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  1. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Give it a try at a nice coffee place when you're out, sometimes you are pleasantly surprised
  2. DualGPU 7970 cards seems to have horrific microstutter in the latest tests, sadly
  3. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    It's about 10x more important to get coffee right when it's black, but when you get a nice drop, black coffee is great
  4. Morgoth

    Brisbane has been going off!

    Eluveitie is pretty awesome! If you like female metal vocals, In This Moment has a couple of cool songs. I'm mostly into Aggrotech and black metal
  5. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    Gskill is great, it's all about what IC the set has I used to have a set of Gskill trident 6gb tri channel kit, 2000mhz c9, did c8 no worries, they had BBSE chips, great ram
  6. Morgoth

    "Game of Thrones" HBO adaptation

    That is fucking amazing....
  7. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    Now we're talking Delidded Haswell drops 30C+ I wouldn't blow the money on corsair plat you wont notice the differnce
  8. Morgoth

    Tak's back

    That's because memory isn't linear, I think that happens to everyone. Welcome back , tak :]
  9. Morgoth

    Intel Skylake

    How is a 7950 overkill?
  10. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Oh man I want that shirt!
  11. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    wot the Pakas!
  12. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    I agree fully. Core has done great and people are nuts if they expect 30% increase in IPC inside the same power envelope every single 12 months,,,, Anyone with Nehalem or Yorkfield would do well to switch
  13. If synthetic benchmarks didn't exist, many more gamers would buy AMD, they aren't bad
  14. Morgoth

    16:10 resolutions work on a 16:9

    I used a 1920x1080 monitor after using my 1920x1200 16:10..... I felt like I lost 5 inches of screen.....
  15. Morgoth

    Share your bogan activities

    I'm guilty of drinking Bundaberg Rum
  16. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    These really need de-lidding and the paste fixing...
  17. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    ES Stepping was B0 Retail is C0 Seems to be better clock4clock and better clocker
  18. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Finally parting with my masses of watercooling gear and my big case and PSU, extended my PC hiatus until the end of the year, rather than tax time. Saving for something pretty cool, computer unimportant :P
  19. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Figuring out how to let down a stage 5 clinger easily :/
  20. They only didnt add more RAM because the 780 has 3Gb, plus who cares, all the partners will release 4gb versions
  21. Morgoth

    World War 3 Thread

    Absolutely WW3, it sure as shit isn't gonna be Ze-Germans again. Things are sure heating up!
  22. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    I sold my PC in march 2012 and I'm only 24..... going on 70 :o Just haven't got round to rebuilding yet :P
  23. Morgoth

    Asked to not use a nickname

    I agree with you, Hulks. People are offended far too easily. Or at least scared of offending said people.
  24. Yes that part seems as if it was for attention, unfortunately we're unable to ask them.
  25. Morgoth

    Worried about Fracking?

    Thread delivers!