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  1. I've already relaxed the timings by a fair amount according to what TheStilt's RTC memory checker said but I'll try 1.4v and see if I can hit it. And yes, I'm already running the new 0810 BIOS.
  2. RAM was at 2400 initially but managed to pump it to 2667. I think that's the limit as I tried the stock 3000 and it just loops into an endless reboot cycle until the RAM resets to 2133. The undervolt is about 50mV given how AMD set Vega at a pretty high 1.2v at max boost. Had to drop it since it was bad.
  3. A slight improvement by overclocking the RAM a bit... 17017 sora3 - Ryzen R7 1700 @ 3.9GHz/ AMD RX Vega @ stock with slight undervolting.
  4. First post in a long time... 16451 sora3 - Ryzen 1700 @ 3.9GHz - AMD RX Vega 64 @ stock
  5. sora3

    how crap is this government ?

    Whilst I agree with you 100%, can you imagine how badly our current education system would cope with kids who actually want to know things, rather than are willing to sit there and let rote be poured into their heads? I couldn't even get my university to offer next week's materials on a subject I was consuming too fast, FFS. Sounds like Uni A :) Mostly assholes :) Our current education system is mostly a mess, might be getting better, can only hope :) Cheers You're better off wishing the sky falls on your head before they could really overhaul the education system. Even now, I see the Education Department struggling to get their syllabus up to date with what the world has. The highly touted HSC Mathematics course had been pushed back because current teachers all FAIL the basics of statistics. Even with a basic test paper, I was the only one out of the staff to actually do well in that part with others struggling. And I'm casual which makes me wonder how this creaky system will finally die and collapse with the politics involved...
  6. sora3

    AMD Zen

    I'd disagree with regards to the hyperthreading. They haven't really touched that area given what many tech sites have gathered from the micro-architecture diagrams from Intel. If I have to see it from an engineering point of view, they've reached the limit of the Core architecture. Along with this, the reason why Intel has a lot of insane core products is because of no competition. And honestly, I have an APU, FX and a console CPU to some degree. All of these have done what I wanted easily as long as I didn't exceed the limits. Zen kicks the low ceiling Intel arbitrarily limited. In terms of Threadripper, it'll be interesting to see how much it'll be compared to Ryzen.
  7. sora3

    AMD Zen

    I don't think I've made myself clear what I meant. If you look at the inherent micro-architecture, you can see that all the cores since Sandy Bridge has been a optimised design of Sandy Bridge. E.g. Let's take a look at the micro-architecture of Sandy Bridge, courtesy of Real World Technologies... Now, let's jump further on into Haswell. Again, the diagram is courtesy of Real World Technologies... You can see that the design is clearly a refined version of what Sandy Bridge is. If I had to guess, only the branch predictors along with the additional AVX instructions are what makes Haswell better than Sandy Bridge and the derivatives since. Compare this to Zen, it is clear AMD is attempting the same as what Core did to Intel. A good architecture to build and optimise for future generations, just like Intel. So far, the signs are good and if they can refine the low overclocking ceiling and as well as new instructions, we might very well see AMD gaining better share since the Athlon64.
  8. sora3

    AMD Zen

    Remember that Kaby Lake has been nothing but a tweaked derivative of Sandy Bridge really. If you look at the core architecture, it is literally Sandy Bridge but shrink and optimised. Of course, it'll clock high. Compare this to Zen, you can't expect massive clocks out of the gate. I remember the E6600 had trouble getting up to 3GHz at first then with the i7-7X0 on, it began to clock higher thanks to architecture refinement...
  9. sora3

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    Well, will try now. :D EDIT: Because Rybags wanted it...
  10. sora3

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    New AGESA has done massive wonders. Will try and push the CPU harder as I can probably nail 4GHz at this rate...
  11. sora3

    AMD Zen

    To be honest, the 1500X is not really worth it either. For $40 more, you're getting 2 extra cores and additional 4 threads. Plus, you're compromising more with the 1500X for the future since we assume more developers will be optimising for multiple cores.
  12. sora3

    AMD Zen

    I expected as much since Polaris should last a lot longer than Tonga/Tahiti/Hawaii. But Vega is the new architecture too since it rebuilt from GCN.
  13. sora3

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    @mark, temps is about 70C core temp at worst case scenario (IBT 3 hours worth) so I can push a little higher given the voltage. But the cooler is the limiting factor as the Spire doesn't have a lot of thermal headroom once you hit beyond 3.5GHz. I've already sent the invoice and proof to Noctua and we'll see when they'll ship.
  14. sora3

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    ATM, that's probably the limit given the cooler is almost running out of puff. I'll need to get the AM4 bracket for the Noctua NH-D14 in order to really push it. EDIT:
  15. sora3

    Atomic Superpi Scores V5

    ATM, there's a new BIOS out which should increase RAM speeds as most users on reddit noted a significant improvement so I'll have to test that and check it out.