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  1. Futon

    Work Experience Kid

    We have a work experience kid in at the moment. We have fake jobs lined up for them. So all the ins and outs of the real thing but they cant screw up as its never done in a commercial environment. They are there to experience the job. Make them do what you do everyday, just in a space where they cant break anything. They love it. We've even had kids come back just for fun on their holidays. Crazy bastards. Note: I work in a design studio, so its generally a balls-out-fun job everyday anyway.
  2. Futon

    Learning to draw/design in general...

    yep, just practice. Pick up a book on it. Perspective is easy once you are taught the techniques. Shading is complex because of the way light works, but books will explain it. Colour is fucking retarded. Im a graphic designer and I can't draw for shit. Being creative is not about how good you can draw, and it sure as hell doesn't stop you.
  3. Futon

    Battlefield3 first thoughts.

    $55 on dungeon crawl? Is that a good price. I just grabbed it. Prefect timing for the end of four years of uni :D:D:D
  4. Futon

    Origin ID Listing

    Atomic ID = Futon....................Origin ID = futonfutonfuton....................Soldiername = futonfutonfuton
  5. mneh, i dont use a mic unless its friends, and even then its the built in mic to yell when im am seriously in trouble. Its for when you need help and thats about it for me. Never on pubs because people are dicks.
  6. Futon

    How much is 20 grand worth these days?

    The "art" in this artwork wasnt the 2 bundle of cash. If you read into what the idea was, its about the value of art. This is the easiest way to test it. Instead of a painting being worth $30 of canvas, $2.67 of paint etc, the idea is that the artworks physical value is clear, and the way the artist explores the value of art is by then saying this cash is art, and seeing how it affects the price of an otherwise material object. Turns out it goes down. Which is why it sucks to be an art student when you spend $400 on materials and sell a painting for $200.
  7. Futon

    If you someone has big balls

    Oh god thats a classic second post. Made all the more funny for rejoining the hands on the wrong arms, and not caring.
  8. Futon

    Uni Assignment

    I feel your pain brother, so Ill help out. 1)What is your age? 28 …………………………………… 2)What is your gender: Male 3)What is your primary Nationality? aussie …………………………………… 4)What is your Marital Status? Single 5)How often do you go clubbing per week? clubbing? never. pubbing, less than once a week …………………………………… 6)How much would you spend on drinks per night? $40 – 59 7)What kind of drinks do you like to drink in club? Beer Spirit drinks 8)What kind of games do you like to play? Guitar hero Racing 9)What do you like about clubs? Relaxing and hanging out with friends Party 10)How long do you usually stay in the clubs? 3- 4 hours 11)How much would you prefer for the entrance fee? $5- $10 12)How do you rate our idea of combining gaming and clubbing? (1 = Bad, 5 = Good) 4
  9. Futon

    Anyone else having trouble connecting to steam?

    Wait optus is content filtering? Anyone care to explain? I would think thats kind of a big deal. /hugs node /gets boner /node grins and invites me inside
  10. Futon


    Instead of putting your trust in one designer, and worrying about paying 1000 for a logo that might suck, why not use a design studio and get a number of designers (who actually know wtf they are doing) and get a few different options? Lots of small studios will do small jobs like this no problem. Crowdsourcing is good for design, when the crowd is made of designers, and not 15 year old kids with pirated copies of illustrator. I didn't study for 6 years to be cut out of the market by some no talent hack thank you.
  11. Futon

    What not to do when recently single

    Fuck dude, work is the best thing for you right now. I was pulling 13 hours days at work when we broke up and it was the best thing for me. Having something constructive to focus on will give your man-brain a rest, and the things that eat you up at one time will seem a lot different afterwards.
  12. Futon

    What not to do when recently single

    Go forward brother. Become the new.
  13. Futon

    What not to do when recently single

    20 months? Bah. 7 years brother. An example: My bro met, married, had a kid and bought a house in the same time it took me to meet the girl and fuck everything up. 20 Months? See you, raise you 72. All I can say is that you will be sore for as long as you let yourself be sore. No "1/3rd of the time you spent together", no "The easiest way to get over someone is to get on top of someone else". Its just a long period of learning to live without your right arm, or your other half. Come to terms that you will never be the same man again. They gave you something, they made you who you are, and all you have left is the man they taught you to be. Take that man and move ahead as a new person with infinite possibilities, or wallow in pity as the shell of man you could have been. The choice is yours, or I could tell you what to do and save you a good year of self-deprecation. But part of the journey is working that out yourself, isnt it? EDIT: and for fucksake, delete their profiles NOW. They dont deserve to see how far you will come, just as you dont need to see their new life. People come and people go. Take what you can from each encounter, let it grow, DONT let it consume you.
  14. Futon

    Sony Announcement incoming.

    After Brink not being so great (still trying to get into it though) and year after year of let downs, I liked Warhawk as a launch title but it doesn't stand up now, and I dont think a sequel will too. I have little interest sorry :( Other people probably will (I imagine along the resistance ps3 exclusive we-dont-know-any-better linage) But of for me its a dial 1-800-ZzzzZZzzZzZz. WOW that was hard to type under cold temps and a lot of coldsteam ciders. (coldstream..... is cold)
  15. Futon

    Blast from the Past - 486DX2 system

    ^ why atomic is beautiful.