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  1. I was going to get a new processor also. Sorry forgot to mention. Current one is i3 530.
  2. Its been a while since ive had to even thing about opening a case up. Last night pc went out and wouldnt reboot. I unplugged/removed everything from the mobo, attempting to power up, lasts about a second and goes out. Unplugged and checked psu bridging green wire to black, starts up and rails check out voltage wise. Would appreciate your thoughts on replacements for a new mobo and cpu, old one was a gigabyte h55m-usb3. Ive spent far too much time out of the loop to have much idea on the current state of tech. Pc is only getting used online and a bit of Civ 5 on lowest settings.
  3. stevie

    Alcohol fuel stoves.

    Nah pretty easy, The hardest part was getting eve square cuts on the bottom of yourf can so you didn't have sharp edges but scissors and stanley knife and your away! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Beverage-can_stove Here's the wiki for ya.
  4. stevie

    Alcohol fuel stoves.

    Hey 1shot I I made a couple of metho fueled stoved out of coke cans once, they work real well and are cheap to boot.
  5. That was so bad that it was good!
  6. stevie

    Sea Shepherd boat sunk

    I think any publicity for the whalers is bad publicity. We'll beat em eventually.