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    Disney buys Lucasarts

    They can't be any worse than Episode 1. What kind of army lands on the opposite side of the planet to the city they're invading unopposed, that was so retarded... That 1 hour review thing was pretty spot on!
  2. Morgoth

    And What Are You Listening To?

    From new album "Manticore" Inb4 metal hipsters, yes we get anything post Midian is horseshit, or CoF is too mainstream, but I like most of the new album so suck it ;)
  3. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Bah, pierce is the best! Love that racist old bastard, IMO more interesting than Trevor and Abed's creepy relationship
  4. Morgoth

    artificial violence

    Romeo, art thou mad?
  5. Spikes like that tend to be hdd access related, ssd will make more difference than any new CPU to your gaming experience at the moment I believe. I sold my pc in march (nehalem, sli gtx480) and I won't be building another until Haswell, intel should have hit their stride with tri-gate & 22nm by then.
  6. Morgoth

    Isn't it ironic...

    I seriously liked the toaster video, he suffered from Aspergers like my younger brother, one thing about them is they often live in this ignorant bliss, sometimes I think they're lucky
  7. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    They should sell in bigger amounts, we were lucky enough to get 60kg of pure whey protein, no flavour no nothing in it, this stuff is what's sent to the businesses to cut with flavour etc and package, 1kg bags or whichever are the only option? Or do these companies sell bulk packs??
  8. Morgoth

    New to water cooling

    Yeah good point, my flow was pretty restricted, plus 3m of tubing is huge This was back when I put it together, leak testing with the D5, I swapped it out later
  9. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    I've been reading The Children of Hurin by JRR Tolkien, Forgot how much I like his work, and how violent the fighting is ^^ This book will be finished soon at this rate, then off to re-read The Silmarillion, since it's been about 8 years since I read it last
  10. Morgoth

    Xmas present ideas

    I've got a good deal on Ninth Island at the moment, so I think my sister could do with a Chardonnay or something. Not sure what to get her 3yr old daughter, any ideas? Buying for the nipper nephews is easy, they're 2,4,6yrs, any fun related thing is fine. Mum is difficult and so is my brother, wish he just liked things his kids like hah. Buying for my housemates is a pain too
  11. Morgoth

    New to water cooling

    I upgraded from a d5 to a DDC and it's much better for my loop which was: 3 water blocks, 360 rad, 240 rad, res, 3m of tubing. Either pump will do you fine, but for more than one block and one rad, you'd want to DDC in my opinion. 2x240 rads will be perfectly fine for 1 CPU and1 gpu,
  12. Morgoth

    Worth upgrading now?

    Once you go 16:10, 16:9 looks like half the screen is missing, I couldn't go back
  13. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    I'm now a psychologist patient for the first time since I was about 11 :0
  14. Morgoth

    Starcraft 2 HOTS.

    This is good news! I might need to grab this to rekindle my interest in Starcraft! I hope they get their shit together though, the beta is scarily far off being ready for release
  15. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    The funny is flowing strangely well on this page, well played boys
  16. Morgoth

    Pre-purchase vehicle inspections?

    Good thing about those is everything is easy to find for it
  17. Morgoth

    Post pic's of yourself.

    I need a damn beard, atomic is like 70% bearded
  18. Morgoth

    Pre-purchase vehicle inspections?

    I'd get him to change oil filter, crack it open and check for metal. Easy way to see if it will blow up or not. Not sure it's practical, but if you want to cover all bases.... I know a guy who runs a workshop and dyno tunes, he won't stick a high hp car on until he's looked in the oil filter
  19. Morgoth

    Post pic's of yourself.

    And drawing stuff like a weapon, he has mad art skills!
  20. Morgoth

    Pre-purchase vehicle inspections?

    The point others touched on. They're the go-to cheap thrills car, every fuckwit who doesn't give a shit about looking after a car, buys and flogs a 180
  21. Morgoth

    Pre-purchase vehicle inspections?

    I'd be far too scared to buy a 180sx without receipts of rebuild or recondition recently and service history.
  22. Morgoth

    Rest in Peace Spamz0r - 6/5/1987 - 29/10/2012

    Better first post than many! +1 to that! Good to see such response from the community, I'm sure most of us feel helpless when this stuff happens to a member, these sentiments I'm sure mean something to those that met him in person
  23. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Good to hear :) ......... now just watch ya step . What you did there... I see it. I'm thinking about how much I am sick of working weekends :0
  24. Morgoth

    Post pic's of yourself.

    Me getting into the theme of overclocking my Athlon xp in the shed in 0C A family's Halloween party this year, apparently I didn't get the "funny cheery" costume memo
  25. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    hmmm... my xms 2x256 manage 247 fsb 2-2-2-5 on my abit nf7-s :) and i think they'd do more if i had a vdimm booster, as i am limited to 2.9 by the board socket a does better with the timings at 2-2-2-11 btw, for no apparent reason (it's secret overclockers business) My 2x512 kit does 250 but at 2t. I modded the psu and the mobo so my NB and vdimm is about 3.5v or so mostly sorry for the hijack! Back to your usual programming!