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    The BIade of The Poisoner

    Nice one. I actually got given the 2nd book (Master of Fiends) for a present MANY years ago. It was one of my first adventures into Fantasy Fiction. I actually only got to read the first book recently (as in last 2 years). It is classic high fantasy as you say. And I still feel ripped off that there isn't more. He did far to much sci-fi. (I don't enjoy scifi. Not sure why. Just is.) Oh and btw. Hi Atomic. Been sometime since I last toddled in. /waves AD
  2. AccessDenied

    Guess who's back, back again

    Toddles in. Waves. Sorry I didn't make it. But my social limits are getting a little far progressed. In the last month and over the next month or so, I was looking at 2 weekends at home. Pulling the plug on Atomic made it 3 weekends. I did want to catch up with people, but going to friends weddings and the like rated as higher priority. I also get overwhelmed in social situations. If it happens too often, I go into major anxiety meltdown and start getting migraines. However, it did mean I got to spend a lovely weekend with my son. Which was awesome. (Soo much Subnautica played. I think we played for close to 8 hrs this weekend). I look forwards to the next Atomic meet and hopefully it won't be in a period where I will be overwhelmed. And yes. I remember you SuperGeek. :P AD
  3. AccessDenied

    AtomicMPC 100th Issue Collector's Edition

    Iron Chef Atomic was awesome. Even if I did have to eat Lentil Chocolate cupcakes. (They weren't bad actually). /waves Seehund AD
  4. AccessDenied

    What's on your mind?

    Steroidal treatments suck. I had a case of hayfever so bad it felt like I had smashed my face with a hammer. I've hit myself with a hammer before.So it is based on experience. The hayfever led to infection and inflammation. The inflammation was so bad I'm now on steroidal treatment. It's giving me mood swings that gives the 'proverbial woman on PMS' a chance to say "Steady on". AD
  5. AccessDenied

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    Rybags. Careful with the pizza stone! If moisture is in it (From washing) when you put it in the oven it can crack! Get a nylon scourer. Use it DRY to scrub off any muck. If you need any lubricant, use a small amount of oil. AD
  6. AccessDenied

    how crap is this government ?

    Trump has been criticizing the Clinton camp for nigh on 20 years over Bill. He's made the bed. He needs to sleep in it. If he doesn't get that, then he has no right to be a politician. It's a damn dirty game, and he doesn't get to write many rules. Even if he is "The Wrecker". AD
  7. AccessDenied

    Green Room Pics Thread

    Final paragraph starts with "The burglars were charged with breaking and entering" Dudes were buggered when caught, and then buggered again when caught. AD
  8. AccessDenied

    Green Room Pics Thread

    But budgie smugglers are meant to HIDE the dicks. They're in full view here. AD
  9. AccessDenied

    What Did You Watch Lately ?

    Watching lectures on Robot Vision as part of a QUT certificate. Very basic at moment. But then, you can appreciate the groundwork. AD
  10. AccessDenied

    how crap is this government ?

    We actually can't fix that Director. That's what you are failing to understand. It might fix it in Australia. But you know what? What happens if a gay couple wants to go overseas? They're not married now. Now this gay couple may have to go through the same indignity because "They're not married". That's what you're missing Director and why I see the no debate as purely a 4yr old clutching something to their chest screaming "IT'S MINEEEEEEEE" when it truly is something that's meant to be shared. AD
  11. AccessDenied

    how crap is this government ?

    In the case of the gay married couple. One half of the couple was on life support and was not going to live. His marriage was not recognized so the other half could not pull the plug. They had to call the dying mans family in England (IIRC) and ask THEIR permission. All because the marriage wasn't recognized. Pretty shit ey. Defacto doesn't cover this despite the "Defacto gets all the same rights" arguments. Sorry. They don't. They get most of the rights yes. But the above mentioned issue is genuinely part of the issue. AD
  12. AccessDenied

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    I'm at about 7Mbps. I started at 18Mbps. It degraded until I was lucky to have 4Mbps at about 50% the time. I complained. I got a new pair from house (literally new lead in wire) to pole from there to pit and from there to exchange. I went up to about 15Mbps. It then degraded again. They left my lead in alone this time ( it was fine). I went to 11Mbps. I'm now at 7Mbps. All this in the space of 10 years. Biggest influence. Copper from pole to exchange. I'd *LOVE* 25Mbps. Looking at plans, I'd be paying the same as what I'm paying now! Copper in my area is degrading. It's taken less than 10 years to go from 18 Mbps to 11Mbps for "New" copper pairs in my area. It's not going to improve. FTTN was a stupid idea. It is up there with Howard selling Telstra "Whole". FTTdp is where it's at. It's what I'm going to get. I know this. I look forward to it. The connection will be awesome. The political bullshit cost billions. Liberal and Labor are both guilty of this. NBN was a cockup. Massively so. Labor would have cost less than "Liberal's Ideal" (Assuming no changes!). But both were wrong. I'd still love FTTP though. Mainly because I can foresee it being useful in about 15 years time. Oh well.. AD
  13. AccessDenied

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Over what time frame? FTTN is only cost effective for 'so long'. FTTdp is far more effective. To the premises is not so great. Ideal certainly. Of course. We do have the cash. But we waste it. (F35 cough cough cough cough) Time? I'm still waiting. Not even announced for ANYTHING.. NBN claims on schedule. But.. Refuse to announce schedule. Despite a 2016 promise. Yeah. Excuse my disappointment. My biggest thing was having to choose. FTTN or FTTP. Personally, I didn't like either, but FTTP was the better. I supported that. I can't influence politics. Partly because I'm too damn lazy. FTTdp is the best option. YET.. We tried that in Canberra. Did you know that? It failed. Telstra objected. Shortly after they got privatized by Howard. If it wasn't for Howard, Canberra would have FTTdp everywhere, paid for a private company. Isn't that a fucking dumbarse situation. AD (Fucked up statement of 2016 schedule. oh bloody well)
  14. AccessDenied

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    Copper rips too Leo. The twists in copper are not there for decoration. You also ignored my comment: And I agree with Leonid that the implementation was poor. Aussie govt going 'specialist' when they should have gone 'off the shelf' Now. That's my point. The Labor vision was poorly implemented. On this we agree. Now.. If we could have FTTP and "Off the Shelf".. What's your opinion? AD
  15. AccessDenied

    NBN - Is it too expensive?

    That's easy to deal with Leo. Even you've done this. "Have a fault, send a replacement". A box is cheap, so are batteries. (In grand scheme of things). Copper and trenches are expensive. Copper in my area is approaching 40. However, we are not on the map for NBN in any form yet. This is a good thing. Based off this, we'll get Fttdp. (And in all honesty, Fttdp is more than sufficient.. FTTP is a little excessive, yet still significantly better than FTTN). My biggest issue with Liberal vs Labor plans has been this and I've never worded it this way before: Liberal has winners and losers. Those close to the node with good copper win. Those in an area with crap copper and far from node lose. We have seen FTTN with increased speeds praising it. We've seen FTTN with decreased speeds cursing it. FTTP is an ideal. (And I agree with Leonid that the implementation was poor. Aussie govt going 'specialist' when they should have gone 'off the shelf') But FTTdp? This is a great compromise and what should have happened from day 0. You wouldn't need to investigate new technologies like X-FastG and the like. Dead money. Fibre nearby. Go. Done. Anyways. Copper on infrastructure is dead. It always will be. Look at newer technologies for copper transmission. 50m or less. This is about fibre to the phone-pole outside. The pit out the front. Get it inside. Copper is shortest distance possible now. AD