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    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    It was a 2x256 kit I had high hopes for, unfortunate because my Athlon xp project is on hold until I get a kit capable of 250Mhz 2-2-2-5 1t,, only single sided sticks (256mb) can do it on nf2 chipset
  2. Morgoth

    Why cod 4 was the last of the great games

    Fallout 3/Nv are good examples of DLC implementation, People are just freKing dumb to get rorted by CoD's exploiting of the trend. Some games use DLC as mini-expansions; and I'm cool with that
  3. Morgoth

    What of Atomic?

    I bought my first issue of atomic in a year or so today, it was my day off, my doctor fixed my bung ear,I wanted to then listen to music all day, so I grabbed atomic at the newsagent on account of the mag dying news, I spend a good hour or so reading it with some music on, remembered why I used to buy it every month, still a great mag. :/
  4. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I threw away two high fpi 240 radiators and a kit of corsair xms bh5 (I suspected defective!), I feel dirty
  5. Morgoth

    [Melb] Beer!

    Don't let him! I'm jelly he can get time off! Damn my job!
  6. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Good work, do you know any subzero clockers in your area? An experienced friend can make the experiment cheaper by not killing hardware or wasting ln2 ;)
  7. Morgoth

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Crystal Castles (III) Liking new album so far! Check it out
  8. Morgoth

    Atomic Meet 13 Planning Committee

    Yes, get your act together next time and come. Also get your arse back in tech where you belong. Anything for the bald guy with the hitler moustache!
  9. Morgoth

    What of Atomic?

    Pretty sure it was because he'd ask for advice, then detail why he would not be following any of it, because of some ludicrously unlikely edge case scenario. But I don't remember him being treated any more rough than the next guy. v. Thou shalt not make an arse of thou-self and not expecteth others to hang shit. The "Nos in my 3cyl Suzuki swift to get more power" thread did me in, Poor guy, he was a character, like most people here!
  10. Morgoth

    What are you browsing?

    Netrider.net.au Triumph675.net I'm in a motorbike phase
  11. Morgoth

    What of Atomic?

    Squidburg is still on Facebook, alive and kicking
  12. Morgoth

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Google, y u no include SD card slot? Apple will sue, they have the patent on not allowing expansion storage
  13. Morgoth

    Rest in Peace Spamz0r - 6/5/1987 - 29/10/2012

    Sad news, will miss him on the forums, index680i and Neon_87 and and other late Atomicans
  14. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    I'm sick of having to do 80kmh on my Ps on the motorcycle, honestly it's stupid a fully licensed driver has the exact same rules as a total road noob....
  15. Morgoth

    Your fondest Atomic memories

    I've thoroughly enjoyed being a part if promoting pushing systems to the limits with our benchmark and superpi threads over the years, funny how were bonded by watching our PCs BSOD and lock up over and over until getting a sweet score, seems pointless and important at the same time! By one of my fondest memories is my Atomic Xtreme Magazine Reading Competition! Unfortunately phr33x's hosting no longer contains those scary, scary images! 2005... I was like 17! I'd gladly hold another one, with prizes and now the forum has a poll for voting!
  16. Morgoth

    What of Atomic?

    "I miss Hyperhorse" - said no one ever :) But seriously, I support this
  17. Morgoth

    Atomic Meet 13 Planning Committee

    I'd really like to make this m33t, I should have caught a plane up along with reaper man to the last one!
  18. Morgoth

    Medal of Honour: Warfighter

    I am so incredibly not surprised, sigh! MoH has a real shitty rep now (starting with that other release with the beardy guy on the logo) , thanks EA!
  19. Morgoth

    PSU for overclocking

    Don't look into wattage too much, just see if they do well on stress tests in reviews, look for ripple and droop etc.. My HX1000 drew 600W from the wall with a nehalem and sli GTX480's using mild settings ingame, your PC would never break 500W even overvolted I reckon. Took some serious volts and overclocks for the system to draw 900w+ from the wall. Some headroom is nice, but as people will say, don't get caught up in wattages. Goodluck!
  20. Morgoth

    What of Atomic?

    :0 Thanks for your persistence to keep the printed mag going, Dave, I'm betting this could easily have happened earlier than it has! Cheers!
  21. Sorry! I haven't been active I know, I'll update this tonight if I get home from work at a decent hour, I didn't mean to screw you lot around, life has been busy, my only time online has been a game of Diablo here and there on my housemates PC as I sold mine in march Pls Forgive me doods!
  22. Morgoth


    Hey Atomicans, I thought I'd post about my housemate's dog, since I have a few pictures and videos of the absolute best little dog I've ever known or lived with. Yesterday was just a normal day - apart from being my birthday- just working and such, I popped into mums for some dinner before heading home. I put the car away, went up to the back door, it was locked. Strange. I let myself in and see a pot with vegies on the stove, but not cooking and noone was about, this was odd.... I ring my housemate and he says "Mav got run over, we're at the vet now, I dunno how it's gonna go" Turns out he took Mav for a run, like he does at least twice a week, he never needed a lead in the 2 or so years of his life. During the run, Mav had sat on the side of the road, near the edge, distracted by something that dogs tend to be interested in, a cat, a leaf, whathaveyou. A ute was headed along the street, slowly, my housemate attempted to get the dog to move from the edge of the road saying something along the lines of "come on, Mav" , but this guy wasn't paying any attention and just ploughed right over the dog before anything could be done. He stopped about 10m further, got out and said "You shouldn't talk to your dog like a Human" My housemate goes "You just ran over my dog, you dickhead!" He rushes to pick him up, instead of offering a lift home, the guy just gets in his ute, and drives off like the mindless unattentive tosser he was... He carried the dog about ~1km home, with him being run over the mid section and his pelvis, he was biting his arm, drawing blood. They took him to see the vet, he was good enough to come in right away. they sedated the dog overnight, wanting to comfirm injuries by Xray in the morning, he was put down this morning =[ It's hit everyone pretty hard, we're all very attached to the little guy, here's some pictures of the Cavalier King Charles - Maverick Plus a video =] Also, I didn't resize pictures, too bad if you're stuck on 56k Loves the tennis ball Freshly trimmed! Swag! He who controls the spices, controls the universe - Dunedog Mav's very favourite activity, going in the ute! Tired doggy!
  23. Morgoth

    Is that a.... nevermind

  24. Morgoth

    Mitsubishi Lancer

    Aliali and myself know a man with an x1-9, but it seems like his life long project, doubt you'd ever get him to let go of it if you tried. Also from my experience, the auto boxes on the old 4cyl magnas are the worst things in the whole universe, such shit.
  25. Morgoth

    Carbon Tax!

    I'm not into debating all this stuff, but going nuclear would solve alot of these issues I think ^ I have to agree with Leonid's stance on this one.