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    Looking at a new career

    Forgive me for not giving every detail, but my current job of 5 ish years has come to a point where I need out, I'm in hospitality and I need a very different scene, my life is complicated and there's heaps of things, mostly mentally, that have held me back from furthering my education or switching jobs. Long story short, my psychologist thinks one career that would suit me would be in banking, like I said, I'm not keen on sharing details, so now that's said; Anyone here had a career in banking, if I head that way is probably be starting teller and work my way up, mind you this is scribbles on a napkin stage, I'd just like feedback from someone who has been in the industry, cheers.
  2. Morgoth

    Looking at a new career

    Yes, in my current job I don't have time or energy to do further study, late nights, weekends, being on my feet 50-60 hours each week, whilst bank tellers work with customers all day, I can't see it being any more draining than what I do now, and I'll have the bonus of time to do further study. I'm on over 50k per year at the moment, I can afford a step down in pay for a while I think. I'll study up on relevant info that would be expected for an interview, I may be getting ahead of myself here, but it's how I stay positive and focused.
  3. Morgoth

    Looking at a new career

    Thanks, I'm unsure on what I want to do long term but a teller job should pay a bit less than I'm on now, but I won't have to work 50 hrs / 6 days / weekends / 51 weeks a year for it. I can't move up where I am now, like you say, a bank job may allow me advancement
  4. Morgoth

    Looking at a new career

    Yeah turns out what I do is a bad fit for who I am, thanks for the reply, I appreciate the insight.
  5. Morgoth

    Video games are addictive

    Pretty spot on, I self medicated with a game for a few years, fortunately I found it easy to cold turkey gaming when I sold my pc, thought it would be harder than it was
  6. Morgoth


    They're full of it, fortunately the nutjob medicine industry thrives on saps who are cured by mind over matter, it's hilarious
  7. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Yeah they're fine! How much do you run front and back?? My 242gt chews but worse than that, I need to pull a degree out of it
  8. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Nice looking wheels, I hope you're not doing any super serious work on those rotas, they're a very cheese built wheel
  9. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Unless you're taking a super/turbo charger with you, don't be. I wanted one, hard. I've driven three different FT/GT/BRZ cars (first was an auto so I figured that must be taking away my fun) and every time I've left the showroom, jumped in my WRX and thought "Why would I give up this for that?". I'm really, really, really hoping Sti do a stock turbo one, but seeing how that will sit right alongside the WRX I'm doubting they will. If I had the money to chuck away I'd get a third party blower and a Rocket Bunny kit and be happy. But I don't have the money (or the space to park) for what would essentially be a $40,000 warranty voided fun toy. ' My housemate owns an '03 WRX STI with 300kw@treads on E85, It's got custom made front mount, haltech E11, piping, intake, overpriced down pipe, fancy bearing hybrid turbo, exhaust, few suspension mods, E85 is insane, not the shit fuel hose eating kind, a better race bred kind, this one is approx 120 octane and about 2.50 per litre, buy it 44gal drum at a time and pump it yourself. Hard to start though, higher ethanol just doesn't heat up easily It is unbelievable amounts of scary, any WRX is pretty much a good car, boxer engines can take a real beating. The new rear wheel drive Subaru thing is locked from development for two years, so STI can't just release a sick turbo version and undercut sales etc.
  10. Morgoth

    Bathroom Cleaning Products

    Sodium hypochlorite works, Bleach works on everything,
  11. Plus it's advantage if any would be at silly high res.
  12. Morgoth

    GPU upgrade time

    There's a 4890 I know for sure. What is your budget?
  13. Morgoth

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    Well said old boy! I think we're about due for another rank day!
  14. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Scruffy, don't let Aliali near it! Ask him how much he likes building/tinkering with planes
  15. Morgoth

    What do you for exercise?

    January a year ago I started to exercise properly. I am 175cm tall, I was 88kg. I got in touch with a friend whose a PT and got all the eating and training info tailored for me, plus the whey protien. I did a 60 minute session, 5 nights per week, also mainky eating high protien/low carb mix in my diet ,for what lasted 5 weeks before the time took its toll (training til midnight because of finishing work at 10pm wasn't much fun) Dropped to about 76kg by then, I kept up eating decently and I'm on my feet at work 50 hours per week, so I've maintained the loss and just recently I started running a few km per night, most nights of the week, trying to get consistent 5m/km over the distances . I'm currently 73kg
  16. Morgoth

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    You should sell it for a mint, buy cheap replacement ^^
  17. Morgoth

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Your CPU is also like a 1%er ! Lucky bastard, also not many ivy bridge adapters yet. Shit that is a good score dude
  18. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Amen to that, we need a beer o clock soon man!
  19. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Hope it goes as well as it can Mr Friendly! What's on my mind? Sleep. And food. Worked 12 hours yesterday, got home at 11pm, started today at 6am for a breakfast function for 50, worked until 10:30 tonight, 16 hours today or something :s ugh! I better sleep, work tomorrow weee
  20. Morgoth


    Yeah he ruined the m33t 12 thread too I think
  21. Morgoth

    onoz ! i dropped the bike

    Nice shiner dude! Also noticed only awesome people ride VTR 250! Some newbie fuckwit has been tearing around town on his '89 cbr250 fire blade, worst idea ever, those are horrible in every way apart from going fast, god forbid if you need parts! They sound like sewing machines too, without a pipe.
  22. Morgoth

    Worth upgrading now?

    If you've never owned an ips, a tn 27 wouldn't be terrible, but ips is very affordable now, I'd hold off and save until you can get one
  23. Morgoth

    DoTA2 "Beta"

    I played some of the beta, I got access very early. I like it but I find it laggier than dota1, until that's fixed, I can't quite get comfy with it
  24. Morgoth

    onoz ! i dropped the bike

    Yeah that is pretty funny! I'm surprised he didn't yell out "it's okay I'm a doctor" after assessing his injuries.
  25. Morgoth

    onoz ! i dropped the bike

    Wow dude! Glad you're okay! I got a vtr250 7 months ago, on my p's now and haven't dropped it yet, thank fuck. It got backed into and knocked over once, did no damage aside from scratching the existing scratches. Any chance of a picture of the bike? Look after yourself mate!