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  1. auditri

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    Damm dude where you been???? Oh and I have added you to the ACDC Platoon. Welcome. Watch out for the suppression. And the Dart. Been in the real world Mate. Have missed the old days of [AC-DC]. Is there a BF4 platoon? Hit me up..
  2. auditri

    What's on your mind?

    Haven't been a regular on Atomic for some time... Years actually.. Life seems to get in the way.. Jumped on because I saw Cheeky's Wedding (which I was oblivious too) photos on FB, and then started reading the Green Room.. And read this.. TBH, feeling a bit sad / nostalgic. Think about the last 10 or so years on Atomic..
  3. auditri

    What of Atomic?

    This makes me sad. :(
  4. auditri

    Need some BSOD advice..

    Thanks for the replies Guys; @meowkitty - As I mentioned no logs are be written to the minidump folder on BSOD. It seems there is a 'literal crash' (power failure) 0.5 second after the BSOD. @p0is0n - I will do that tonight. I think the CPU/RAM should be fine. I spent several months diagnosing the initial memory fault (as MemTest wasn't picking up any errors), and I often leave the PC on overnight to download large files etc. But will give it a shot anyway. Thanks.
  5. Hey Guys, Just need a little advice with my PC.. I've had a few issues, since my build back in October; I had a dodgy VGA card that I RMA'd, and recently got rid of XMP memory that also seemed to be causing problems. Anyways.. This problem I am having intermittently now is I'll usually be in game, playing something like BF3, and all of a sudden I'll get a BSOD crash - but the BSOD is only there for a fraction of a second, and doesn't actually write a log file for what caused the issue. When I get back into Event Viewer the only indication of a crash is that there is a message that "The computer has restarted from an unexpected shutdown". This makes me think it is either a heat issue, or a power issue. This is my setup; Core i7 2600K (@4.6Ghz) ASRock Extreme7 Gen 3 4x 4gb DDR3 RipJaws eVGA Geforce GTX580 1.5Gb [superClocked] 015-P3-1582-KR Noctua NH-D14 (2x Fans) Corsair AX850 OCZ Agility 3 120Gb 3x SATA HDD's Digital Now Quad Tuner Auzentech Prelude 7.1 audio BDR-206BKR Pioneer DVDr (1x 120mm LED fan, 1x 120mm fan) When I'm playing, I have 'EVGA Precision' running, and I have a custom fan curve setup in the app. It gets a bit loud, but the GPU doesn't get over 50C. The Noctua Cooler also keeps the CPU pretty cool, BIOS shut off is high, around 90C so I don't think its that.. So, I thought 850w should have been enough to power all of this. Doesn't anyone have any ideas of how I can find what's causing the crash (preferably without buying a new PSU) Is there any recommended diagnostic / logging software I could use to track rail voltage, temps etc etc? (There are two other things that may be causing problems: The drivers on the Auzentech which aren't WHQL certified & 'Intel Smart Connect' which I uninstalled recently.. But I need to get a BSOD log before I can determine if one of these is the cause of the crash..) Thanks in Advance! auditri
  6. auditri

    Bringing back [AC-DC] for Battlefield 3?

    Hey Guys! Add me in.. My player name is "Almighty_au"
  7. auditri

    AsRock Extreme7 Gen3 overclocking

    Nice! Thanks for the info! I'll have a crack this weekend.. :D
  8. auditri

    AsRock Extreme7 Gen3 overclocking

    @ p0is(+)n - Thanks Mate. I did read that link already, I understand they are very similar but I was seeking info on that specific board. To be clear, I have been using the built in OC's and have it running comfortably @ 4.6 at around 35C. No Load testing just yet. I seem to have an issue with trying to get 4.8 with the built ins, it doesn't want to boot, so I'm guessing I will need to override the voltages at this point. And this is where I'm at, pushing over the auto-clocks into manual territory - I have read a fair bit about what to do, I get that, I'm just interested in getting info for UEFI configs.. Again, I know its relatively the same, but there are some subtle differences.. I will do some more googling.. ;) In answer to your questions; 1) Correct 2) as above 4.6 auto OC 3) I guess figuring out the voltages, and then nailing down the DRAM timings. From what I've read its basically a lot of testing, trial and error.. My niggle (from OP) is getting the RAM to run at 2133mhz. Currently it sits on 1600Mhz, when I try to XMB 1.2 config, I get boot fails. So I'm wondering to get this running at speed, do I need test in a similar fashion to CPU OCing? Incremental increases? @HC - Yep, the built ins are very easy to use, big fan of this board so far. CMOS reset button is a brilliant feature too! @Osama_bin_athlon - Thats what I'm interested in, pushing it to the 5Ghz mark. My main concern is obviously if the Noctua will be sufficient, and what voltage limits are.. I think I read somewhere around 1.4v is really as high as you want to take it.. Obviously I don't want to fry it..
  9. Sorry Guys, I didn't want to post another "noob needs help with OCing", but I kind of do.. Got the rig together in my sig, and despite a couple of small niggles, well one big niggle one small, its all running great. So to fix the small niggle (and hopefully the big one at the same time) I'm planning on a format this weekend, and was hoping someone out there has some experience O/C the AsRock Extreme7 Gen3 board. I've read a few topics in the category, and have read the guides for O/Cing on TechReaction, Bit-Tech, and a couple of other sites, but wondering if anyone on here had any first hand experience with this board so I know what to expect, and even more importantly how to go about the O/C - as in a specific OC guide for AsRock / UEFI. Or alternatively, anyone who WAS a noob, if you got a really concise guide, I'd love to read that too.. Thanks! a
  10. auditri

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    Hmm... Still yet to play more than 5mins. Having some chronic C2D and driver failures.. :( Curse you GeForce!~ Will be doing a fresh install over the weekend, and hopefully will get things back online. So desperate to play..
  11. auditri

    NTLDR is missing

    Hey Thanks GFK! I didn't want to, but looks like I'll have to do a format. :( So after I finish this job, I'll start over. Thanks for all the info Mate! ;) BTW: I have an OCZ Agility 3 SSD, on their website they say; "Any OCZ SSD drives installed in the system will not be recognized by the (update) Toolbox if you are using an Intel chipset based motherboard running the Intel RST 10.1.X.XXXX AHCI drivers. We recommend using Microsoft ACHI drivers for Toolbox to be properly recognized." So in that instance, I'll have to stick with the stock Win7 ACHI driver for update, do you reckon I upgrade the Intel RST after the upgrade or stick with stock Win7 ACHI? They don't mention anything about what to do after you upgrade.
  12. auditri

    RAM identification issue

    Thanks Guys.. I have done more research, and Yes what you are both saying is absolutely correct. Have I had any luck? Not yet. Hopefully I'll get to play around with it this weekend..
  13. auditri

    NTLDR is missing

    Really? Is there a way of switching to AHCI without having to re-install?
  14. auditri

    NTLDR is missing

    Um.. Just changed it to the port the Mobo manual recommended as a SATA boot port. I'm sure it will be different for each mobo.. :S (Mine was SATA_3_0 or SATA_3_1 I think..) I did unplug all of my other drives, so only optical & SSD were plugged in. Once OS was installed, plugged the regular HDDs in and all was fine.
  15. Hey Guys, So finished the new build and it was all relatively smooth, the only issue is the following; The RAM is correctly identified in the XMP 1.2 profile, but its not running at the the correct speeds. DRAM speed & CAS frequencies are both out. I've tried changing the profile settings, but it results in a non-boot, and I have to press the clear CMOS button to reset and get booting again. Wondering if anyone has had this issue and knows of a fix. I'm running the latest UEFI (1.30) for the board.