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    Ford versus Holden

    Regardless of the ridiculous story... I don't really like either. Buuut If I had to choose, FORD for two reasons: The evolved from pushrod engines. Their utes are actually utes, and properly load rated, as holdens are showponies with useless suspension for ute tasks
  2. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    About to take the 100Km ride to the dealer to get the motorcycle it's first ever service, can't wait to flog the date out of it with proper oil =]
  3. Man, GPU industry is going big guns this time round, I like it! I may build another PC in about 12 months, things should be pretty nasty by that point!
  4. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Nice bike 'Goth! Where was the photo taken? anywhere where the slidy bike sign appears is usually a good bit of black-top. Kind of looks like the Victorian High Country around Bright. Thanks, mate!! Ha that's at the beginning of the Sideling in Tasmania =]
  5. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Thanks guys, she's a real beauty, and that triple sound... omg. It's a '13 Street Triple R ABS model
  6. Morgoth

    Things that make you go 'wtf'?

    Hahaa! Me too! What's the point? "Oh, I was going to crash into that car but there's a baby on board". WTF? not enough room in the small triangle to write : "the person driving this car is seriously sleep deprived or possibly bordering on psychosis" As much as I hate these signs, could they be useful in an accident scenario with multiple vehicles? SES rock up and they know there's a little kid? But wouldn't the sign fling off in a crash? Eh mostly douchebags I think then...
  7. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    My new baby, brand spanker! so lovely!
  8. Morgoth

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Nice work, tried without HT??
  9. Morgoth

    Piledriver and Trinity

    Yeah I spotted it on XS, really interesting read http://www.xtremesystems.org/forums/showth...2-(SuperPI-x87)
  10. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    I'm with GenesisX on this one, screw those banana benders! =P
  11. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    You mainlanders are softcocks when it comes to the cold! I took this before riding home this evening Yes I was cold yes there was sheets of ice I squirmed the back wheel on a few times :/
  12. Morgoth

    Brisbane has been going off!

    Aussie band King Parrot! Brock, these guys are playing with Psycroptic in Hobart in August! So Amazing
  13. Morgoth

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Gamble, you can try disabling 2 cores on that for PI
  14. Morgoth

    Banksters ready to ruin the world again.

    God I love The Onion, !
  15. Morgoth

    No need to be rude!

    I spent from 10am-2pm fitting new flooring in a friend's house 3pm-7:30pm at work 8pm-12am ripping out rotted flooring and bearers from another room in his house, Long day :0
  16. Morgoth

    What wine are you drinking?

    Some very very good homebrew Muscat
  17. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    My brother has a thermomix, they're pretty badass
  18. Morgoth

    Piledriver and Trinity

    Great, AMD are pulling a Pentium 4 EE ............ in 2013
  19. Morgoth

    Quiz night?

    NFSU1? NFSU2? shot in the dark
  20. Morgoth

    Quiz night?

    Bah I had young einstein but the page timed out :o Damn you Dis!
  21. Morgoth

    Quiz night?

    I watched Johhny Mnemonic too long ago to remember :o
  22. Morgoth

    So what's covincing you more so far?

    I don't even buy consoles, but I almost want to grab a PS4 to stick it up MS
  23. Morgoth

    E3 2013

    And Stay down, Xbone!
  24. Morgoth

    E3 2013

    Killer Instinct..... Wow My all time fav fighting game for SNES is remade, wew!
  25. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    Not into making custom loops? I just sold a shitload of water gear, it's pretty cheap to make a custom loop second hand