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  1. turned on intel XMP and now i see 7.45GB available. no idea where the other 500mb has gone but i am calling it a day i think.. haha
  2. igp disabled, ram set to 32mb, default gfx set to pcie, memory remapping set to disabled.. still the same result.
  3. Hi guys, Ive only got 8gb of ddr3 in my mini itx rig due to cooler clearance, and it seems that something (im guessing the onboard graphics) is chewing up 2.7gb of it.. windows reports 8gb ram installed 5.33gb useable.. or am i looking at something else. Did a bit of googling and couldnt find much.. also cheesed off because the bios update wiped my vrm settings :( need to be more careful next time haha...
  4. B82R3S

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    yeah i myself like the enfield because i love bolt action ironsight rifles... shame its too loud.
  5. B82R3S

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    you guys used the m203? ive had some bad luck with it, ive had fun hitting zombies in the head with a HE nade but like once there was a guy prone at the base of the tree, i lobbed it right at the base of the tree he was prone behind no damage to him (he said) his head and legs were sticking out either side of the tree base..
  6. B82R3S

    Wolfenstein 3D hi-def remake

    downloading.... when i get home
  7. B82R3S

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    any of you guys in decent dayz groups? ive done basic tactical stuff with my friends or solo but looking for a team of players to join. I prefer to snipe but dont get to often as i usually play solo.
  8. B82R3S

    DayZ: An ARMA II zombie survival mod

    my best advice is that you dont find vehicles, they find you! but the despawning of unused vehicles thast been proposed will change that ive found a car someone hid in the forest, lots of fun does ~110 on tarmac and i also found a dirtbike. i had more fun in the dirtbike but it is fragile and hard as to ride through a forest. I shot it up with an ak though, went from our home in the forest to about 3 shops, maybe 5 deer stands stary sobor and another joint, used the jerry cans stored in the bike and on the way home, detoured to get fuel, saw a sheep in the paddock so held turbo and rammed it, sheep flew 100 metres but i had broken a wheel on the bike, went into town and found a wheel luckily, put it on and then it turned out that the damaged wheel was the rear one not the front, so i got mad and decided if i cant have it noone can! its still there though, if someone hops on and tries to ride it will explode hahaha!
  9. haha yeah i guess thats fair plus its a bit much to expect intel to replace old ones anyway, and my 4.5 doesnt run too hot atm..
  10. Keep using it? its no different to any other revision of a cpu if they did one. i just meant if intel said hey we ***ed up, heres a solder version go nuts kids, and they overclock better and run cooler, what would i do with my shitty ivy bridge chip, apart from have a lower oc and run hotter lol
  11. turned it back to stock, get random resets, i think its because of vdroop... i dont really want to pile .1-.2v extra just so it wont vdroop too much, anyone got a list of "safe" settings, i appreciate the PDF but it doesnt really say Hey this will fuxor chips if you set it to this." Cheers
  12. B82R3S

    Dual channel worth it?

    interdasting, performance vs cost isnt that bad, might consider it when i feel lucky enough to try taking the heatspreaders off again
  13. do you mean lower voltage = more droop? or to say harden up and set a higher voltage?
  14. Hey all, ive never done touch typing before at school i just sort of learnt where the keys are. My default typing "method" is left hand will use index middle and ring for typing, primarily using the index finger to type ( middle and ring only really used when theres a combo of keys on that side of the board). Left pinkie hovers above shift, thumb above space, and then on my right hand i just use the index finger to type letters and the ring finger to backspace/enter. I have gotten 104wpm as an all time best but there is alot of strain with my right hadn and qwerty doing stuff. Im thinking its because of my Big hands, fat fingers and gaming that ive adopted this style of typing. I really want to get rid of it so i can learn dvorak properly, id like to type about 130wpm without strain using 10fastfingers as a test, its my overall goal (doesnt mean ill reach it). anyway, does anyone have pointers for learning the proper method or other methods that are better but not great? When hovering above homerow my hands feel cramped and i dont feel confident at all using the pinkie to type anything. I try to force myself and hover above home row but it feels awkward. I know that the hands are meant to float and move but if i do that i usually start to revert to my old style (my pinkie will start to become useless again). if theres a style that is designed for people without pinkie fingers that would work for me! And the real reason is that in our project team, one of the guys is regarded as the fastest typer, i beat him and set a sizeable margin, and hes crept up to 104 over 1 week, very fun competition but id like to win it haha!
  15. sorry i meant the GPU Core id as5, im not sure what id do with the ram modules, or will the thermal pads not destroy themselves when i remove the HSF? yeah 2 slot aftermarket may be an idea... but ive only got 2 pci slots, what most 2 slots are the card + 2 extra slots...