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  1. AccessDenied

    Israel did it.

    No problem. I'm just answering your statement. So let me answer it again. No. AD
  2. AccessDenied

    Israel did it.

  3. AccessDenied

    It's time to spill your guts

    So do you... Lurker... AD
  4. AccessDenied

    It's time to spill your guts

    White and gold. All I can see... Good day sir.. I said... Good DAY! (I have never been able to see the black and blue or whatever colours optically degenerates have claimed) AD
  5. AccessDenied

    Roll Call!

    Toddle Waddle. AD
  6. AccessDenied

    The Atomic era concludes and we were magnificent

    checking in. IT's sad. Not unexpected. But sad. All my childhood haunts have gone. Bulldozered under red-tape (That slippery-dip. It was awesome. So big. So awesome. so bloody dangerous..) and like that, Atomic too. This has been a huge part of my life. I have so many life-long friends from Atomic. I love many of you. Hate some of you.. And ambivalent about some of you. I am on facebook and discord. check for me. I tend to post under my nickname of Aiydee. (pronounced. A... D ) So in a way, Atomic stays with me forever. Accessdenied is where I started. Everyone started calling me AD. It sticks to this day. I'm AD. Thanks Atomic for giving me amazing memories. Still waiting for Part 2 of the Peltier article Ben. Love you all. I'll check in before 'close date' and say any final farewells then. Love you all. AD
  7. AccessDenied

    Terror attack in NZ

    "Hello Brother" To every person that tries to defend what happened, I propose we respond with "Hello Brother". Let the victim who defended himself with love and compassion, not violence, be the one who is remembered. Kind of "Weaponize Love". To Fraser Anning, I say Hello Brother. To the Islamophobes who supported this. I say Hello Brother. Let the victims be more important than the haters. Let the final words be those of love and remembrance of the victims. AD
  8. AccessDenied

    the atomican child of ravenclaw

    And yup. People have guessed correctly. Ultimately, lots of parental censorship going on. But his posts are his own. His opinions are his own. His punctuation tends to be someone elses. AD
  9. AccessDenied

    Green Room non-Googleable Music Quiz Game.

    I actually am kinda lost at the moment. I looked back on last few pages. Did they get it or not?
  10. AccessDenied

    The most special people

    Still Lubs you Hulkster. It's like Love, but in a manly way. The balls don't touch. or something. I dunno. Maybe they do. And that's the charm. SWING LOW! SWEET CHARIOT! Lubs you.
  11. AccessDenied

    Encroaching dystopia

    This is gonna sound silly, but give it a shot. Next time it's acting iffy, try holding the card by the edges and hold it towards the scanner. Don't touch anything but the edges. Reason: Cards often work off a loop of copper. Sometimes they're really crap and just your body (thumb/finger) in the way is enough to interrupt the signal. Sometimes it's just purely because the coil windings are so shit that they can't form a good circuit and some readers are just good enough to pick up a shit signal (in which case, get a new card) But seriously. Try holding card by edges and see if it makes a difference next time. Remove your skin and body from the antenna circuit. AD
  12. AccessDenied

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    It's just a damn shame I don't live closer to you or vice versa Devere. I love my charcuterie and have troubles finding people to team up with. Often doing charcuterie is a team game. Even if it's just for sanity. Ah well. I'll find someone that can eat it and enjoy making it (Wife can't eat it unfortunately. Well the bacon she can. But the other stuff sets of a medical condition. Blah) AD
  13. AccessDenied

    Trust issues not helping me move on.

    Not qualified or experienced to give the advice. So Here I GO. (In for a penny in for a pound!) 1) Have you talked to her about the trust issues? Why you maybe like this? 2) Have you signed a pre-nup or similar? Would that help with your mental wellbeing knowing that you'd be secure if there was a legal document there supporting you? AD
  14. AccessDenied

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    You have a fridge? You can dry meat. It just requires more effort. For example, my technique which I'll keep vague because I don't have my recipe book in front of me to give exact measurements. Mix sodium nitrate, salt (pure, non-iodized) and brown sugar in appropriate ratios. Get rindless pork belly and rub mixture onto it Seal in bag (vacuum is best, but I use a double zip-lock freezer bag. Submerge in water to squeeze out most of air and then seal, whilst being careful not to get water inside the bag) Massage the bag thoroughly. Put in fridge. Every day, take bag out, massage rub into pork belly and turn over. Do for 5 days or so (depending on thickness of porkbelly) Remove from bag. Wash THOROUGHLY with clean running water. Pat dry. Put in fridge again overnight. Cold smoke. Slice Take portions you will use in short-term and put in fridge and put rest in freezer, slices separated by baking paper. Local temperature/humidity has little input. If you have to hotsmoke, then slice it all up, and don't freeze, but share it around with your mates. Put in fridge and eat within 4 - 5 days. AD
  15. AccessDenied

    Coffee... Bacon... COFFEE BACON!

    I'm definitely going to give Coffee Bacon a go (My wife may not be so keen as she doesn't like coffee). Have to ask Devere.. Many books by Ruhlman on your bookshelf? I've got 2. Also as an aside. Saw your signature. And damn.. That was so temptingly close to what I could read. (I'm learning Irish. Your signature is Scottish. So close. It makes me think about how much trade there must have been for so many similarities in language yet their own differences) Dave