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  1. It's a '13 Street Triple R ABS model

    Nice bike 'Goth!


    Where was the photo taken? anywhere where the slidy bike sign appears is usually a good bit of black-top. Kind of looks like the Victorian High Country around Bright.


    Thanks, mate!!


    Ha that's at the beginning of the Sideling in Tasmania =]

  2. "Baby on Board" signs.



    Me too! What's the point?


    "Oh, I was going to crash into that car but there's a baby on board".





    not enough room in the small triangle to write : "the person driving this car is seriously sleep deprived or possibly bordering on psychosis"


    As much as I hate these signs, could they be useful in an accident scenario with multiple vehicles?

    SES rock up and they know there's a little kid?


    But wouldn't the sign fling off in a crash?


    Eh mostly douchebags I think then...