antenna, is the OPPOSITE of what most people want in the FM world, so finding 'quick' resources, without studying a lot of antenna theory online is tricky.
  5. When you're going into the smart home ecosystem, you just need to accept thats the ecosystem. If you're apple, you use apple gear. If you like cortana, you use microsoft and Bing. If you like google, then it's google.
  6. Master_Scythe

    Is It Just Me Or Is The Green Room Trying To Kill My CPU?

    Google has SO MUCH advertising sway, advertisers should be required to only provide static images, or text links. If they want MORE than that, google should provide the dynamic service to ensure that shit doesnt happen. Also, ty Jeruselem, 56446 blocked now
  7. Master_Scythe


    I already gave you one, TunnelBear. While it's not gold or silver, it's Honey, which is a non FIAT currency. Why do you suggest the TYPE of 'non-money' matters. Isn't your whole point money vs not-money? And besides, if I want to pay you in gold, and you want to own gold, what's the harm in converting it to 'Money' in the middle? I can make my gold money, hand you the money, and you can make the money gold. As far as I'm concerned it just saves me a lot of money on Testing Equipment. And saves you a lot of time while I send away to a lab to check purity. Is your whole argument trying to just avoid effort? Hmm, this unnamed possibly poisonous berry has value over a leaf? an unnamed leaf that might have medicinal properties if crushed? How do you know this? You make a lot of assumptions without an ounce of proof (though, I understand that's how your entire life is based, and you enjoy that). It is legal. Even if the EXACT word of the law might say otherwise, it's simply 'wrong'. As I said, there are a LOT of old laws that got forgotten with age, rather than repealed. So long as you declare it, it's legal to accept as income. If you DON'T want to declare it, or hate Tax, then move to a country without tax. (United Arab Emirates, for example, has 0% tax ) https://www.google.com/search?q=UAE+0%+tax&ie=utf-8&oe=utf-8
  8. Master_Scythe

    They have finally arrived. Maybe.

    There's a first for everyone!
  9. Master_Scythe

    Darn Coalition surveilance laws. Why?!

    I'm not trolling, but Are you sure? Every source I've looked at are talking about MITM data capture, often from caching. For things like Bitlocker and such, go nuts, and you're likely right. But surely the law covers both of our scenarios. For a lol, I did rather enjoy this :
  10. https://www.theguardian.com/australia-news/2018/aug/14/coalitions-surveillance-laws-give-police-power-to-access-electronic-devices Has anyone else read this and had a bit of a laugh? Like most people, I have nothing really to hide. In fact metadata scares me more than real data (for example, real data shows I'm very white hat security interested, as it's part of my job; metadata would paint me as seeking out exploits...) But the bit that made me go "oook... why bother?" So that rules out..... oh... probably MOST OF THE FUCKING TRAFFIC! Signal protocol is end to end (used by Signal and Facebook, and many others), whatsapp is end to end, iMessage is End to End, and most of them also allow encrypted calling. The law will pass, because idiots are scared of technology and don't realise that sending a letter in code is literally identical, and the world never panicked before. But I'm really thinking that this will just be more 'bad data collection' because anyone who knows anything is using end-to-end, which by design is uncrackable by MITM.
  11. The mistake to try not to make is that fat==unhealthy. There's very little arguing that morbidly obese == unhealthy, but in this Gym and Weight obsessed modern lifestyle, there are a HUGE amount of people who are 'fit & fat'. I was\am one of them. I could\can out run, our lift, and out last every single 'skinny mate' because I'd been training for 10 years but not losing fat. Cholesterol dangerously low. And every 2 days I do a 5km+ walk\jog. *shrug*
  12. Master_Scythe

    Is It Just Me Or Is The Green Room Trying To Kill My CPU?

    I bet one of the advertisers has been crypto-miner.js infected. No harm to your PC, but while you have the page loaded, it's mining for them.
  13. Master_Scythe


    I don't need to. The bills already explicitly tell me what currency they want. If I don't want to pay them in that currency, they stop providing a service. Very simple. Those who DON'T want our standard currency (and I do have one) offer things like Bitcoin or other payment. For example, TunnelBear allows me to pay, by sending them jars of honey. https://www.tunnelbear.com/pricing And no, it's not a joke. What value is that? Say the only berry on the island is Deadly Nightshade; so... we can kill people with it... and that's about all. VALUE! That simply means government institutions won't bank\trade in anything else. What we do person to person in terms of barter isn't policed. They Govenernment (and gov backed banks) has simply told you what currency THEY want. Just like if you open a business, you can request\demand Silver or Gold for your services. You are one of those people who believe what you read (the bible, the currency act, etc). So let me be your savior and awaken you my child! Just because it's written on something, no matter how official, doesn't mean it's enforced. I know right? Shocked?! I'm not.... No one is going to lock me up for 'paying' for my tow using a case of beer. No one is going to lock up VPN users for posting a jar of honey. If you start looking into old laws that aren't enforced, you'll be AMAZED at whats actually illegal. Awaken my chidl! Just because it's written does not make it true! It's called money. It's just another currency, you'll hate it. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Principality_of_Hutt_River Now, off you go, leave the rest of Australia to living like sane people.
  14. They're all over TV though, for those companies.