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    First time with the flu

    I'm sad for you, also happy. I'm happy that you may know the difference between a cold and a flu, the amount of dumb shits harping on about their flu when it's a mild cold, is staggering, dumb bastards, Happy recovery old friend!
  2. Morgoth

    China's Stock Market Crash

    They're also dumping US treasuries faster than ever, guessing US Fed is buying it.
  3. Morgoth

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Ye Heroes reborn you mean? Yeah the original should have stopped after season 1, is this new one any better? Definitely original!, I havent seen any of the new one
  4. Morgoth

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Heroes again. Remembering why it should have been cancelled after season 2, or was it 1? I'd be happy with either, instead season 3 is really just idiotic
  5. Morgoth

    What Are You Cooking?

    Girlfriend cooked me Kangaroo lasagne while I was at work yesterday, so good, I really see no good reason to use beef mince over Kangaroo, unless you don't like flavour
  6. Hey folks, After selling my skt1366 i7950/sli GTX480 watercooled build in 2012/13, I'm finally going to rebuild a machine, with hopefully all second hand parts, in true fashion of how I like to upgrade! I've scored myself an EVGA Geforce GTX 780TI Superclocked, also bidding on 3770K ivybridge and a Maximus V Gene Z77 motherboard, I may have found a 660W Seasonic Platinum PSU going cheap, Dasa recommended that I really wont need bigger, Now I' have to look for case/cpu cooler/SSD/RAM Also I'll be overclocking it I hope! Feels good to be on the hunt again, Also Hi everyone!
  7. Morgoth

    A cool Story :)

    Dogs are better than people, they can sense so much, it's incredible how they react when someone is having a hard time, or like the situation in the story =]
  8. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    I'm struggling with how to help my girlfriend whose having a few months of depression, I don't live with her or anything, but it sure sucks feeling helpless!
  9. Morgoth

    Building PC again!

    Okay so confirmed parts are as follows: *Intel i7 3770K Ivybridge $290 (they shot up in price recently =[ ) *ASUS Maximus Gene V Z77 $160 *EVGA Geforce GTX 780 TI Superclocked ACX $400 *Seasonic 660W Platinum $140 holy shit this baby has tight specs Now for RAM/ SSD/Case
  10. A part of gift giving, can sometimes include yourself (and probably should in my eyes) Ignoring the gifts to others part, what did you buy/get yourself for Christmas? A self pat on the back for another year conquered. Busting your arse through life, we should look after ourselves too! Why am I posting this? Because I'm pretty excited about it. It's a shameless plug, I'm willing to admit. It's like finding something so sweet I wana show everyone, not to gloat (not many people would even want it lol) but cos it's pretty important to me. Well what I got myself wasn't really planned, it just happened to happen near Christmas, but it's something I've been trying to find for about 3 years, but it's been all but impossible, until now. I saved my money in a special side-account for such a time as I found one worth buying. Well my best friend found it and pointed me to the auction. It's a replacement whole car for my project car (I'll be swapping motor and few other bits into it and then continuing the never-ending saga of projects) Reason it's hard to find is because it's a vintage 2door 1974 volvo 142, to replace the falling apart, rusting shell of my 1972 volvo 142s, Sounds like a hunk of crap metal, well it is to many people. But varying tastes is why we have so many car models. It's a long project, saved explaining for another time. Anyone into vintage stuff could appreciate it, you can find these if you look, but finding in good condition is about as rare as hen's teeth. A bit of work later will make it just right! So here is my pressie, few bob later I have it ready for me to fly up to Adelaide and get (road trip!) so pumped =O EDIT: For those wondering, yes the bumper missing there is ghastly, I will rectify the situation once I get it.
  11. Morgoth

    Anyone LANning these days?

    I just remember everyone lagging out because people leeching on DC++
  12. Morgoth

    Building PC again!

    Hey mate! Nice 980 in your tag!
  13. Morgoth

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Mark84, holy banana that CPU is mad, You've done well considering Smak has one of the BEST sandy bridges anyone has found, just about ever. I really hope zen isn't another freaking bulldozer. Also they need to stop pretending they have 8 true cores, not fooling anyone !
  14. Morgoth

    Dota 2

    I think nerf to bloodstone would be great yeah, but bloodsucker has so much power to force teams out of position, rupture plus his aoe are incredible. Maybe his q could cost mana . Tusks early game is too strong, just increase shard cost. Lesh needs higher cool down on the storm early game I'm. Techies kind of go against dota logic, it's pushing games in the opposite way and instant kills is silly. I think he needs some kind of re work or indirect nerf.
  15. Morgoth

    Dota 2

    Waiting for nerfs in 6.85: Leshrac BS (his Q maybe or silence) Storm Tusk (his early game maybe, and evading death with snowball) techies windrunner maybe
  16. Morgoth

    The day the laughter died

    All the money in the world cannot stop depression, poor bugger, he was such a big influence on my childhood, grew up with his stuff, seeing as I was born in 88.
  17. Morgoth

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    It's sold now. Sold it to a girl in my class that wanted a desktop machine. So now she writes documents and plays minecraft on one of the words best 2600K :) WE NEED TO FIND HER
  18. Congratulations to everyone keeping this alive, good to see it in good hands also =]
  19. Morgoth

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Sadly thats how it all goes sometimes, I miss a high end PC, but I cant justify the cost of forking out on one at the moment ;S Shit's just too efficient now!
  20. Morgoth

    Roll Call!

    I randomly decided to login today, coincidentally it's the day of Atomic 3.141592 , how did I manage that?
  21. Morgoth


    What even ;D
  22. Morgoth

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    I've got an i3 laptop only now =[
  23. Morgoth

    Roll Call!

    I'm not dead!
  24. Morgoth

    Bike rider fatalities and stupid people

    The OP makes much sense. One thing that many cyclists do, that irks me greatly.... Is behave condescendingly to motorists purely and simply because they're doing exercise, and us motorists aren't, and are killing the environment :/ Why do I give a fuck if someone exercises or not? /Rant over