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  1. Morgoth

    Which CPU

    yeah it's all tip top. The 650w silverstone zeus should do fine I think
  2. Hopefully this week I'll be able to tell you how the EK waterblock performs.
  3. Awesome I came across this, I ordered a 24" nice one for $600 ish delivered :D thanks.
  4. Morgoth

    Which CPU

    yep, all good bits, slapped together with nice watercooling, nice tasmanian weather and my mediocre skill, should have some fun :D
  5. Morgoth

    Is there a better war first person shooter than COD4?

    Better FPS than CoD4? CoD 2 is ten times better, well for sure in MP environment, if you want no challenge, a crosshair that can hit anything without skill and stupid abilities, then go coD4 I bought Stalker Clear Sky today, hope it's good. I also paid for and Pre ordered Fallout3
  6. Morgoth

    What is the worst movie you've seen?

    The abomination that is Mortal Kombat 3. It contains even less of the original cast than Mortal Kombat: Annihilation did, lol. It made me eat a kettle. 8mm: 2 - Twice as shit as the first once, 10 times more naked chicks, 30 times no Nicholas Cage, and minus 3 plotline. The Eye - It was just retarded, it really was... Last half of Die hard 4. Who can correct a fucking truck on a falling highway, also how do you successfully jump onto a Harrier jet? Blood Rayne had a fucking hot girl in it who gets naked so it's fine. Planet Terror and Deathproof are both brilliant
  7. Like typical Morgoth tradition, the stock cooler wont see my computer case lol.
  8. Morgoth

    Which CPU

    I wanted the 9650 for the 9x multiplier really.
  9. Morgoth

    Which CPU

    I had a chat to dasa, and Worked out what I want. Ordered a Q9650 HIS 4870X2 2 Gb gddr5 EK fullcover copper waterblock for the GPU.
  10. I'm looking at a 4870x2 because it will be watercooled and I'm in tasmania,
  11. Morgoth

    FrisbeeMark 2008

    Harmonic, It artifacts like a bitch.
  12. Morgoth

    Tricked into sex

    Yeah we say this article ages ago, we came to the conclusion that noone is that stupid and she just liked it, when it ended, sued the bastard for moneh too!
  13. Morgoth

    How old are you?

    20 and male, and awesome.
  14. Morgoth

    Nitro: You only wish you could be this metal!

    Dragonforce fails, Slayer is close to metallics in awesomeness I think. And that's not a pic of Metallica, It's Nitro in 30 years. Hardcore.
  15. Morgoth

    Really Offensive Thread

    I remember the shit that went down when a member hit titan or immortal and in his post about it, he had a list of baby jokes.. Hes got crucified by the staff, why are people allowed to post them now?
  16. Morgoth

    FrisbeeMark 2008

    FrisbeeMark has always been a Legendary Benchmark of Atomicans for generations.... I still have a PSU, 7800GTX and a Radeon 9600 to test.
  17. Morgoth

    You know your an Atomican when...

    Some of those are right on the money... You know you're an Atomican when... getting a stable overclock is more important than food, sleep, work and family weddings. You look an an old PSU and wonder how it would score in FrisbeeMark '05 You watch a movie with anything computer related in it and cuss the fake hacking GUIs that infest their pc's. 6 hard drives isn't enough. You've actually planned out how to watercool your monitor. You tell people how shit PS3 and Xbox graphics is..
  18. Morgoth

    What The Snap!

    Wow, first off, I never thought I'd live to see the days of V3.0, this is mad, gotta check it out some more. Sorry I haven't been contributing lately, I'm popping in to say hi, I'll be posting a topic or two in tech, need some advice on dualcore waterblock options coming out ^. How is everyone? I miss atomic ^
  19. Morgoth

    What The Snap!

    you are right, but I can't go past a personal bottle of Black Sambuca
  20. Morgoth

    Your current mouse/mice and a general rating

    I still have my Original Logitech MX-1000 Laser mouse, had it years, never going back.
  21. Morgoth

    What The Snap!

    I think you all like beer more than me, but it is nice. Spirits ftw!
  22. Morgoth

    What The Snap!

    Hey guys, Ugh I'm guru now:S 12,000 posts is so small now :(