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    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    Definitely the saddest part for me is not being able to look through archives. Atomic played a huge role in my following my interests at a young age, thankyou everyone!
  2. Hi, long time! I've got my current system which is i7 3770K Asus ROG V Gene Z77 2x8g Gskill Trident X 2133MHz RAM Seasonic Plat 660W psu Noctua D14 HSF few Sammy 850evo ssds all driving my Dell 2408WFP IPS 1200P 24" monitor. aaaaand a GTX480, my GTX780 died a few months ago What I'm kinda looking to do is upgrade to a 1440P 27" 100+hz system and keep my PSU/SSDs/case/D14 cooler perhaps. I don't know shit about intel's Z370 or DDR4 ram though and I kind of think I should go for 8700K/8086K or it's not really worth the jump from 3770K. I've considered perhaps keeping everything and grabbing a 1080TI and 1440P monitor, which would be much cheaper, but not very future proof, also I cannot run any modern SSD on this Z77 Gene V board, the only pcie4x slot has my Audio card in it. If I upgrade mobo/cpu/ram, I have an idea to keep the old stuff for a PC to build for my GF, so it would be used if I go all out. Thoughts? I don't know if a 3770K w/ 16Gb RAM would be futureproofed enough if I just grab a fat GPU for it and a strong monitor to drive. Cheers, Morg. Edit: I should add in, I also have another X58 PC with i7 920, 6g ram, psu, no HDD or GPU, so if I go the way of keeping my build, I could chuck a GPU in that pc, use my 1200p monitor with it as the GF pc.
  3. Morgoth

    Time for upgrade soon

    Okay so assuming I grab a 16gb kit of 3200c14 or something, for samsung B-die, What's the go-to z370 mobo for balance of price/overclocking/features? Asrock extreme? So which kits between these would be the go G.Skill Trident Z RGB F4-3200C14D-16GTZR 16GB (2x8GB) DDR4 $369 G.Skill Flare-X F4-3200C14D-16GFX 16GB (2x8GB) Ryzen DDR4 $349 These two are same prices between PCCG and Scorptec, both seem to definitely be B-Die
  4. Morgoth

    Time for upgrade soon

    Thanks for that guys, gives some more insight. Ah I want to run Gysnc, so , 100+ frames is ideal
  5. Morgoth

    Time for upgrade soon

    I want to game in 1440p at 100+hz without any hiccups. I would need a new GPU before I can even pretend to drive anything too. Also forum says I now have like 1/4 of the posts I had before, rippp
  6. Hi, I've always dealt with gaming and performance oriented hardware, with minimal experience in budget or fileserver setups. It's not for me, but this is what the PC needs to do: stream via plex/divx to three smartTVs , two laptops, all on a wired network. often streaming video on several of those devices at once. I don't really know the budget yet, but I presume he'd want it as cost effective as possible. He already has hard drives full of video, I don't know what kind, I may have to find out his network setup, but for now I am asking what kind of hardware this box will need to handle that streaming demand on that many devices. Cheers! Morg
  7. Morgoth

    I had a go at the SteamVR/HTC Vive

    A friend of mine shelled out the $1400 or so plus the grunty PC needed to drive the HTC Vive through Steam VR. I've never ever used VR before or seen an Occulus or anything, but I have to say I was impressed as I kinda knew what to expect, but it's not the same as just being in it. First off, I didn't know how you knew how to not run into objects in your house, turns out there's external sensors you mount in the room to track you, plus during the Vive configuration you can scan around you and set boundaries that show up like a wall from Tron when you venture too far. Secondly, the hand controllers are vital, I think VR isn't nearly as playable or immersive without them, almost pointless but to watch tech demos or use a racing sim chair in their place. I spent a little time in it, tried racing, and a few other things, but what stood out to me was the shooters, Space Pirates and Raw Data are the two games - youtube them to see what I mean. Holy shit you can physically move and dodge incoming projectiles, use a shield in one hand, gun in another. The other game has you manually smashing fresh clips into your pistol to reload, you can also use a katana. It was really surreal to actually lift your hand up to inspect it and move around to check out your gun right in your face, im convinced in another ~5 years, we will have huge multiplayer VR shooters like CoD VR or something and it will be amazing. I personally don't think they're worth the money at the moment, VR is only just blowing up and there's heaps of work and games to come yet, also it's very expensive and hard to drive, even though it's pretty damn impressive. Has anyone else used the Vive yet?
  8. Yeah I figured it'd be pretty smooth sailing for most of the hardware, it's a possibility that he's got the video across several drives, so the chances of the same drive being accessed by all devices at once would be unlikely. Hrm, thankyou for that info, I still have no idea what a good lower end setup for this would look like though.
  9. Morgoth

    What's on your mind?

    Looks like Big Soap™ got you too.
  10. Morgoth

    Private health

    I have nothing to add apart from I have a decent life insurance and income insurance policy since I started riding a motorcycle everywhere, so if I break my legs I'll be set, but I have no health insurance, so not covered for dental etc. which worries me a bit, I'm 28 so it's gunna add up in a few years. But really it's a big expense as it is with income/life insurance as it is.
  11. Morgoth

    10 to 21 - what have I missed?

