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  1. How much Abu-Grahib prison type things and worse are happening though? We've got the good end of the stick as far as wartime collateral is concerned.
  2. MS, I heartily disagree with you on tyres... There's a huge difference between dodgy as fuck brands and proper stuff, not just the materials, manufacturing standards, but also the R+D. I spend $260+ each tyre on my performance car, because I buy for what I use the car for, nothing less.. Chingpangyumcha tyres have their uses, those uses are kia carnivals doing 40kmh.
  3. Morgoth

    Arrested Development

    I had to watch ep 2 to enjoy ep 1..... Now I'm happy again
  4. I'm with Leo on this one. That man would be alive now if there wasn't someone trying to send a message, make a point, terrorise people. He wasn't stabbed because someone wanted to stab a person at random. Reasons matter, people caught out for murder and still questioned on motives, yes? I see it as part of war, the man was a soldier afterall. it really gives me the shits lately how innocent lives in the western world suddenly matter so much more than in the middle east, I don't see any bleeding hearts going on about innocents murdered wrongly by the day over there.... Western world gets a taste of their own medicine, suddenly its the most horrific thing since the Holocaust.... Disclaimer: I don't support murdering eachother.
  5. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    I'll grab it at the next stepping
  6. I'll be looking at one of these or a second hand titan, depends what AMD's new cards are like
  7. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    Pretty much, anything post-nehalem probably not worth it, but a jump from a 920 to a Haswell would be just nice I think,
  8. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

  9. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Throwing food and money at them wont fix much for long, I think that's been well established for a while. government attitude and internal violence problems seem to need fixing in order to improve things futher? I'm no expert on the matter, but if it were as simple as pegging money at the issue, it would have been fixed by now....
  10. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Dentist cannot identify the cause of my pain, wants to refer me to a dental surgeon mate of his :/
  11. Morgoth

    Daft Punk: Random Access Memories

    Everyone's going nuts over Get Lucky, I had to look up the song again to make sure I'd listened to the right one... I thought it was crap. Guitar work was nice and cheery, otherwise batshit boring. Have not heard the rest, I'll reserve judgement on that until later,
  12. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Seem to have an abscess forming about 1cm above my top right wisdom tooth, doesnt hurt unless I swallow, then it kills, I really hope it's an easy fix, seeing my dentist in the morning, he can tell me if it's a dental job, or a GP job.
  13. Morgoth

    Intel Haswell

    I'm glad I sold up my PC in last march, skipped Ivy. Now I'll finally rebuild using Haswell in July =D WINTER IS COMING
  14. Morgoth

    Project: GIGABENCH

    I've got 3-4 of them, how many might you be interested in??
  15. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Just finished mother's day at the restaurant. Busiest day of our year, kicked it's arse.
  16. Morgoth

    Battle of the Sequels

    Haha, nice writeup I totally agree about Ironman3, so much botched in it....
  17. Morgoth

    Movies you can't believe you haven't seen...

    I haven't seen Aliens ....I'll let myself out
  18. Very cool, something different! As for peltiers, almost never worth the hassle, totally expensive and inefficient to run, you need like a billion pounds of force on coldplates to use it properly, also a dedicated PSU, then worry about condensation alll so not worth it!
  19. It's been discovered that the issue wasn't with the TIM on Ivy, but the black seal was too thick. I'd grab haswell if you have a system pre-nehalem. skip Ivy too.
  20. Morgoth

    Project: GIGABENCH

    I've got some finger slicers, Nidec Beta-V. server fans, 120mm, 40 watt, 220CFM
  21. Morgoth

    How Fast is the NBN? Labor vs Liberal

    Many in the industry are a bit like you Hlass - all they think about is tech. Not how much it costs, when it might be completed and whether it would make sense for Australia to be the only country in the world to make the jump from CAN to FTTH in one go, and into a government monopoly. And why would you be less cynical about Labor's given they're reducing promises/breaking promises right now to achieve a slightly less shithouse budget position? The coalitions plan isn't much cheaper. Factoring in the higher maintainence requirements and poor upgrade path it may even be more expensive in the long term. A long term in which its limited capabilites will be surpassed by the requirements of the populace. Why settle for expensive and poor quality? This, very much this. FTTH is the future, has to happen sooner or later.
  22. Morgoth

    Fappy the dolphin

    This is gold, there's a female dolphin called Flappy - for girl masturbators
  23. Morgoth

    How Fast is the NBN? Labor vs Liberal

    I still can't believe they're serious about this fibre to the node crap.... Good find
  24. Morgoth


    Desvenlafaxine Keeps me level
  25. Morgoth

    Turnbul vs Conroy.

    Well that was underwhelming..