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  1. fatal_boot

    Domain Administrators help please

    No no no. I repackage/rescript apps to turn auto updates OFF. Need consistant versioning for deployment. You don't want users using different versions of software without testing and approval. Standardisation! We use SCCM. Also, you can use SCUP catalogs. Reference: http://blogs.adobe.com/adobereader/2011/02...-x-is-here.html
  2. fatal_boot

    survey help

    Done. Need Bluetooth and cupholders!
  3. fatal_boot

    updating corperate servers

    Stay the hell away from any of my production gear, buddy. Breaking redundancy solely to install updates? Go and take a long walk off a short pier. Whatever dude. Sif it wouldn't be clustered... Energy industry so you can keep your prod gear.
  4. fatal_boot

    updating corperate servers

    How do you guys handle server updates? How about client updates? *Edit Because in my post that exactly how we do it.
  5. fatal_boot

    Microsoft Police aka Microsoft Software Audit

    Don't know, I've never seen pricing of Standard. Don't get me wrong, generally great products, just a bit rich... We decommissioned a three year old 4 CPU server that was nearly out of warranty and was replacing it with a 2 CPU quad-core server. Needed to remove a CPU so we didn't breach our license. I understand it is their terms however to me I doesn't make sense...
  6. fatal_boot

    Microsoft Police aka Microsoft Software Audit

    Your Microsoft bashing is pretty cute. It's not Microsoft bashing… it's ripoff merchant bashing. I know Microsoft is not the only one that does it. Lots of companies do. Doesn't make it ethical no matter who does it. The salesmen are representing that vendor. If the direction does not come from the top, then a kick in the back-side to those individuals should come from the top telling the "slackarse" salesmen to shape-up or ship out. The fact that such companies have not done this, and that it has gone on for as long as it has, only signifies that the top condone this sort of behaviour in my book. And to come full circle....if you're not compliant, why shouldn't you be?You pay for software on a per seat or CPU core license, it's an agreement. You don't comply, then you gotta pay. Right? Any if you're sick of paying through the tooth then you move away. Note: Oracle and VMWare. :-) People don't realise that Microsoft isn't bad value when you compare it to those two...
  7. fatal_boot

    updating corperate servers

    Have separate production and test servers. When patch Tuesday comes (or whenever there are patches), test patches on test servers (some physical, some virtual). Once all patches are approved in CAB (corporations should ALWAYS have CAB meetings weekly), Sunday is the big day (night actually). Break the mirror, pull the drive and deploy. Monitor the servers for approx 24 hours and once happy they are stable, push the drive and let them rebuild. *Edit Minor update
  8. fatal_boot

    Microsoft Police aka Microsoft Software Audit

    Never had Microsoft audit (general audit happens each year). We have a mega Microsoft EA that has everything.
  9. If you knew a SOE systems engineer (like me) you could fire up Flexera Adminstudio and kickoff installation monitoring and it will show EVERYTHING that is going to happen during the install when you analyze the package.
  10. fatal_boot

    Goodbye Sydneysiders.. nice knowing you.

    Unless you live in Kingaroy of course. bah Funny you sure mention that (as someone in Kingaroy working at the power station). :-) Nothing wrong with CSG and water supplies in Kingaroy, it is the damn farmers that are the problem.
  11. Hi guys, Decided to watch Man Utd and Liverpool tonight on the laptop so I signed up to Fox Sports Premier League On Demand. As an after thought, I wondered if I could us the Playstation 3 on the big screen to watch the game. I went to the site, logged in, tried to test the video with 'On Demand' content however it comes up with Adobe Flash Player out of date click here to update. I follow the link and it doesn't have a download for the PS3. Straight after I did a System Update because there may have been an update for Flash Player in there however no luck. I tested it with YouTube and the Flash video worked fine. I'm out of ideas. It isn't the end of the world watching it on the laptop, however I suppose now it would be better on the big screen. :) All help and suggestions appreciated! (FYI, if you have a PS3, you can go to the Fox Sports On Demand signup page to test if the video works) Cheers.
  12. fatal_boot

    New Fridge with Ice Maker and Water

    Thanks for the help guys! Just about to plug it in. Cheers!
  13. Hi guys, Just received a new Samsung fridge with ice maker and water. We moved into a rental place until our new house is finished and I've had it provisioned it to have a water tap behind. In the mean time, the rental place doesn't have a water tap for the fridge. Question is: will not having water running to the fridge break/cause an issue with the fridge? I have searched google and it seems noone is crazy enough to own a fridge like this without using it for ice and water... Links would be appreciated. Cheers.
  14. fatal_boot

    Start of the Week Maths Fun!

    Hi guys, I'm having an issue with this problem: Find x for 0 <= x <= 2pi. sin (x) = 0.4526. I'm not sure what it is called so if anyone has a webpage to point me to with a reference, or even a name for the problem, it would be greatly appreciated. Don't even know where to start with this one.. Many thanks.