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  1. Thanks for following up on this mohawk, Netplus didn't end up having a 4870, but they did have a number of Sapphire 4890 Vapor-X's in stock, so I paid them the difference - about $40 and ended up getting that instead! Been playing on it for about 1 hr, at full HD and it hasn't hiccuped yet, fingers crossed!!! So yeah - It all ended up alright! :) Thanks again for all your help! Cheers,
  2. I ended up going back to Netplus and giving it to them to diagnose. They came back 3 days later saying that the graphics card was faulty and they replaced it. Ended up coming back home and checking it out - they've given me a 512Mb card instead! :( I've been cranking COD4 and the issue hasn't resurfaced, I'd like to just keep the card, but I know I paid good money for the 1Gb version. Heading back up there toms... :(
  3. Hi mohawk, Thanks for following up on this, really do appreciate it. Well I ended up installing Vista64. and updated all my drivers. Installed COD4 and tested it and the problem is still occurring. The D601 is being lit and the system crashes exactly the same as it did in Windows7. After the reboot I checked the event logs, however there wasn't any events registered which may point to this issue. Where too now? Is there any software out there that logs power usage for major peripherals to file? Again, thanks for reading this thread, and if you have any suggestions please send them through.
  4. Is another OS the only solution though? I'll try XP over the course of this weekend and I'll see if that fixes things. I've also noticed that the D601 LED on the 4870 is lit when the crash occurs, and since my last crash and restart it is still lit. Googling that points to critical core power fault. So is it another power supply issue then?
  5. Hi All, I recently purchased a custom built computer by Netplus according to these specifications: Intel Core i7 920 Gigabyte EX58-UD3R Kingston 6Gb DDR3 (Value I presume) Asus ATI 4870 1Gb 2x 1Tb Samsung SATA2 in RAID 0 (partitioned into 300Gb C drive and remainder into E drive) Sony 20X SATA DVD Writer Antec Sonata III with Antec Earthwatts 500W power supply MS basic keyboard/ mouse pack I've installed Windows 7 RC as the OS. Whilst playing COD4 online at 1920x1080 resolution I found that my computer would always bail out from the game catastrophically and I'd be left with a black screen with the only option to push the reset button (CTRL-ALT-DEL DID NOT work). This would happen at random points in the game, not at any particular stage nor after an elapsed time. Upon investigation into the event viewer, I was surprised to see that for every occurrence of this shutdown there was a corresponding Critical level event generated from Kernel-Power with event ID 41, stating that "The system has rebooted without cleanly shutting down first. This error could be caused if the system stopped responding, crashed, or lost power unexpectedly." So I went back to Netplus and they said that I needed extra power, stating that the 500W probably did not provide enough juice to the graphics card. So i ended up buying a Corsair TX850W power supply. Thinking that the problem was solved I happily installed the power supply, verifying that all connections to the mobo, graphics card, fans, HDs and Optical drives were connected. I fired up COD4 not expecting anything to go wrong, but indeed I got another complete shutdown, with the same event ID in the event viewer. I'll be grateful for any help to find out why this may be happening and to suggest possible solutions to the problem. I've googled but everyone seems to be pointing to an underpowered rig, but this is a brand new 850W Corsair unit. Thanks in anticipation, djvin