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  1. anaesthetics

    Demon's Souls and Dark Souls

    You want the gold serpent ring from sen's fortress.
  2. anaesthetics

    StarCraft II at0mic Invitational Tournament

    Will be interesting to see if anyone beats Legionnaire ;)
  3. anaesthetics

    Utter Destruction

    Just made it home, I work in Nedlands, live in Mandurah, car wasn't so lucky. Every panel owned, windscreen cracked all over. Absolute bedlam most traffic lights were out of action.
  4. anaesthetics

    What do you get around in?

    Actually my first car and I love it, It's good on fuel, fun to drive. Has its qwirks though, not great for peak hour driving due to lack of torque and you need to be able to get some revs up to get it to go. Terrible turning circle, noisy cabin due to no sound deadening, hard ride and the evil 2nd gear that doesn't always behave itself (problem with the model from factory). But yeah I still enjoy it and am sad that Honda doesn't make them anymore. Unfortunately I don't also own the psychedelic van in the background.
  5. anaesthetics

    MacBook Pro Prices in the world.

    According to those figures you have posted wouldn't Hong Kong be the cheapest?
  6. anaesthetics

    How do you work out a cars performance?

    Fixxed Ok, so I gotta ask, what does that make the Teg, a noodle?
  7. anaesthetics

    After a certain style of music

    Noise Unit, Out Out and Black Lung come to mind for the industrial house side of things (well some of it has got house influences). Out Out Noise Unit Black Lung
  8. anaesthetics

    Respraying a car

    I have to concur that these are one of the ugliest cars you can buy no matter what gender you are. Why would you go to the effort of buying an ugly car practically new and then having it resprayed, thereby negating any savings?
  9. anaesthetics

    Cars that are begging to be made!

    S2000 does more with its cylinders than most other cars, besides its discontinued this year too. All the Japanese car companies have gone the ecobox route and I agree its pretty depressing to have increasingly limited choice in the past 7 years.
  10. anaesthetics

    Modern warfare 2 - 11/10/09

    Assuming it doesn't go the way of Starcraft 2 and CnC4 and has no LAN functionality. This is Infinity ward we are dealing with here they are not stupid, also it doesn't take a genius to figure out they sold most copies of cod4 for the multiplayer. So a lot like Blizzard and Starcraft then.
  11. anaesthetics


    NIN Holden
  12. anaesthetics

    SHMUP Demo

    Cool demo you have going, When do you hope to finish it by and what's the planned number levels etc for the full game?
  13. anaesthetics

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Haujobb - Demon
  14. anaesthetics

    And What Are You Listening To?

    Arcana - Parisal
  15. This seems the logical choice to me, depending on range, a replacement for the extremely bulky and heavy maintenance M61 Vulcans used in the Phalanx CIWS as used by the FFGs.