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    Sort Folders by Size Windows 7

    Hi Im using Windows 7 and want to sort my folders by file size,Dont think I can sort it using the default file explorer unless someone knows a way ? .Does anyone know what software I can use to sort folders by file size ? Can u list a few 3rd party file explorers ? free or paid
  2. Cool thx for the link Master_Scythe , aliali - the backup file extension *.* tib, i made using Acronis cant be mounted I get an error "Error while opening the archive file.The archive format is not supported by this operation" I think this is because i backed up the folder only not the drive.I found an alternate solution to this.Turns out I can save the backup instead as a zip file so I can go to winzip and search for the file is need be
  3. Hi i was just wondering if any way to search in a backup image for a particular file ? I made a backup using Acronis True Image Home I was able to open and explore the image but im not able to search for a particular file unless im in the same folder supposed the filename is called azn.mp3 and its located in the folder ccc etc a:\aaa\bbb\ccc\azn.mp3 if i go to folder aaa or bbb azn.mp3 cant be found if i use explorers search i have to go into folder ccc and then search "azn" in order for it to be found Only because i know where azn.mp3 is which is the reason why i can find it but what if i dont know which folder it is in how do i find it ? Are there other backup and\or file search software which i can use? Also are there any backup software which dont create an image instead just a dedicated folder to update new files added which is an exact copy of the folder i wish to backup ? If im not clear please ask me Thanks in advance
  4. azndude

    Maximum PC ?

    Now that Atomic MPC is no longer being printed Im looking around for other enthusiast magazines .I stumbled accross Maximum PC its from the states.Was just wondering has anyone here heard of it before ? And what are your thoughts ?
  5. Just wondering how many different user classes are there on the Atomic Forums ? eg im a lurker besides this what else is there ?
  6. azndude

    What of Atomic?

    damn thats a shame , have been an atomic reader since 2002 (dont go on these forums much) .Atomic caught my attention when u had the water cooling on the cover..No other mag does it like atomic.I like reading atomic because the articles aren't for the mainstream pc user, its aimed for the pc enthusiast with articles which cant be found on the other PC mags.I hope PC&TA will can continue atomic mpc legacy.I dont want to pick up just another PC Mag ( there are plenty of them!) I want an enthusiast MAG which is Atomic PS I was hoping for more of a warning that Atomic was stopped.The article "This is not an Obituary" inst eye catching enough and not enough of a forewarning IMO. I didn't end up reading that last article until today when i hopped onto the forums and found out the bad news.Yes I know atomic is released around the 15th each month usually a month in advance ! I've been waiting a while for the next issue to arrive never expected this to happen RIP Atomic MPC !