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  1. bushi

    Connecting a XBox 360 Controller To A Windows PC

    Go on ebay you can find the cheap chinese knock off wireless receiver - works fine.
  2. bushi

    What are you playing at the moment?

    Man, I was happy to get that grind out of the way, no way I could play through it again. Just played the first game that I have in a while last week. Wolfenstein Old Blood. Nice 7 hour play through to ease me back into it. Next game will be Dishonored 2.
  3. bushi

    Green Room Pics Thread

    Looks the same to me. ------------------------------------------------------------------------
  4. bushi

    Recommend me a VPN

    I'm on PIA as well. No hiccups here. Looks like I'll need a new router as well if I want to use popcorn time on my old Kodi laptop....
  5. bushi

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I'm done with seagate. After 2x drives purchased years apart did the firmware instadeath on me. Really not sure which brand to go for next.
  6. bushi

    Post Your Latest Real Life Purchase!

    I'm guessing he means it's not a one off special crazy low price. Just a few bucks less than being sold elsewhere. But still is a good price.
  7. bushi

    What? No Titanfall 2 thread?

    Must say it looks pretty cool. Never played the first one, but depending on how BF1 goes, I may play this one.
  8. bushi

    I love cartoon wallpaper

    Linking to youtube to download wallpapers.... dafuq...
  9. bushi

    Doom 4 / DOOM by Bethesda / New Doom

    Hah!! This was capped on my system, i7 4790k with GTX980. What you see is what you get. lol didn't realise it was your video! But you have a decent system. I'll wait for full release before making a decision on whether it looks good and if the immersion is there.
  10. bushi

    Mining PC

    WB, time to start taking notes :P Sounds very similar to how I'm going about it D - :thumbsup: You using regular MA or EMA? I was using MA for a couple of weeks but switched back to all EMAs. May look a bit cluttered, but everything has a purpose, here's my main layout: https://www.tradingview.com/x/8HacmACy/
  11. bushi

    Mining PC

    Still learning here myself. Got a strategy that does pretty good by setting orders overnight, but also trying to finalize (have been for months actually) another method for manual entry trend following on the 4hr, using 1day as trend. Was introduced to this world just over a year ago, been plowing through every indicator there is just about, now I've got my final set, and just trying to get my setups finished now - Also many months in the making. How far along are you currently?
  12. I use Reds at work. Very smooth easy to push, but too smooth for my liking. Have Browns at home, which I love. Am thinking of getting a num pad with Blues when one becomes available. Have a look at Massdrop.com - they always have mechanical KB related items going on sale.
  13. bushi

    Mining PC

    Good to see a fellow trader here. :) Was long usdcad over the weekend sitting in the red. market opened to 100 pips up. ;) But yeah I do try not to stay open during the weekend too often.
  14. bushi

    Mining PC

    Yep. 5 days a week the markets are open 24hrs each day, and usually action most of them. Problem living here is most of the best action is during the middle of the night. You can get a couple of good ones in during the afternoon around this time though. I like to look at bigger timeframes though, and set my orders before going to bed. (No stress if I can't see what's going on.) Then usually close positions when I wake up and wait for the next night.