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    Cheapo gaming sound cards.

    Been a few days since i last checked this post. Havent been bothered to open up the case and check to see what it REALLY is. Ran the auto update function on the creative labs website and basically it told me i have sb 5.1 installed. I'll pull out the card this weekend but basically i got dudded methinks. Its supposed to be X-Fi XtremeGamer card. oh well. I'll update sometime this weekend.
  2. davidj76

    Cheapo gaming sound cards.

    Sorry to hijack thread but rather then start a new one. I have a sound blaster xtreme card installed on my system (xp) but for some reason the system thinks its is a sb 5.1?!?!?!? have downloaded all drivers but when run, they say i dont have the card in my system!.. Im beginning to think i was sold a dud card off ebay. What do you think i should do? rip it out and go with the onboard sound...its a newish board so it has i assume the latest version of ac97.
  3. davidj76

    PSU selection

    Yeah i have considered seasonic. Corsair use seasonic so is basically the same thing....almost. Reason im going with the Enermax is that its newer tech and from the reviews is quite eff at all loadings and DEAD quiet. I orginally went for the hx620 cos it was corsair aka seasonic and it was SUPPOSEDLEY available from umart......which i found out the hard way. I dont know about you but it shits me to tears when my time is wasted. Anyways offtopic......the m12 if im correct has been around for a number of years. And the power plus model...which i cant see on the parts list of msy or if is it the prs model?? Its all good stuff but the enermax just seems to have those little extra's that set it apart from the rest. Anyways ive decided to go with the enermax.....depending if its in stock or not. Was about to buy it from i-tech because they offered it with registered shipping...but did a search on whirlpool and they dont seem too crash hot. That and the fact that their last testimonial was back in 02?!?!?!?. Company im buying off is mtech. Arthur who i assume is the owner or sales person is quite quick with email replies (always a good sign)
  4. davidj76

    PSU selection

    lol after i wrote this thread, i looked up on the main page and saw the psu sticky thread....doh! Wish i hadnt then i wouldnt of known about the new Corsair HX750. 90% eff!!! hahaha at this rate i'll never build my system. Yes Umart will have stock in on wednesday and i guess a major plus is that if i buy from them then if anything goes wrong i can just go back to the store. With the Enermax, i will have to pay for postage back to melbourne. Of course if its built up to scratch then chances are that shouldnt happen but you never know. Just found out that Enermax has 3 years wrty compared to 5 for corsair. hmmmmmmm
  5. Hey all, Ive spent the last couple of days looking up psu's and its driving me crazy. I thought it would be a simple thing and just buy one thats reputable and thats that......or so i thought. Turns out upon further research on the net, theres the 80+ rating, modular, crossfire/sli support, oem rebadged as something else etc etc. I was going to get a corsair TX750 as recommended by Dasa. Fine i thought, i'll try msy....shit they dont stock it but they do stock other ones.....research research...turns out most of their psu's while "new" are models that were released years ago!. Fine i'll go Umart. Whoa huge selection, do more research but none the wiser. Wrote them an email detailing what i was putting into my system and they came back with a recommendation of the corsair hx620. Hmmmmm read about it and it seems to be the ducks nuts. Ordered it online and then went in to pick it up on saturday....oh sorry...not in stock...even though on the internet it said it would be in on that day. WTF....ok canceled the order and looked around for more options. Now have tentatively decided on an Enermax 625w. Read a few reviews and it looks and goes alright. 80+ eff at multiple power loads, very quiet and modular....even supports crossfire/sli. 158 bucks....from M tech computers in melbourne (im in brisbane). Now my question is before i go off and order it.......have i missed any obvious ones? i know that corsair uses seasonic psu's and add their own spin to it....and etc etc. Am i right to go with a newish model psu over the older ones, even though the older ones whilst still new are less eff?
  6. hey dasa, Im jsut about to start getting parts for my pc build. Just thought id look into atomic and see what people were recommending and came upon your thread. Any particular reason you rate patriot memory over the rest? namely corsair?