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  1. Sidenote


    E10 is terrible fuel, it simply doesn't belong at the bowser,

    big fat waste of money for anything that can't handle the crappy ethanol mix in it, or anything that's not tuned for it.


    Racing grade E85 is good and has it's applications, that's where it should stay.

  2. I'd assume the res after pump would have a miniscule pressure penalty before the first block, but it mostly evens out in the loop.


    As they said, res into pump is easiest for filling.


    Block/rad position actually makes sweet fuck all difference, the temperature normalises throughout the loop pretty much, not worth fucking about with over 2C

  3. Sometimes it may take 3-4 mounts to get right with waterblocks, plus the curing period for paste.


    I used a D5 pump for my 3 block, 240+360 rad loop, switched to a DDC+EK top and it was much better, the increased head pressure really helped.

  4. I don't move the bar, I only salt soak it in a self-made solution twice a day,

    remove any blood with a salt soaked Q-tip.

    I don't intentionally force anything into the holes, this is the advice on the page of Morris' piercer at First Blood.


    any moving of the bar or twisting can only help cause keloids or hypertrophic scarring,


    I know there's differing opinions, but to me, I want to leave it be as much as possible, the body knows what it's doing.


    I've ordered 2x H2Ocean sprays also.


    Ev, it's reasonably annoying, I've had it one week today, I see why people don't get it because it's too much bother and having a super long healing period.


    Thanks Elvenwhore, I just bit the bullet, I like it, I plan some more piercings, this is my first ^^

  5. So glad you keep your ear clean Morgoth, though your shave needs a refresh. You do need to wash the blood from around your piercing,

    other wise you're going to have an interesting ear.

    Hey don't knock the 3 day shadow ;]


    I am all over the cleaning don't worry, I gently removed it that evening the photo was taken, It's bled through the night once on each hole now

  6. Good tyres can run well under 30 if you really want to,


    Running above mid 30's is pretty much the point where you start to give up stick for longevity of the tyre.

    Most bogans run over 45 psi so their old commodores do one wheel skids easier due to the lack of grip.

  7. There's a compromise like others mentioned, either get rock hard wood tyres for 100,000k or get 5000k stickies,


    The smart option is a best of both worlds option, I'm running Dunlop star spec Z1 tyres on my 242gt, about $260 each, they're softer though, I have no experience in long range tyres that actually grip

  8. Yes, in my current job I don't have time or energy to do further study, late nights, weekends, being on my feet 50-60 hours each week, whilst bank tellers work with customers all day, I can't see it being any more draining than what I do now, and I'll have the bonus of time to do further study.


    I'm on over 50k per year at the moment, I can afford a step down in pay for a while I think.


    I'll study up on relevant info that would be expected for an interview, I may be getting ahead of myself here, but it's how I stay positive and focused.