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  1. Guy Smiley

    Motherboard problem?

    I had a similar problem with the same motherboard (P6T) After a fresh install of windows 7, I restarted the machine and I received an "invalid boot device" error. So i disconnected all the drives, except for the SSD and restarted, the machine started normally. I shut the machine down and reconnected the 2nd SSD and my storage drive, after restart, same issue. I checked in the BIOS and the Primary SSD was set as the first boot device and it was listed as a device in BIOS. I disconnected all the drives except the SSD and restarted. In BIOS, the SSD, was listed as the third device, even though it was plugged into the SATA1 Port. I swapped to the SATA2 Port and restarted, the device was listed as the second device. i swapped to SATA3 and restarted, the device was now listed as the first device. I exited BIOS and the restarted, Windows started normally. I powered off, reconnected the other 2 drives and restarted, the machine now starts normally, and the SSD is still listed as the first device in BIOS.
  2. Guy Smiley

    Portal 2

    I am hoping that it will be the companion cube pin. but i dont really care, I just want Portal 2!!
  3. Guy Smiley

    Best game EVAR?!?!

    It's hard to say best EVAR!! but there have been some standouts, especially bsed on the amount of hours that I would have clokced on them. Deus Ex Total Annihilation X-Com: Apocolypse Quake 2 + mods, (specifically Action Quake) Diablo and Diablo 2 Team Fortress I have only started ME, but I must say it looks pretty impressive. :)
  4. Guy Smiley


    I thought similarly at first, but after seeing it again i noticed... his kids look significantly different when he sees them and if you watch the credits there are different actors playing his kids at different ages, Phillipa (3 years) and Phillipa (5 Years) and James (20 months) and James (3 Years), surely if he was stuck in the dream state they wouldn't have aged, as his kids would look like what he remembers, like Mal was, not what they are. Also the top start to wobble, where in the dream state it is perfectly still and spinning.
  5. Guy Smiley

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Pendulum - Propane nightmares
  6. Guy Smiley

    Quick Question RE: Moving AD Fields \ MMC Columns

    Depends what you want to export, most of the OU "folders" have the (right-click) export list facility and you can choose to export to a CSV.
  7. Guy Smiley


    Depends on your situation, if you are in a 2003 environment, I would suggest getting your 2003 MCSE first, then eventually upgrading to MCTS, then to MCITP-SA the EA. That way all your bases are covered. 2003 is still going to be used, and useful for a good number of years. I worked for a company in 2007 and they still had NT4 servers, and are currently still running Server 2000. In my current position we are using 2003, but are slowly phasing in 2008.
  8. Guy Smiley

    What car would you buy for $20k?

    Chrysler Sebring - Diesel
  9. Guy Smiley

    GO baby, Go, Go go go go

    I thought the same thing reading the heading. :)
  10. Guy Smiley

    Automatic drivers need not apply

    +1 - Engage clutch - Out of gear - Clutch in and Start engine - Engage gear - Disengage handbrake - Vroom vroom
  11. Guy Smiley

    Futurama Season 5. Or possibly 6.

    I must say that i was less than impresed with the movies, I am holding reservations that the episodes are better. :)
  12. Guy Smiley

    Futurama Season 5. Or possibly 6.

    ...and Zapp Branigan
  13. Guy Smiley

    Game endings that don't deliver..

    Bad Endings: Fallout 3, Halo 2, WET (yeah, played it!), Heavy Rain, COD: MW (only because you can't save Captain Price or Gaz) Good Endings: Red Dead Redemption, Braid, Oddworld and Abe's Exxodus, Hitman: Blood Money
  14. Guy Smiley

    State of Origin II

    well it's good to see that the NSW under 13 girls team is playing, it's a shame that NSW can't field a good team, or is it that QLD just have much better players and a more cohesive team. Jebus I hope that the 2nd half gets better. :(
  15. Guy Smiley

    What would make you consider yourself wealthy?

    The comic is Chris Rock (Never Scared) "Shaq is rich. The white man who signs his check … is wealthy. "Ah, here you go, Shaq. Go buy yourself a bouncing car. Bling, bling!"" I see Rich as the definition of having an abundance of money, in quality or quantity. Where as I see Wealthy as an abundance of valuable resources or material possessions or the control of such assets. Rich - having money to do the things that I want without worrying about, either: paying it back, or ensuring that I have left enough to live on for a while. Wealthy - As above, but not having to care :)