    Welcome back, buddy, I only just turned up myself, gotta keep Atomic alive!
  12. A slightly different angle on the same theme, protecting snowflakes in the sense that peoples insecurities and hangups should never be challenged in an effort to keep them safe I think is not really helping in many cases. I think that if you challenge someone, they'll surprise themselves of what they're capable of overcoming. Nobody is reducing their anxiety by never going out, for example. I think we all have stuff in life that we need to own, conquer and move above, rather that do everything to make sure that it still controls us or scares us. As for the OP's comments, I don't think your examples were the best, but I agree with the message.
  13. Morgoth

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    *waves* :) Hey mate, hope youre doing well! Apart from acknowledging and trying to deal with lifelong strong social anxiety and a strong lack of motivation I'm in a fairly middling mood most of the time. Went to the optometrist for the first time in twenty-odd years, have astigmatism and short sightedness, got some distance glasses and had the odd feeling for a while of walking like my feet were several inches below the ground, most odd. It sounds like it's got it's claws in you mate, but you sound like you're well aware how those things affect you, which is a good start in itself to dealing with it. bet that's a weird feeling, I can't say I know what it's like, however I booked in my first optometrist the other day, just for a check in, I figure it can't hurt to see if I'm losing some quality in my vision, my sister had glasses at 24, I'm 28 now without them. I'm glad you're doing well and all, but you left our the achievement of having one of the best 2500K sandy chips in the world, sheesh! Was a 2600K :D. Damnit! close! Whatever happened to it? Sold it to a girl at uni. She happened to get a job where i work, so it wouldn't be hard to get it back :) Oh right, you did tell me that a few years back in the superpi thread or something. Well mate, I'll hit you up if I'm ever nostalgic and I'll pay you to get it for me ahah :P That chip is like a rare White Rhino being watched over in the wild
  14. Morgoth

    No Man's Sky

    I think sadly it's an indie game still, despite the huge popularity and the high price. It's still not the game it could be even without all the goofy bugs and controls in the mess of a PC port it has.
  15. Morgoth

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Battlefield 4 Dota2 Fallout4 Darksouls3
  16. Morgoth

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    I'm glad you're doing well and all, but you left our the achievement of having one of the best 2500K sandy chips in the world, sheesh! Was a 2600K :D. Damnit! close! Whatever happened to it? *waves* :) Hey mate, hope youre doing well!
  17. Morgoth

    Monitors: Anyone up to date?

    I went IPS in 2008 and haven't gone back, I've still got my Dell 2408WFP ultrasharp 1200P 24", it'll last perfectly until I find a good 120+hz ips 27" for a good price one day. TN, never4get
  18. Morgoth

    Where are they now and what are they doing?

    I see you! Long time, Morgoth. :) Yeah man, I should pop in here more often. It's good to see so many old faces I guess! I'm glad you're doing well and all, but you left our the achievement of having one of the best 2500K sandy chips in the world, sheesh!
  19. I'd always opt for a big single card over dual lesser cards, from what I've read, you need to overclock those rx480's to beat out a single 1070, but remember dual cards will be worse in many games and better in others, but always have worse frame timing etc.
  20. Morgoth

    What game have you played the most?

    My top 2: 7000-10000 (estimate) - Neverwinter Nights (online pvp persistant world servers) 1000 - Dota2
  21. Morgoth

    All In One Liquid Coolers .... the thing that bugs me

    Good point, I wonder why they don't have clear tubing?. I can't thing of a good reason. I sold all my WC gear a couple of years ago, I currently run a Noctua D14 monster on my 3770K@4500MHz 1.23v (found a good chip!) Temps dont go above 60's really. No reason to go back to water.
  22. Morgoth


    I do kind of understand what you mean about legislating for it being a bit rough, and there's a few extremists, but there's no real separation of church and state anyway, lets not kid ourselves. Churches have crashed waves over almost everything that they should just stay out of, but you object to what Squall says about it being more a reaction. I feel that the churches are indefinsible over this, even if it feels like a "yeah, well now it's OUR turn!" kind of thing. - Which I heavily object to when I see views expressed by extreme third wave feminists about turning the world on it's head and now oppressing men. But wait, I don't feel that this is one of those cases where the churches are hard done by, the rest of society is now accepting gays as normal and the same as everyone else, if churches are so tied up in the law and such, they should wear the consequences. I hope that made sense, it's my take on it anyway.
  23. Morgoth

    No kids please.

    I have vast experience in this topic, I feel its more shitty parents, rather than bad kids! There seems to be two avenues parents take, the most often is the kind of "oh I'm sick of these little shits lets go out and let some other fuck deal with their mess and noise" Those parents sit idly, sipping their latte, whilst the kids run mad, fucking up any atmosphere anyone else was enjoying, demolishing the toy corner, then they leave, no thankyou, huge fuckin mess and I hate them. If you have a kids, chose to get boned and have a foetus, then you deal with it, why is it my problem, control your god damn kids, tidy up toys after you, or you know, teach kids to cleam up after themselves, big deal! I'm all for getting parents to control shitty kids in public, after all, it was their choice to have them, not everyone else. don't be a dick.
  24. Morgoth

    Roll Call!

    I'm not cactus expert, but I know a prick when I see one! Welcome!