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  1. Hi, at work I need to use dial up to remotely administer some of the devices we look after. When I am dialed in, I lose the ability to use the internet connection on my LAN/WiFi. It appears that windows is trying to use the dial up to do this. I am able still to access local network resorces, ie. Exchange. Is there a way to set priority to the LAN/WiFi? Running Windows 7 Pro. Cheers, Steven.
  2. StevieD

    WP7 on SBS2007 exchange

    BUMP! Anyone. Please. Im at a loss lol.
  3. StevieD

    WP7 on SBS2007 exchange

    SLIGHT UPDATE i got it to work on our Local WiFi with: Email: user@domain.com.au Password: **** Domain: DOMAIN.LOCAL SERVER: SERVER.DOMAIN.LOCAL SSL: on remotely i had tried, and got the certificate error: Email: user@domain.com.au Password: **** Domain: DOMAIN SERVER: mail.DOMAIN.com.au SSL: on NOTE: on the iPhones we use mail.DOMAIN.com.au and this works fine. hope this helps with any possible solution to get this to work remotely
  4. Hi I was looking for any help on setting up Windows Phone 7 on exchange. the iphone and android just work, however I receive a certificate error on WP7. i have found and followed a few forums of people with the same issue butnone if the ' fixes' worked for me. I have manually installed a few certificates on thw phone as mentioned in some of the fixes, how ever I'm not entierly sure they were the right ones. I have admin access to the server if I need to change something there. Any help would be appreciated. Cheers, steven.
  5. StevieD

    XBox 360

    this is now my plan ... was hoping that it would be somewhat generic PC components, thought it would be to easy :)
  6. is it possible to install an operating system on the 360 hardware ... everything i can find appears to be a hack that will let you use it as a xbox. i just want it to be a PC. would prefer to use Ubuntu but what ever. i have a spare 360 that i want to fiddle with. cheers
  7. StevieD

    Android Wireless

    ive tried google-ing, but cant find an answer ... is there a 3rd party app or tweak to make it more like the iPhone. By more like the iPhone i mean, setup and IP profile per wireless AP. At the moment i have to keep changing my address between home, work and mates places.
  8. sweet ... ill alter it slightly to meet my needs. one last question ... some of the files/folders have "-" "," "[" "]" will that cause any dramas ?
  9. so i exported my movie list for the father in law. ls /mnt/Movies >> ~/Desktop/Movies.txt he went through the list and deleted the lines for the movies he doesnt want. what i want to do now is: 1. Determine the total size of all the files that he wants 2. Copy what he want to a external drive im not sure if it makes a difference, but my folder structure is: ./Movies/{Movie Title}/{Movie}.avisome may be ./Movies/Saw/Saw 1/Saw 1.avi./Movies/Saw/Saw 2/Saw 2.avi....etc Cheers
  10. StevieD

    iPhone -> Android

    The missus and I are moving from iPhones to android ( galaxy S ) After any tips from anyone who has made the jump. one question I do have. With the iPhone AppStore we use to use one iTunes account so when I bought an app the misus could also get the app for no cost. How does the android market work ? We get the new phone Monday or Tuesday, I'll probably post a few more questions as they arise.
  11. StevieD

    New Google Nexus S

    this phone looks great. ive had my fun with the iPhone and am looking at changing to Android. I have noticed that this isnt available in australia, and was wondering where is the best place to look at for importing one. i have never bought any electronics from overseas and would like to know what exactly to look for. cheers
  12. StevieD

    256mb USB Drive Thinks 5gig

    So I was messing about with PC Clone (Free) today and tried to clone a 5.7-ish gig Recovery partition on to a 256mb USB Drive. It didnt cause any errors with regards to destination size not large enough, so i went through to see what would happen. All was good it finished 'Successfully'. So i plugged it in to an XP machine and now it shows up as a 5.7ish gig drive. (under My Computer > Removable Drive > Properties) it has 1.4gig used of 5.7gig. Under Disk Management it shows up as a 256mb drive. Now my question is, i know when data is written to a disk its not necessarily in order, what would happen to anything i try to copy? would some data exist on the drive and some disappear? why do all the files from the clone show up, with file types and sizes intact? Thanks in advance for putting my mind to rest.
  13. StevieD

    Searching Server 2003

    the boss has asked me to find a way for end users to search the files on the server. he suggested a web page, i got to thinking some javascript and searching the specified path, but that seemed very iffy. so not to my question, could i set up indexing and point the end user search to the Server index. we have the Desktop Search 3.0 on all machines. im unsure of the bosses intentions with it. any help would be great, or a possible other solution. cheers
  14. StevieD

    iPhone Exchange Problem

    everyone in my workplace has an iPhone connected to the exchange server for calendar and mail sync. it has always worked up until a couple of weeks ago. remotely on 3g or other WiFi's we can connect and receive emails, however when we are on our local wifi (same LAN as exchange) we get 'Cannot Get Mail, The Connection to the Server Failed.' i thought it might have been a 4.0 issue but a couple of people have not upgraded and are still running 3.x has anyone experienced this, or know of any possible fix. cheers, Steven
  15. StevieD

    Ubuntu LAMP Wordpress

    i was using the admin webpage to add theme ... and it went to the FTP details page when i clicked install. if i find a theme using the add new theme page, how do i download the theme files and manually do it ?